Friday, October 10, 2008

76 Days till Christmas

.... and I''m already singing the 12 days of Christmas. Why? Because of these unique cars that were designed with help from legendary pin striper Tom Kelly! Tom Kelly has worked in graphics and striping for over 43 years. Kelly began his work when custom cars were wildly popular with the younger crowd (as it still is today), but he has not limited himself to automobile graphics. Seems he can do just about anything, from cartoon characters to business graphics.

Combine Tom Kelly's 12 brand new designs, a classic holiday tune, and the genius of M2Machines, and you'll truly have a holiday treasure!

You are all singing with me, right? Don't leave me hanging.

These are all currently being sold in solid cases, which include the entire set. They are selling so quickly, as are the new Auto-stretch rods (be sure to check those out). And don't think these are just cars. These will hang on your Christmas tree too! Detail and features with M2Machines is always the best in the industry:

  • Opening doors and hood
  • Detailed Interior
  • Chrome Bumpers
  • Trading card
  • Custom rims
  • Custom steering wheel
  • Custom lake pipes
I really hope that some of you will get to enjoy these. The images above don't even to the art justice. I have never seen such unique work, and I really don't want you to miss out. We have VERY limited quantities left. Watch for the next release from M2Machines, and I'll try to keep you informed, since they are flying out the door so fast!

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