Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lock & Load

Draped in munitions and covered in camo Hobby Master’s models are making a “boom” in the military replica world. Now for the first time ever they are marching from the 3000 Toys warehouse! That’s right starting immediately we are stocking up six new 1/72 scale products from the Hobby Master line.

First out of basic training is the F-104C Starfighter

Originally commissioned by the USAF in the mid 1950’s the F-104C Starfighter was a high-performance, supersonic aircraft with duo bomber/ fighter capabilities. For its time it was considered state-of-the-art. Unfortunately its poor safety record sped its retirement in the 1960’s but it would not be forgotten. The F-104C Starfighter has risen once again in a 1/72 scale version. Featuring painstaking attention to detail the decals, fuel tanks, and fuselage are amazing. Everything down to the positioning of the landing gear is precise.

Nakajima B5N2 a.k.a. “Kate”

Best known for the work during its final days, the attack on Pearl Harbor forever sealed this aircraft in the history books. The Imperial Japanese Navy used this aircraft to reek havoc on docked ships in the harbor. This three man aircraft was commonly equipped with a lethal 1,760 lb torpedo. This optional attachment is featured in the model, to specification. Sporting simulated rivets, engraved panel lines, rotating propeller, three man crew and a highly detailed cockpit this model is impressive.

F-100D Super Sabre:

Extensive used in Vietnam the F-100D Super Sabre was one of the first USAF aircrafts to achieve supersonic speeds at level flight. It was the construction materials that made this accomplishment possible. Built primarily of titanium, a super light weight aluminum alloy that is corrosion resistant. This was a groundbreaking development in the aerospace market. Now constructed from die-cast these 1/72 models replicate two specific variations, the Maj. Don Schmenk of the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing and Lt. Col Harold Comstock of the 27 Tactical Fighter Wing.

Lt. Col Harold Comstock (above)

Maj. Don Schmenk (below)

M24 Chaffee

The M24 Chaffee “light tank” was the muscle on the lines during WWII in Germany. Armed with a single 75mm M6 and a .50 cal Browning M2HB this model certainly brings a new meaning to the phrase “a blast from the past”! This particular variation has the vicious paint graphics used by Company A, of the 79th Tank Battalion during Operation Ripper in South Korea. Also featuring a rotating turret, realistic tracks and original weapons.

M46 Patton

This was the United State’s principal medium tank. Loaded with a 90mm M3A1 firepower was in no shortage and neither was horse-power; it was cranking out nearly 810. Widely used in the Korean War it proved to be a valuable asset. Decorated in the 6th Tank Battalion, US 24th Division paint scheme it is sure to impress. Produced in 1/72 scale it features a rotating turret, elevating gun with a bore evacuator, realistic tracks and prototypical rearward facing mufflers.

We hope to be drafting more Hobby Master products in the future, be sure to check back for more updates. Tango-Bravo out.

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