Friday, October 3, 2008

New Highway 61 and DCP available for pre-order!

Highway 61 models were probably the best introduction to classic cars for me, when my journey at 3000toys first begun. These high-detailed precision die-cast metal replicas cover cars from high-powered concept cars to a stylish 1957 model, to the standard but always fashionable muscle car.

Likewise, the DCP Harley-Davidson series reaches to bring you the true soul of the open road, with
exquisite detail, gleaming chrome, high-gloss paint and meticulous craftsmanship.

DCP also offers semi trucks in 1/64 scale, which give a new meaning to high-detailed:
  • exquisite detail
  • gleaming chrome
  • high-gloss paint
  • meticulous craftsmanship.
We have just added over 35 new models from these product lines to our website, for your enjoyment. We are working hard update our website, complete with images. In the meantime, the items may still be found (image or not), so please feel at liesure to browse the website to see all what we can offer!

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