Monday, October 27, 2008

Schield Bantam is ever popular

The Bantam is a truck-mounted shovel-crane, produced by the Schield Bantam company. I learn something new almost everyday here. I've been seeing Schield Bantam products for a while now. I just never had the chance to really look it up. Anyone know much about Schield Bantam? I'd love to hear any stories!

Anyway, in a matter of days, we will be welcoming the next in a line of Spec-Cast Schield Bantam models in 1/50 scale. Here, we have the C-35 Dragline:

We have been getting requests for this dragline for some time now, and it's finally on its way! The C-35 was a very simple and affordable machine, so the average contractor was able to add it to his lineup of machinery. The original was built in 1946, and thereafter, Vern and Wilbur Schield sold 15,000+ units.

We also will be seeing the new LeTourneau Super C Tournapull with LP Carryall Scraper in military colors, aslo in 1/50 scale. From LeTourneau's website: LeTourneau's companies are leaders in innovation" in manufacturing, design, and implementation of systems and equipment for mining, oil and gas drilling, offshore, power control and distribution, and forestry. In addition, LTI’s steel products group manufactures specialty plate steel."

Here's what we have coming in the next couple of weeks. These were used in WWI extensively for airstrip and road construction:

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