Monday, October 13, 2008

Special Announcement Coming Thursday!

A few days ago, I told you that I had a secret. Well, I can't tell you just yet. But I want you to remember that this is very exciting for me, and I hope it is for you too. We have been building momentum with this, and will be ready to make our big announcement on Thursday. Here are a few key words to give you some clues:

museum quality
jib, winch, outrigger

I can also say that soon we will start seeing things that we've really never seen here at 3000toys. I can't guarantee that you'll see exactly what you've been looking for, but have never found, since we offer such a large variety of products already. BUT, there will be things that I've never really seen in my 4+ years here. A new style, a new kind of detail, and more attention to what collectors want to see.

Remember, Thursday is the big day.

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