Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back By Popular Demand

Corgi has again made available some high demand items and is pleased to bring them back. These are planned to be made available later this month and in May. These items range from military models to small scale cars to heavy haulers.

The Fokker Dr.1 was a German Triplane whose look was made famous by the Red Baron. This model replicates the highly decorated flying ace Josef Jacobs who used the distinctive black color scheme. The Fokker Dr 1 had an open cockpit as well as two machine guns with an intercepting gear that was designed to fire bullets through the propeller arc without hitting the blades. Only 320 of these planes were manufactured during World War I, so there aren’t any of these around today, only replicas.

Next we have the James Bond 007 “Little Nellie”, an ingenious gyrocopter which packed into four suitcases and positively bristles with weaponry, as Blofeld was to discover! This 1:36 scale model is highly detailed, down to the high-tech gadgetry that makes it so famous, making it easy to re-live those unforgettable moments from the James Bond film series that everyone remembers so fondly.

Heavy Haulers continues to be one of the most popular collector ranges, and we are pleased to offer this double-duty, double-heavy, double-die-cast Kenworth W925 truck hauling an abandoned die-cast St. Louis Company PCC streetcar. It replicates a Tyler and Sons Trucking big rig with a 5 axle lowboy trailer, the likes of which is possible to be seen on the highway today.

These and many other exciting offerings from Corgi will be available in April and May, so please visit us at for details and get your pre-orders in.

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