Monday, April 12, 2010

Great feedback!

We received this wonderful testimony last week from a customer, and with her permission, we'd like to share it with you.

"Upon receiving my shipment yesterday, I felt a need to explain my purchase as well as to say thank you.  It was very important to me to receive my order before Friday this week and I appreciate the fact that everything worked out perfectly.  This is why....

I needed a pink Steiger tractor and a Steiger Tiger tractor.  I had been to our local Fleet store and ordered what I needed about 3 weeks ago.  The end result of that was that I discovered on Saturday that the product never got ordered.  I needed to find the tractors by Friday and they needed to be these tractors.  Low and behold I found your website online and decided to take the chance. 

A good friend of ours has breast cancer.  There is a benefit for her this Saturday.  Her husband works for Steiger Manufacturing (where the original Steiger tractors were made).  I had first seen the pink tractor around Christmas time.  The owners daughter received one for Christmas - they had never seen the pink "Panther" Steiger tractor.  At any rate, they are having an auction at the benefit and we are putting together a basket of Steiger tractors - the pink one was perfect to represent breast cancer.  You provided the missing pieces to complete the set and they made it here in plenty of time.  It doesn't sound like much, but to me, it made my day and for that I thank you.

Lastly, when I opened your package, I discovered your nice additions - the mint and the postcard.  Based on what my experience was about and my panic over not being able to fulfill my promise, I found that to be a very nice touch - as well as very appropriate for the situation.  I stopped in at the Steiger Mfg. last night and showed them how you delivered my package.  They have 3 grandsons in which I had originally ordered them the Tigers in town as well.  I will definitely be coming back to you to get those shortly. 

Gods peace to you all for your customer service.  It's the little things, but it meant alot that you did what you said you would do in your website.  Thank you!

Shannon M."

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