Friday, April 16, 2010

The year of the Dragon

I know, it's not really the year of the Dragon. That's 2012. But putting all that aside, I believe it will be the year of the Dragon here at Let me explain. 

We will have several items by TWH Collectibles coming in the month of May that feature Drake Trailers. If you are not familiar with this Australian trailer manufacturer, here is some information from their website:

Companies such as James Contract Supplies, Lampson Australia, Theiss Contractors, Doolan's Heavy Haulage, Peter Tippet Heavy Haulage, Kingston Industries, McAleese Transport, Hi-Haul, BHP Bilitton, Nt Queensland Heavy Haulage, Australia Army and Rei Tinto use Drake Trailers; most still operating after 25 years or more.
The Drake Telescopic Steerable trailers feature automatic steering on all axles with a powered steering system to allow manual override when required. The multiple beam telescopic chassis is camber adjustable, operates extremely smoothly and includes air operated lock pins and automatic cable extension.
Continued research and development of our trailer range over the years is part of Drake Trailers commitment to customer requirements.
Drake Trailers is the specialist trailer manufacturer in Australia and has produced many 'firsts' which have revolutionized the transport industry.
In 1969 the Drake 'Swingwing' 100t capacity highway trailer revolutionized heavy haulage in Australia, and even today design refinements place the 'Swingwing' at the top of the tree.

We were privileged recently to have met with some of our friends at TWH Collectibles and learn more about Drake and what they stand for, and I was inspired to do a little research of my own. The word Drake comes from Middle English, but finds roots in even the most ancient cultures. Originally a reference to the snake, the word has since evolved to represent a fantastical creature both feared and revered for its majesty, the dragon. 

Drake Trailers has appropriately chosen the Gila Monster (very dragon-like indeed) to represent the brand. The Gila has been described as "strong and proud," not to mention their powerful bite. These critters are certainly rugged, and the trailers are equally tough. 

These quality models in 1/50 scale will be available in limited quantity, but be on the lookout for more from Drake in the future. Check out your current options here on 3000toys.

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