Friday, April 2, 2010

New Releases from ERTL!

As we enter into the second quarter of the year already, we have more than a dozen new items from ERTL to show you. These will especially appeal to our John Deere collectors out there. Make sure to get your preorders for these in soon, and they'll be coming in within the next several weeks. Here are a few in particular that I want to show you all.

Here's a really nice piece, the John Deere 9330 Prestige Tractor. It's in 1/16 scale and made especially for the adult collector.

This is our John Deere 4930 with dry box load, in 1/64 scale.

Lastly, the John Deere 348 Square Baler, in 1/16 scale as well.

This is just a peak at our new additions of ERTL, so make sure to check out our website to see all our new ERTL products.

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