Monday, November 21, 2011

New from Spec-Cast!

Today I'm excited to show you some recent additions to our selection of Spec-Cast models. These are all in stock and ready to ship! You can check out the full line on our website.

1/16 Scale:

John Deere #55 3-Bottom Plow on Steel Wheels
Item #JDM-240 - Price = $58.90
Farmall Cub with Planter & Fertilizer Tank (1947-1964)
The Cub featured IH's "Cultivision" engine and steering. Three major series of the original Cub were produced up until 1979.
Item #ZJD-1674 - Price = $62.90

Farmall 450 Cub Lo-Boy (1955-1968)
The Cub Lo-Boy is similar to the standard Cub. The Lo-Boy has shorter front end spindles and sits about 8 inches lower than the standard Cub.
Item #ZJD-1673 - Price = $56.90
1/64 Scale:

AGCO DT250B with Duals in Orange
Item #SCT-432 - Price = $15.90

Challenger MT665C Tractor in Yellow and Black
Item #SCT-431 - Price = $15.90

Heritage Iron International 1206 Wheatland Tractor in Red
Item #ZJD-1662 - Price = $15.90

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