Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Heat Up Your Collection with Dragon

Variety is the spice of life and can also be the spice of your collection. It only takes a few well placed Dragon space, air, or military models to inject some variety into your crowd of replicas . But where, oh where can you find the ingredients? Well, if your collection is a delicious pot of chili waiting for its spices, then is a garden full of wonderful herbs and spices just waiting to be picked! Please have a look at our most recent arrivals that are sure to be a hit.

Dragon is happy to present an exciting 1/400 scale model of Boeing’s NewGen tanker (DRAGON 56340 - Price = $37.95). As would be expected, the model makes use of Dragon’s existing Boeing 767 molds, but it adds all the requisite parts to make the latest air-to-air refueling craft. As a special bonus for this release, a brand new 1/400 F-16C fighter is also included. Both USAF aircraft can be displayed flying together on a special stand. The KC-46A will be a very important asset in the USAF, just as this model will be in any aircraft collection!

This is Dragon Armor’s second depiction of this impressive-looking halftrack. The fully built-up model is portrayed in a late-war three-color camouflage scheme. Although the original Sd.Kfz.251/22 Ausf.D that the model is based upon harks from an unidentified unit fighting in Germany in 1945, this does not detract from the accuracy of this 1/72 scale model (DRAGON 60489 - Price = $24.95). All details such as the PaK 40 cannon and open-topped fighting compartment are present. With its late-war camouflage scheme, this is one impressive-looking self-propelled antitank gun!

This 1/72 scale Sd.Kfz.223 (DRAGON 60513 - Price = $22.95) may be diminutive in size, but this reconnaissance vehicle is brimming with details. The complex angled plates of the hull are accurately depicted, as is the distinctive frame antenna. Adding to the appeal of this Dragon Armor item is a set of jerry cans stowed on the vehicle’s nose to give it a longer range. The vehicle is finished in the standard panzer gray color of early-war German vehicles. This little armored car is the perfect vehicle to stay in touch with the other reconnaissance assets that collectors already have in their blitzkrieg forces!

Dragon Wings has a 1/400 scale model of this Titan IIIC from the MOL program (DRAGON 56232 - Price = $29.95). Its appearance is quite distinct from earlier Space Collection models of the Titan IIIC and IIIE, and the model boasts new toolings for the main rocket body and the MOL mock-up. The rocket is highly accurate and is fully detailed, including the two huge strap-on solid boosters. The model is pre-painted and carries the correct series of USAF markings. Furthermore, the scale model comes with its own launch pad, thus creating an instant diorama

I hope your November was great and your December is even better! Thanks for reading.


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