Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Constructing a Great Collection with NZG

My grandmother is from Germany, so maybe that's why NZG models are so attractive to me. Like a plate of schnitzel or sauerkraut, I find myself gravitating towards their finely detailed models . And I'm here to show you two recent 1/50 scale arrivals from NZG that might make your mouth water, too.

Starting off with the Doosan Moxy MT 31 Articulated Dump Truck (Item 820 - Price $84.95), you'll find a highly-detailed and attractive model in the sharp orange paint scheme of Doosan. Some highlights include grab rails on each side of the body; mesh light guards secured onto the front lights; clear windows to see the wonderfully detailed cab interior; and a working tailgate that raises along with the bed, complete with chains, hydraulic cylinders. If I was an 1/50 scale person, then the Doosan Moxy MT 31 would be my dump truck of choice.

In keeping with the construction and trucking theme, take a look at this Strohmaier Mercedes Benz Actros 8x4 Truck Mixer (Item 754-21 - Price $89.95). The Strohmaier paint and graphics are a nice touch on an already great model and the details of this model are similar to the Doosan Moxy along with detailed wheels, tires, and frame.

I think these two models would be a great addition to any construction enthusiast's collection or anyone who loves good German detailing and quality.


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