Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Big Box of Bruder

It is always fun to find a big box under the Christmas tree. I think there's probably scientific evidence that kids eyes grow and their hearts beat faster when they see a big box under the tree. This scientific evidence would also show that upon opening up the big box to find a toy from Bruder, their excitement and happiness is multiplied by 3,000 (I'm estimating). The following 1/16 toys from Bruder are sure to be a hit on Christmas morning.

Other toys better steer clear of Bruder’s Liebherr Articulated Road Loader L 574 (02430 - Price = $46.95)! This tough construction vehicle has articulated steering, allowing it to make sharp turns and fit into small areas. The front loader can be raised or lowered by a lever, or locked into place when not in use. Other features include an off road rear axel , a hood that opens to reveal the engine, and tread tires.

Bruder’s MACK Granite Worldwide Logistics Container Truck (02819 - Price = $77.95) is just like the real thing! The driver’s cab has doors that open, foldable mirrors and a tilting hood to view the engine block. This vehicle offers an interchangeable container that detaches automatically from the vehicle when the support legs are pulled down, allowing the truck to move out from underneath the trailer. The truck carries a forklift for flexible loading and unloading, even in small spaces. The double lifting mast of the forklift can be operated with one hand, and the forklift can be steered by hand which allows maneuvering in the tightest of spaces.

Bruder’s Fendt 936 Vario (03041 - Price = $42.95) is ready for any job! This expandable tractor features steerable front wheels which operate with the included steering arm, cab doors that open, independent suspension on the wheels to navigate uneven terrain, plus a trailer hitch that is compatible with all of the Bruder trailers. The frontloader is easily adjustable, and can be taken off and replaced with a forklift sold separately.

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