Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I think Thanksgiving should be a worldwide holiday. More than just an open invitation from America to join us in gorging on turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes, a worldwide day of thanks seems to me like a healthy spoonful of perspective. We should all have something we are thankful for; in fact, the realization that I can type these words and you can read them causes me to reflect on how thankful I am for life.

I'm also very thankful for a job, specifically a job that allows me to work with some fantastic companies and incredible models. Universal Hobbies is that kind of company that makes those kinds of models. The detail is superb and the price is right. So, grab a fork and dig into to an early Thanksgiving feast of recently arrived Universal Hobbies models:

We'll start off with a small appetizer, this small keychain, and build our plate (model collection) from there:
Price = $6.95
Case Puma CVX 230 Tractor Keychain

Yum! Next up, like a good side of vegetables, this 1/43 model is good and good for you!
Price = $17.95
1948 International Harvester McCormick-Deering WD9

This next 1/32 scale model is like a good helping of potatoes that make your eyes wide with anticipation (the model even comes with a "fork"):
Price = $47.95
New Holland LM5060 Telehandler with Fork

Finally, this 1/16 scale, big ol' drumstick of a model, completes our collection just like turkey completes a delicious Thanksgiving meal:
Price = $64.95
Massey Ferguson 230 Tractor (1975)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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