Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Coming Soon from Norscot: A Monster of a Machine

Can you imagine sitting at your desk thinking that this mining truck is bigger than your whole office?  Or even your house??  The Caterpillar 795F AC is the industry's first single-sourced, integrated AC drive system mining truck, and it stands over two stories high.

Just think about how you would transport or even put together this monster of a machine.  This video demonstrates only a small piece of the machine being transported and the lengths gone through to accomplish getting it to the site so they can piece it all together.

We are not sure exactly what they say at the end of the video, but great job for all the hard work!  By the way did you count the people standing on the stairs and deck at the end?...I counted 26!

This Norscot model has a ton of impressive features:
  • Mostly diecast construction with a few plastic parts
  • Weighs in at nearly 7 pounds!
  • Individual lights and metal handrails
  • Folding down stairs that lead to the deck
  • No slip tread on deck
  • Radial grid and control power inverter cabinet on the deck
  • Opening engine compartment showing off the C175-16 engine
  • Clear windows showing off the detailed operators cabin
  • Dump bed raises to a height of nearly 12 inches
  • Detailed hydraulics and alternator/generator
  • Detailed wheel hubs and authentic tire tread
  • Painted lights and cables on hooks on rear of truck
  • Detailed chassis

    Caterpillar 795F AC Electric Drive Mining Truck
    #55515 - 1/50 Scale - June / July Arrival

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