Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's Roast Some Marshmallows!

How are you spending your summer vacation?  Your summer weekends?? 

Let’s Go Camping! Surround yourself with the beauty and relaxation of nature...let’s get the tent put up…chop the wood…and Roast some Marshmallows!!!

This summer millions of people will set out camping to enjoy this experience with nature and social time with their friends and families. 

If you are one of those million, then say "Thank You" to Thomas Hiram Holding, aka “Father of Recreational Camping”.  At a very young age, he learned all the tricks of camping while crossing the American prairies with his parents, heading for the Oregon Territory.  

Then in the 1880's, with a canoe and tent, he took off for many new adventures around the world. 
Thomas Hiram Holding: "Father of Recreational Camping"

By the early 1900's, he was known as the "Greatest Known Authority on Camping" which directed him to writing the first Campers' Handbook published in 1908.  You can go to Google Books, to view the EBook for Free. 

Since then, camping has progressed into a whole new kind of experience.

From one of the first camp sites, like the Cunningham Camp in Howstrake on the Isle of Man...

To the Modern camp grounds, like KOA campgrounds, with luxuries of electricity and running water. 

However, for those of you that would love to camp more but are not able to with your busy schedule... then you and your family will enjoy these New-Ray camping playsets.  Enjoy hours of story-telling along with spending special time with the ones you love. 

Camping Adventure Playset - Ford 5th wheel dually with camper
#SS-10735 - 1/32 Scale

Ford-350 fifth wheel with fishing camper and figurines 
#SS-10725 - 1/32 Scale    

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