Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas RUSH - A few items already sold out

The Christmas RUSH is upon us, and we are lovin' it! We have extra crew here to make sure every order gets out the door as quickly as possible, and we've added Saturday hours to answer the phones and ship packages. UPS is parking 2 semi trailers at our warehouse each day which are filled with outgoing packages. And, we are upgrading to an even bigger computer server to better handle the multitudes (literally hundreds and hundreds of people) that are on the site at any given moment.

If you are thinking about ordering later, I'd really need to encourage you: DON'T WAIT. Even though we have way over 10,000 items available and stocked semi after semi load for this season, there are already some items that have sold out. In particular, get your orders in now for Norscot models as well as New-Ray trucks. We'll be restocking items that do sell out, but at this point, we can't get most items restocked in time for Christmas.

TOP 10 Hottest items for this Christmas Season

1. NORSCOT 55175 - 1/50 $43.95 Cat 657G Wheel Scraper

2. NORSCOT 55197 - 1/50 $32.95 Cat D6T XW Elevated Sprocket Dozer with Ripper & Metal Tracks

3. ERTL 21844P - 1/38 $39.95 Wings of Texaco #15 (2007)Regular Edition - 1939 Howard DGA-15 with working propeller, tilt action display stand, custom packaging, Certificate of Authenticity, & more.

4. NORSCOT 55177 - 1/87 $15.95 Cat M318D Wheel Excavator

5. NORSCOT 55199 - 1/50 $57.95 Cat 330D L Hydraulic Excavator with Metal Tracks

6. NEW-RAY 16003D - 1/43 $6.95 Freightliner M2 Box Truck

7. NORSCOT 55173 - 1/87 $16.95 Cat Diesel #12 Motor Grader

8. ERTL 21840P - 1/32 $37.95 Texaco #24 (2007) 1918 Mack AC Tanker - Regular Edition

9. BOLEY 4200-78 - 1/87 $12.75 School Bus - International CE Series 2 Axle

10. NEW-RAY SS-10715 - 1/32 $22.95 Dodge Ram 3500 in Green with a camper and Hunting scene theme

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas Shipping

While looking over the December calendar today it became apparent that Christmas shopping (or should I say shipping) season will be a couple days shorter than average this year. Since Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday, the last day for air shipping will Friday the 21st or Saturday the 22nd. Ground shipments will need to be on the road no later than Monday the 17th to reach the coasts from our warehouses. Thankfully, we have noticed over that last few years that shoppers are allowing a little more time for delivery than before. We actually expect to peak during the week of the 10th. From Thanksgiving through mid-December we will have extra shifts filling UPS trailers to keep up with the rush.