Monday, October 31, 2011

New Corgi Models for Your Enjoyment

Corgi is one of those brands that's been with us nearly from the start.  Their models have stood the test of time, and they're ready to bring you more!

We've added several new items to the site recently, any of which you can pre-order now.  The wait shouldn't be too long either; we're hoping to receive these in our warehouse very soon.  

Here's a look at a few of our favorites, and you can see all the new models from Corgi on our website at!

This Austin 1800 is beautifully crafted in 1/43 scale and decked out in a British Airport Authority paint scheme. 
[November - December Arrival] - Item #VA08912 - 1/43 Scale - Price = $18.95

This one's a Scania 111 Tautliner Curtainside in the graphics of J and M Murdoch and Son Ltd. from Neilston, Glasglow.  
It's part of the Limited Edition Haulers of Renown series, the flagship of Corgi’s road transport range of die-cast models - amazingly detailed, each model is a table replica of a truck from the UK's most famous haulage fleets.
[November - December Arrival] - Item #CC15302 - 1/50 Scale - Price = $74.95

From South Lancashire Transport, this is the Sunbeam S7 3-Axle Trolley Bus.  
[November - December Arrival] - Item #OM43708 - 1/76 Scale - Price = $37.95

Here's a Iveco Stralis Curtainside customized with graphics from Elddis Transport Ltd., Consett, Co. Durham.  Like the curtainside above, this one's also from the Limited Edition Haulers of Renown series. 
[November - December Arrival] - Item #CC15001 - 1/50 Scale - Price = $82.95

Thursday, October 27, 2011

No Tricks, Just Treats: SALE

Today begins our Trick or Treat Sale!  A few of the sale items are featured below; click here to see all of the over 200 items on sale right now.  You have until October 31st (Halloween).

BBURAGO - 22056R
1/24Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet in Red - Features: Die cast metal body with plastic parts, opening doors and hood
[See More BBURAGO]

BOLEY - 4015-26
1/87Dump Truck in Blue and Silver
[See More BOLEY]

CORGI - AA38202
1/72Douglas DC-3 British European Airways - G-AHCZ, 1959 - The Aviation Archive - Pioneers of Aviation
[See More CORGI]

ELIGOR - 113781
1/43Geodis Calberson Renault Magnum 3
[See More ELIGOR]

ERTL - 35654
1/32John Deere 7930 R/C Tractor
[See More ERTL]

1/101942 Harley-Davidson® WLA Military Motorcycle

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tipping the Scales in Your Favor

I love the detail that can be found in 1/43 scale Universal Hobbies models and I like even more the relatively compact package that the details come in. You can set a few 1/43 models on a shelf and still have room for a couple of books. Or, if you're not a fan of books, you can set one more model up there and really show off your growing collection! I'm leaning towards a couple shelves full of these beauties, specifically the three models I'm about to show you that have just recently arrived.

All three are great examples of classic tractors, complete with vibrant colors and good detail. And if you can't find one that catches your eye, we have several more 1/43 scale (and beyond) at!

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 6091 Price = $17.95
1960 Someca SOM 35 Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 6092 Price = $18.95
1972 Deutz D 130 06 Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 6093 Price = $17.95
1956 Bolinder Munktell 230 Tractor

Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Playsets for Christmas

It's almost that time of year again - the time to be thinking about Christmas presents.  Remember us when you go to making that Christmas list.  We can definitely help you out with several of those people on your list.  For instance, New-Ray makes a lot of great sets that are perfect for your children, nephews and nieces, grandchildren, etc.

Let's say one of their favorite past-times is playing cowboys & cowgirls.  Now they can put their imaginations to work in a whole ole' west town...  

This is the Deluxe Big Western Town Playset from New-Ray.  The set comes with a general store, blacksmith, house, stagecoach, covered wagon, six horses, fencing, and other accessories!  (Item #SS-38465 - Approx. 1/43 Scale - Price = $50.95)

For "today's" cowgirls, we also have the Riding Academy playset, which comes in PINK!  This great set comes with a pickup and trailer, two horses and riders, fencing, and plenty of accessories.  (Item #37305 - 1/20 Scale - Price = $28.95)

Or maybe your family tends toward the city slicker side of the spectrum.  We've got something for your kids, too!  Here's the City Cruiser set.  It comes with a roll-off truck with a Lamborghini, another roll-off truck with a Corvette, and a tow truck with a Ford pick-up.  (Item #15905-SET - 1/43 Scale - Price = $32.95)

Whether their favorite is Western, Cars and Trucks, Farm, Hunting, Planes, Construction, or whatever, make sure to check out all the playsets from New-Ray!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A 1957 Classic

By many, the 1957 Chrysler 300C is considered the classic of the 300 series.  The new model brought many new upgrades and features with it, and it was launched as "America's highest-performing automobile."  This was also the first year that a 300 series car was made available as a convertible.  Out of the only 2,402 300C's produced, 484 of them were convertibles.  

Recently, American Muscle produced their replica of this legendary car, and it's available from us now!

1957 Chrysler C300 in White 
Item #947 - 1/18 Price = $69.95
From the Authentics Series, this model offers the ultimate in detail and will satisfy the wants of even our most demanding collectors. 

The many features include the following:
• Diecast body with opening hood, doors, and trunk
• Realistic headlights and taillights
• Retractable radio antenna
• Highly polished electro-plated chrome parts 

• Realistic hinges on doors and hood 
• Working front and rear suspension 
• Working drive train with rotating rear wheels and driveshaft 
• Steering wheel and front wheels turn together 
• Fully carpeted interior 
• Folding seat backs 
• Opening glove compartment door

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apples and Oranges and Tractors

We are very proud of our selection of farm replicas, especially our tractors. We carry several different scales and brands, each offering detail and quality at several different price points. Here is what we hope to be a helpful comparison between four popular series of 1/16 scale models: Spec-Cast, Universal Hobbies, ERTL, and ERTL Precision Series.

Spec-Cast's Massey Harris 50 Gas Narrow Front Tractor (Item SCT-412 - Price = $56.90) is a fantastic model that offers really quality details at a fair price. First off, the wheels roll along nicely and the steering works. The accurate casting of this model features detailed pedals and knobs, a highly detailed engine, and a three point hitch. The model really jumps out at you with detailed headlights and vivid paint and graphics.

Next up we have Universal Hobbies' 1917 Fordson Model F Tractor (Item 2917 - Price = 64.95). It too features rolling wheels and working steering. The simulated rivets are a nice touch to this model and the engine features really tremendous detail. There is also a three point hitch and an opening toolbox at the foot of the seat. However, the greatest detailing is found around the engine in the detailed rods and cables running to their respective parts.

Our first offering from ERTL is the Case IH Maxxum Tractor with Front Loader (Item 14809 - Price = $75.99). As in the previous models, the wheels turn and the steering works. It is a sturdy model with a die-cast chassis and front loader. The body and cab are cast out of plastic and within the cab you will find a detailed interior.

Our next model from ERTL, and the final model in our comparison, is the Prestige Series John Deere 4960 with Duals (Item 45238 - Price = $163.99). This model features diecast wheels with plastic tires that roll freely and front tires that turn. The diecast chassis, body, and cab are all intricately detailed. The fine detail is prominently featured in the accurate engine and realistic steps to the cab. After reaching the cab you will once again find clear windows that display the detailed interior.

Surely one of these replicas can dazzle you with their details while finding a nice home in your collection.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Farm Toys for Your Not-so-Little Farmer

We have something for everyone that you love to buy for - including yourself!  For your little farmers and construction workers, Bruder's a great choice, as Matt talked about earlier this week.  
But if you're past that stage in life are are looking for something more detailed, more beefy, and all-around more manly, Spec-Cast is a great option.

Spec-Cast has been one of our favorite lines for more than 10 years, almost as long as we've been doing what we do.  Ever since we picked up the line, they've been steadily adding new and interesting models to their line-up.  

I want to show you some of their most recent releases, which arrived here just last month.  
Firstly, if you're a 1/64-scale kind of guy, here's what's new in that area:
Here's the Challenger MT665C Tractor.  This is item #SCT-431 and can be yours for $15.90.
Next we have the Heritage Iron International 1206 Wheatland Tractor.  It's item #ZJD-1662 and goes for $15.90.
The last up in 1/64 scaled is the Heritage Iron International 1206 Wheatland Tractor with FWA & Cab.  Going for $15.90, this is item #ZJD-1679.

Maybe the more weighty 1/16 scale is your thing instead.  Here's what's new for you:

First, here's the Farmall 450 Cub Lo-Boy (1955-1968). The Cub Lo-Boy is similar to the standard Cub, but the Lo-Boy has shorter front end spindles and sits about 8 inches lower than the standard Cub.  This model goes for $56.90 and is item #ZJD-1673
Another Farmall that just came in is the Farmall Cub with Planter & Fertilizer Tank (1947-1964).  The Cub featured IH's "Cultivision" engine and steering. Three major series of the original Cub were produced up until 1979.  Item #ZJD-1674 and it goes for $62.90.

Lastly, this is the Oliver G-1355 LP Gas Tractor, which goes for $62.90.  It's item #SCT-428.

I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading! I'd love to get your comment, and while you're at it, please follow our blog!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Farm Toys for Your Little Farmer

I love standing next to farm equipment. Some machines are bigger than you would think, others smaller, but all are impressive and do their part on the farm. Bruder is great at taking those huge machines and bringing them down to a playable 1/16 scale and is great at delivering them to your doorstep. Your little farmer will be thrilled to play with these tractors and implements!

The Fendt Farmer 209 S tractor is an all-purpose front-loading tractor ready for any job! This expandable tractor features steerable front wheels which operate with the included steering arm, independent suspension on the wheels to navigate uneven terrain, and a trailer hitch that is compatible with all of the Bruder trailers. The frontloader is easily adjustable and can be taken off and replaced with a forklift sold separately (Item 02249).

The Barrel Trailer with Spread Tubes is a wonderful part of Bruder’s farming equipment line. Give your crops every advantage with this modern sprayer used to spread manure. The tank trailer can fit onto any Bruder tractor, and the tank can actually be filled with water and dripped out through the hose. The sprayer arms can be folded up when the trailer is not in use.

The Claas Xerion 5000 is a wonderful addition to the Claas farming equipment line. Just like the real machine, it is possible to simultaneously steer all four wheels. During normal play, all wheels are steered while counter-rotating to achieve the smallest possible turn radius. Another unique feature is the offset driving (crab steering) of the original which can be re-enacted by operating an adjusting mechanism attached to the chassis. The cab also swivels 180 degrees to allow safe driving in both directions. Apart from these features, this tractor stands out from the crowd with its superior details.

The Lemken Semi mounted reversible plow is a plow for the big fields! This reversible plow has 16 blades to turn as much soil as possible. Its wheels can be reversed to change the plow angle, plus it can be easily towed on wheels when not being used. Easily attaches to any Bruder tractor.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Fall Sale Ends Today

I just wanted to remind you all that the Fall Sales ends today.  Don't miss out on this chance to get that item you've had your eye on!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Wonders of Downtown Chicago

Andrea, one of our reps here, went to Chicago a few weeks ago to visit a friend up there.  She says she's a small town girl, one of those who's always in awe of big machinery, sky scrapers, and the like.  

So when she happened upon this while strolling through downtown Chicago, she just had to pause and take a picture:

A huge piece of machinery, attached to the side of an old, regal building, with an operator sitting in a tiny bubble, high above the ground, doing delicate maintenance work so that we can enjoy the building for years to come - wow! 

She hopes you enjoy this picture of the real thing in action!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I've Been Workin' on the Railroad

My brother-in-law works with and/or around the railroads. That's extremely vague, but I know he works around the railroad doing various types of construction using heavy machinery. Though I don't know much about the specifics, working on the railroad seems like a fun job. Actually, it sounds like the perfect job. First of all, you've already got a song ready to sing and even better than that you would get to work with some very neat heavy machinery. Singing AND heavy machinery: it is a match made in heaven.

Another match made in heaven? You and this upcoming arrival from NZG: the 1/50 scale Van
Roon Rail - Liebherr A 900 C ZW Railroad Excavator (Priced at $106.95) . That's a lot of title for a lot of model. First of all, it includes a section of scale track so you can see how the actual machine might sit while on the tracks. Being an NZG model also means that the detail and features are outstanding. It is painted in the Van Roon Rail colors and the casting is full of very nice detail such as mirrors, lights, and metal hand rails. There are also several moving pieces, including raising and lowering outriggers and rail bogies, an articulated boom and bucket that are easily posed, and to top it all off, the entire model rotates on its base giving you a long list of ways to pose and display this beautiful replica.

Maybe you aren't a railroad enthusiast. That's okay! There are several upcoming arrivals from NZG and you ought to have a look through them all to see which model suits you best.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sales Kiss the Monday Blues Goodbye

Looking for something to cure to Monday blues?  I have it right here.

I listen to Michael BublĂ©.  He'll have you swingin' in no time at all.   Or maybe that isn't exactly your thing...

How about a sale?  Yep, that's the surefire way to get rid of those Monday blues.