Friday, August 29, 2008

GreenLight "Up in Flames" Series Images just Released

GreenLight has just released images of the exciting new "Up in Flames" Series.
This annual release looks to be a great seller and will be arriving just in time for the Christmas season. We have this available in both sealed solid cases and master cases allowing you the opportunity to hunt for the Green Machines. (Green Machines are GreenLights' chase cars that inserted with the regular cars. Although not guaranteed, one Green machine is likely to be in each Master Case).

As with all of the GreenLight series, this will be a limited run (only 4500), so get your pre-order in soon. 12685-CASE & 12685-MASTER

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Price Increases

Unfortunately, due to fuel prices, labor increase in China, and material price increases, there are going to be a few companies that will be increasing prices. We wanted to give you a heads-up so that you can get your order in today at the current pricing.

Model Power - Model Power's price increase will be going into effect Tuesday - Sept 2nd.

Chooch - We have a month! Their price increase will not take effect until Sept 30th.

ERTL Ride-On Toys - Goes into effect Tomorrow - sorry for the short notice. Get your order in today for the item you've had your eye on.

NEW 1/87 scale Model Power!

I love these Model Power Minis, as they are so appropriately named. At around two inches long, these are perfect for your HO scale layout, for your die-cast collection, or just for fun! Just yesterday, we received six new Minis from Model Power!

First, NY State Police 2005 Crown Victoria.


Secondly, CA Highway Patrol 2005 Crown Victoria.


Florida State Police 2005 Crown Victoria.


County Sheriff Crown Victoria.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


A Mini Cooper in metallic blue.


NEW Greenlight Model!

Just in from Greenlight yesterday, we have finally received the long-anticipated 1989 Pontiac TransAm GTA from the Muscle Car Garage Series. There were only 1,800 pieces of this limited edition model produced, so get them while they last! They're speeding out the door! This authentically detailed model has a sequentially numbered chassis and is officially licensed by General Motors.

1989 Pontiac TransAm GTA (#12804-06BK) in Black

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This year's Wings of Texaco and Chevron Airplanes have just been announced.
Due to arrive in November, these planes are always highly sought by collectors and will be the perfect item for Christmas.

The 2008 #16 Wings of Texaco plane is the 1/38 scale Grumman G-21-A Amphibian. Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a Display Stand. As we have come to expect, it comes in both the regular and special editions.
ERTL 21939P - 1/38 Special Brushed Metal Edition
ERTL 21938P - 1/38 Regular Edition

Get FREE shipping for a limited time when ordering the regular and special edition SET: TEX08SET

The 2008 #5 Chevron Airplane is the DC-3 and will be available only as the regular edition. Note: there will be no Special Edition Chevron plane this year. Features include working propellors, tilt action display stand, custom packaging, and Certificate of Authenticity.
ERTL 21940P - 1/72

Batmobiles are FINALLY here in MASS

After trickles of Batmobiles arriving at our warehouse from Mattel, we have finally received the multiple pallets-worth that we've been waiting on! Hundreds of Batmobiles are now in stock and shipping! If you have not already reserved yours, but sure to get your order in right away.


Mattel 1966 Batmobiles (#L2090) NOW shipping!

This Batmobile is inspired by the Batmobile featured in the 1966 "Batman" television series.
Get yours today!

New Toy Safety Legislation Signed into Law by President Bush; Toy Industry Assoc Applauds

Legislation aimed at improving U.S. consumer product safety was signed into law by President George W. Bush today.

The legislation dramatically cuts the allowed amount of lead in toys and other children's products, increases funding for the CPSC, and partially bans the controversial plastic-softening chemicals called phthalates.

The Toy Industry Association applauds this action. [article 1] [article 2]

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

360 Degree Views

You may have already noticed, but we are starting to add 360 (rotating) views of some of our toys so that you can see every side! Actaully each 360 is made up of 20 still shots stitched together in an Adobe Shockwave file that allows you to virtually rotate each item. It's a time consuming process so don't expect to find them on every item we sell just yet. Currently we are working on the Norscot line and have several of the best sellers ready to view from all sides. Look for this icon on the catalog pages, then click the icon or the item thumbnail to go to the item detail page. From there it's just one more click to launch the 360 viewer. Enjoy...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ford Boss Mustang

Honestly, I'm not really an automotive kind of gal. I was for a while back in Jr. High when I thought it would make the boys like me. Not so much anymore. But I still can't forsake the beloved Mustang. They're just beauties, no matter what year, except maybe the 80s Mustangs. Not my thing. This, my friends, is a nice little car. A 1970 Ford Boss Mustang 429, in authentic Grabber Blue. I like Grabber Blue. A lot. This lovely First Gear model is 1/25 scale, and features opening hood, driver and passenger doors, and rear hatch, as well as steerable front wheels.

It just arrived a few days ago, so these are ready to ship as soon as you wipe the drool off the computer screen!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just arrived!

DCP is so much fun for me because there are always new trucks coming out. New this week are 2 different International LoneStar trucks with grain trailers and tarps. I like this red one a lot, but I'm rather partial to the color red:

DCP 31909

Oh, and I should mention that there are no graphics on these, so they're wide open for being customized for Dad or Uncle Bob. Or, Aunt Josie for that matter.

DCP 31906

We have very limited quantities of these, so get them while they last!

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Tonkin Precision Trucks from 3000toys

We are happy to introduce 3 truck that we will be receiving in the 4th quarter of this year. These are limited editions of 132 each and are available for pre-order now. Here's a preview:

This one reflects Freightliner's new Cascadia model, with graphics saying "Everything has changed." I'm sure it will prove to be a very nice looking truck, and very popular.

Next we have an flaming owner-operator cab. A Peterbilt 379 to be exact. These flames have been very popular with us in the past.

And here is the loveliest of all. Can I call a truck lovely? This model will feature "Zēlo Water" graphics. Now I know you're wondering what Zēlo is. Zēlo is an up-and-coming water product that combines high levels of essential minerals with subtle refreshing flavors, all without added calories or sweeteners. An all-natural thirst-quencher, zēlo tastes delicious and is safe for all ages, from babies to grandparents. I can't wait to try it.

Pre-order these items so you don't miss out. These are sure to go fast!