Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Heat Up Your Collection with Dragon

Variety is the spice of life and can also be the spice of your collection. It only takes a few well placed Dragon space, air, or military models to inject some variety into your crowd of replicas . But where, oh where can you find the ingredients? Well, if your collection is a delicious pot of chili waiting for its spices, then is a garden full of wonderful herbs and spices just waiting to be picked! Please have a look at our most recent arrivals that are sure to be a hit.

Dragon is happy to present an exciting 1/400 scale model of Boeing’s NewGen tanker (DRAGON 56340 - Price = $37.95). As would be expected, the model makes use of Dragon’s existing Boeing 767 molds, but it adds all the requisite parts to make the latest air-to-air refueling craft. As a special bonus for this release, a brand new 1/400 F-16C fighter is also included. Both USAF aircraft can be displayed flying together on a special stand. The KC-46A will be a very important asset in the USAF, just as this model will be in any aircraft collection!

This is Dragon Armor’s second depiction of this impressive-looking halftrack. The fully built-up model is portrayed in a late-war three-color camouflage scheme. Although the original Sd.Kfz.251/22 Ausf.D that the model is based upon harks from an unidentified unit fighting in Germany in 1945, this does not detract from the accuracy of this 1/72 scale model (DRAGON 60489 - Price = $24.95). All details such as the PaK 40 cannon and open-topped fighting compartment are present. With its late-war camouflage scheme, this is one impressive-looking self-propelled antitank gun!

This 1/72 scale Sd.Kfz.223 (DRAGON 60513 - Price = $22.95) may be diminutive in size, but this reconnaissance vehicle is brimming with details. The complex angled plates of the hull are accurately depicted, as is the distinctive frame antenna. Adding to the appeal of this Dragon Armor item is a set of jerry cans stowed on the vehicle’s nose to give it a longer range. The vehicle is finished in the standard panzer gray color of early-war German vehicles. This little armored car is the perfect vehicle to stay in touch with the other reconnaissance assets that collectors already have in their blitzkrieg forces!

Dragon Wings has a 1/400 scale model of this Titan IIIC from the MOL program (DRAGON 56232 - Price = $29.95). Its appearance is quite distinct from earlier Space Collection models of the Titan IIIC and IIIE, and the model boasts new toolings for the main rocket body and the MOL mock-up. The rocket is highly accurate and is fully detailed, including the two huge strap-on solid boosters. The model is pre-painted and carries the correct series of USAF markings. Furthermore, the scale model comes with its own launch pad, thus creating an instant diorama

I hope your November was great and your December is even better! Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Making Christmas Merry SALE!

Right after Thanksgiving is when I tend to start thinking about Christmas in a personal sense. 

Well, it's that time now... Christmas trees and Christmas lights are going up all over the neighborhoods here in Joplin, and Christmas music has begun playing on the radio.  It's great! :)

How much have you started thinking about Christmas so far?  Hopefully, our Making Christmas Merry sale will help get the ball rolling a little bit.  It lasts now through next Monday.  

190 items from more than eight diecast categories.  Enjoy!

Monday, November 28, 2011

New Release from GreenLight ... Coming Soon

Following the success of GreenLight's Motor World Series 6, we are happy to announce the imminent release of Motor World Series 7!
Get your pre-orders in soon, as these are due to arrive in January!

As always, this is a great opportunity to find the Green Machines - GreenLight's Ultimate Collector's Item. These special cars are being sought by collectors worldwide!

Furthermore, each of the vehicles in this set is a limited edition of only 2,750 pieces.

Item #96070-CASE - 1/64 Scale - $28.99
Motor World Series 7
Twelve-Car SET in non-returnable factory-sealed Case.
This series includes one of each of the following:
• Dodge Viper in Green
• Classic Volkswagen Beetle in White
• 2011 Ford Fiesta in Yellow
• Mini Cooper Clubman in Red
• Volkswagen Panel Bus in Red and White
• Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in Black
• Volkswagen Samba Bus in Tan and White
• Volkswagen Samba Bus in Green and White
• Volkswagen 30 Prototype in Gray
• 1956 Ford F-100 in Silver
• Porscher 356A Speedster in Baby Blue
• 1955 Chevy Bel-Air in Maroon and White

Friday, November 25, 2011

In the Christmas Spotlight: Trinity Toyz

Yes, we've done it again!  3000toys has added another item to our ever-growing selection of great toys and diecast collectibles.  I am talking about a Nativity Scene Construction Block Set by Trinity Toyz, a new product line that we will be carrying.

Price $27.95
Item #38000

This set is amazing and would be perfect for any child (5 and up) who has wanted their own nativity set for Christmas.  It comes with a whopping 50 pieces, 8 figures, and 4 animals!  This set is also the first in a series of Biblical themed construction block sets, so there will be more to look forward to.

This set is also compatible with other brands, so it should fit right in with your child's current construction block play sets.

If you're interested in children's toys, you should check out these other great brands we carry: New-Ray, Mattel, and Bruder.  The staff here at hopes you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope to hear from you soon!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday DEALS start at MIDNIGHT

We have a great sale lined up for you that kicks off at MIDNIGHT tonight! The Sales Flyer is online on our home page that gives you a little glimps at just some of the deals. There are also coupons and a special gift certificate opportunity in the flyer. I'm going to include those for you here so you have them readily available for your shopping adventure!

Enjoy all of the feasting and visiting with family and friends today, and have a great time shopping this weekend!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I think Thanksgiving should be a worldwide holiday. More than just an open invitation from America to join us in gorging on turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes, a worldwide day of thanks seems to me like a healthy spoonful of perspective. We should all have something we are thankful for; in fact, the realization that I can type these words and you can read them causes me to reflect on how thankful I am for life.

I'm also very thankful for a job, specifically a job that allows me to work with some fantastic companies and incredible models. Universal Hobbies is that kind of company that makes those kinds of models. The detail is superb and the price is right. So, grab a fork and dig into to an early Thanksgiving feast of recently arrived Universal Hobbies models:

We'll start off with a small appetizer, this small keychain, and build our plate (model collection) from there:
Price = $6.95
Case Puma CVX 230 Tractor Keychain

Yum! Next up, like a good side of vegetables, this 1/43 model is good and good for you!
Price = $17.95
1948 International Harvester McCormick-Deering WD9

This next 1/32 scale model is like a good helping of potatoes that make your eyes wide with anticipation (the model even comes with a "fork"):
Price = $47.95
New Holland LM5060 Telehandler with Fork

Finally, this 1/16 scale, big ol' drumstick of a model, completes our collection just like turkey completes a delicious Thanksgiving meal:
Price = $64.95
Massey Ferguson 230 Tractor (1975)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Clearance Corner Updated! Save Another 10%

Prices in the Clearance Corner dropped another 10% today, plus 15 new items were added!

New from Spec-Cast!

Today I'm excited to show you some recent additions to our selection of Spec-Cast models. These are all in stock and ready to ship! You can check out the full line on our website.

1/16 Scale:

John Deere #55 3-Bottom Plow on Steel Wheels
Item #JDM-240 - Price = $58.90
Farmall Cub with Planter & Fertilizer Tank (1947-1964)
The Cub featured IH's "Cultivision" engine and steering. Three major series of the original Cub were produced up until 1979.
Item #ZJD-1674 - Price = $62.90

Farmall 450 Cub Lo-Boy (1955-1968)
The Cub Lo-Boy is similar to the standard Cub. The Lo-Boy has shorter front end spindles and sits about 8 inches lower than the standard Cub.
Item #ZJD-1673 - Price = $56.90
1/64 Scale:

AGCO DT250B with Duals in Orange
Item #SCT-432 - Price = $15.90

Challenger MT665C Tractor in Yellow and Black
Item #SCT-431 - Price = $15.90

Heritage Iron International 1206 Wheatland Tractor in Red
Item #ZJD-1662 - Price = $15.90

Friday, November 18, 2011

Flying High with Forces of Valor

Military replicas are some of our most interesting products due to their ties to historical battles and the details that make that history roar to life. Forces of Valor provides fantastic historical and modern military replicas that are true to the originals. We are happy to feature one of their tremendous World War II replicas, the 1/72 scale German FW 190A-8 (Item 85266 -$22.95). We hope that you'll be driven to grab one today while checking out the rest of Forces of Valor's models at

I'll let Maria from Forces of Valor provide you with the details:

"The most common of the FW 190 fighters, the A8 variant entered production in early 1944. Over 6,500 FW 190A-8s flew into service during WWII --- featuring thicker cowling armour, an emergency boost system, paddle-bladed props, powerful 30mm wing cannons and bubble canopy design that provided more visibility to their pilots.

Major Walther Dahl, a German Luftwaffe Ace, flew this FW 190A-8 while in command of Luftwaffe Group JG 300. "

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Big Box of Bruder

It is always fun to find a big box under the Christmas tree. I think there's probably scientific evidence that kids eyes grow and their hearts beat faster when they see a big box under the tree. This scientific evidence would also show that upon opening up the big box to find a toy from Bruder, their excitement and happiness is multiplied by 3,000 (I'm estimating). The following 1/16 toys from Bruder are sure to be a hit on Christmas morning.

Other toys better steer clear of Bruder’s Liebherr Articulated Road Loader L 574 (02430 - Price = $46.95)! This tough construction vehicle has articulated steering, allowing it to make sharp turns and fit into small areas. The front loader can be raised or lowered by a lever, or locked into place when not in use. Other features include an off road rear axel , a hood that opens to reveal the engine, and tread tires.

Bruder’s MACK Granite Worldwide Logistics Container Truck (02819 - Price = $77.95) is just like the real thing! The driver’s cab has doors that open, foldable mirrors and a tilting hood to view the engine block. This vehicle offers an interchangeable container that detaches automatically from the vehicle when the support legs are pulled down, allowing the truck to move out from underneath the trailer. The truck carries a forklift for flexible loading and unloading, even in small spaces. The double lifting mast of the forklift can be operated with one hand, and the forklift can be steered by hand which allows maneuvering in the tightest of spaces.

Bruder’s Fendt 936 Vario (03041 - Price = $42.95) is ready for any job! This expandable tractor features steerable front wheels which operate with the included steering arm, cab doors that open, independent suspension on the wheels to navigate uneven terrain, plus a trailer hitch that is compatible with all of the Bruder trailers. The frontloader is easily adjustable, and can be taken off and replaced with a forklift sold separately.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Three Days Only!

Christmas is coming! Don't miss out on this week's sale.  

Three days only: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Clearance Corner has been Updated

Just a reminder about your new Monday tradition - prices in our Clearance Corner dropped another 10% today, and 20 more items were added!

Make sure to share this coupon with your friends by clicking one of the social sites below! (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Products of the Highest Class

Don't you love it when you come across just a really good line?  If you haven't found American Muscle yet, today's the day!   

This pretty much sums up the line, as Hector from Chile put it:  

"These products are of the highest class."  

This is the 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass SX in Burnished Gold with Black Interior, Roof, and Stripes, from the Elite Editions series.  This series features careful attention to detail at a slightly lower price point for the budget-conscious collector. 
Item #904 - 1/18 Scale - Price = $54.95

Features of the Elite Editions series include:
• Diecast body with opening hood and doors
• Realistic headlights and taillights
• Retractable radio antenna
• Highly polished electro-plated chrome parts 

• Accurate engine and engine bay details
• Steering wheel and front wheels turn together 

• Folding seat backs 
• Detailed interior accents

These next two models are from the Authentics series.  This series offers the ultimate in detail and will satisfy the wants of even you most demanding collectors. 

Here's the 1966 Dodge Charger in Dark Blue...
Item #903 - 1/18 Scale - Price = $54.95


... and the 1965 Chevy Chevelle Z16 in Regal Red.
Item #948 - 1/18 Scale - Price = $69.95

Features of the Authentics series include:
• Diecast body with opening hood, doors and trunk
• Realistic headlights and taillights
• Retractable radio antenna
• Highly polished electro-plated chrome parts 

• Realistic hinges on doors and hood 
• Working front and rear suspension 
• Working drive train with rotating rear wheels and driveshaft 
• Steering wheel and front wheels turn together 
• Fully carpeted interior
• Folding seat backs 

• Opening glove compartment door 


Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Scratch and Dent Items Just Added

Check it out - this week we've added 75+ Scratch and Dent items to the website!  

The perfect opportunity to get a great deal on an item that just doesn't have the best box, to get some spare parts for your existing collection, or whatever other uses you may have!  

Hey, let me know - I'm interested - what do you use "X items" for?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Harvesting Christmas Cheer with ERTL

The Christmas season is always sneaking up on us. I think I received a Christmas email sometime in September while I was busy preparing for Columbus Day. Our time for remembering lost explorers has passed and only a large turkey and the accompanying cozy afternoon nap stand between us and Christmas. Therefore, in an effort to prepare and give you ample time to find gifts for your friends and family, I'm going to show you some of our best sellers from ERTL. We have models for both your young and not-so-young collectors on your Christmas list, so make sure to take a good, long look at all we have to offer!

Starting off with a classically styled farm model, this 1/64 scale John Deere 7130 Tractor with Wing Mower (45217 - Price = $10.99) features detailed diecast build and accurate graphics, and makes the perfect addition to any farm diorama. The flex wing moxer hitches to the 7130 and is ready to go! When the work is done, the mower decks fold up for storage in the shed (not included). The clear cab glass allows for a peak at the detailed interior, and with its sturdy construction, this model is great for any John Deere enthusiast, young or old!

Cut hay for the cattle with the 1/64 scale CIH WD2303 self propelled mower (14736 - Price = $12.99). The mower body is made of die cast material with soft plastic tires. The rear axle tilts to allow the 4 tires to
stay on the ground. There are two different cutter heads that can be easily attached to the mower.

Detailed and sturdy diecast construction make this 1/50 scale John Deere 2954D Tracked Log Loader (45036 - Price = $48.99) a great piece for any logging or John Deere enthusiast, young or old! The arms are able to clamp securely around the logs (not included), and the fully rotating body and pivoting boom make for easy unloading.

Our next set contains a highly detailed Case IH 215 Magnum tractor and two J&M gravity wagons, all in 1/64 scale (14639 -Price = $24.99). The tractor features a die-cast body, cab glass, GPS detail on cab roof and dual rear wheels. The J&M Gravity Wagon features a die-cast frame and grain box and steerable front axle. The wagons also hitch to each other and to the tractor.

Finally, the 1/64 scale New Holland BB9080 Big Square baler (13787 - Price = $8.99) makes it fun to bale hay. Two bales will fit inside the baler. The rear ramp raises and lowers so the bales can be finger pushed out by your child. The baler features tandem axles with soft tires, sturdy die-cast upper body with engineering grade plastic undercarriage. Plus, three bales are included!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's that time again! Time for our 1st Christmas Sale of the year!

Here's our first Christmas Sale of the year!  You won't want to miss out - over 250 items at great Christmas-shopping prices, most of them less than $20!  Will you be there?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Clearance Corner prices just DROPPED 10%!

Prices in the Clearance Corner just DROPPED by 10%!
Also, 10 new items were just added. Check it out now.

M2's Astounding Details Perfect for Chevy's 100th Birthday

I love beautiful things.  Who doesn't, right?  Ever since we started carrying M2Machines a few years back, they've been one of my favorite product lines.  

One of the first times that I actually got to handle an M2 car was at a trade show in Chicago three or so years ago, and I just couldn't stop marveling at the astounding details and quality, turning it over in my hands again and again. 

M2Machines is one of those manufacturers who stays on top of it, continuously coming out with new, interesting cars, both in 1/64 scale and 1/24 scale.  Recently, they've been working on several releases of Chevrolet Centennial cars, celebrating the 100th birthday of the beloved automobile brand.

As a part of that, they just announced the next release in their 1/24 Scale Series.

These are available for pre-order now, and we expect them to be here this month or next!

1957 Chevrolet 210 Hard Top in Black with Red and White Racing Stripes - "Centennial Edition"
The interior of this beauty is red with white inserts, and the wheels are white steel with black wall tires.
Item #40200-25A - 1/24 Scale - Price = $22.95

1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 427 in Black with Red and White Racing Stripes - "Centennial Edition"
The interior of this drag-racing beauty is red with a roll cage and racing seat installed.
Item #40200-25B - 1/24 Scale - Price = $22.95

If you're wanting to catch up on M2's previous Chevrolet Centennial releases, you can click here to see them all on our website. 


Friday, November 4, 2011

A New Monday Tradition (one you won't want to miss!)

Traditions are always so much fun, especially around Christmas time.  Well, here's a new one for you.  

Every Monday through the end of this year, all our clearance items will drop 10% in price - every week!  Also, every week, new items will be added to the clearance corner.  

So, on your Monday lunch break each week, what will you do?  Wait for a lower price?  Get it before it's gone?  (When they're gone, they're gone for good!)

To start off this tradition with a bang, here's a coupon for an additional 10% off any clearance item of your choice.  You have the rest of the year 2011 to use this beauty.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Constructing a Great Collection with NZG

My grandmother is from Germany, so maybe that's why NZG models are so attractive to me. Like a plate of schnitzel or sauerkraut, I find myself gravitating towards their finely detailed models . And I'm here to show you two recent 1/50 scale arrivals from NZG that might make your mouth water, too.

Starting off with the Doosan Moxy MT 31 Articulated Dump Truck (Item 820 - Price $84.95), you'll find a highly-detailed and attractive model in the sharp orange paint scheme of Doosan. Some highlights include grab rails on each side of the body; mesh light guards secured onto the front lights; clear windows to see the wonderfully detailed cab interior; and a working tailgate that raises along with the bed, complete with chains, hydraulic cylinders. If I was an 1/50 scale person, then the Doosan Moxy MT 31 would be my dump truck of choice.

In keeping with the construction and trucking theme, take a look at this Strohmaier Mercedes Benz Actros 8x4 Truck Mixer (Item 754-21 - Price $89.95). The Strohmaier paint and graphics are a nice touch on an already great model and the details of this model are similar to the Doosan Moxy along with detailed wheels, tires, and frame.

I think these two models would be a great addition to any construction enthusiast's collection or anyone who loves good German detailing and quality.