Thursday, February 26, 2015

Greenlight is Breaking Bad (In a Good Way!)

#44690-CASE - 1/64 Scale
April / May Arrival
Hollywood Series 9 - Six-Piece SET
in Non-Returnable Factory-Sealed Case

GreenLight announced the release of Hollywood Series 9 late last week, and it features two great-looking cars from the hit TV series Breaking Bad

Whether you collect pop-culture memorabilia or you simply collect diecast cars, this release has something for you. With big-name titles like Bullit and Breaking Bad, this set is going to fly off the shelves. Visit today to place your pre-order, and check out the other great releases coming soon from GreenLight while you're at it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New American Muscle on the Road

Everyone has a sweet spot for a certain muscle car. Mine is this 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 Fastback. Maybe someday. . .

There’s something majestic about these machines. That majesty is what American Muscle seeks to capture in their models. Take a look at these new ones that are headed to this week, and decide for yourself if they hit the mark.

#1047 - 1/18 Scale
February / March Arrival

1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator in Metallic Bright Blue
This 1/18 scale tribute to the 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator certainly lives up to the American Muscle standard. It features a highly detailed cab and engine bay, opening doors and hood, and free-rolling wheels. Finished in bold metallic blue this model has it all!
#1048 - 1/18 Scale
February / March Arrival
1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Convertible in Tuxedo Black
Chevelle 50th Anniversary

Chevrolet introduced the Chevelle in 1964. Now American Muscle is celebrating this icon’s 50th Anniversary with this 1967 SS Convertible. Sporting a Tuxedo Black paint job, this model will take you back in time.

Both of these exceptional models are available for pre-order today at While you’re there be sure to check out our collections from Greenlight, Auto World, and Maisto as well.

Friday, February 13, 2015

FREE SHIPPING this President's Day Weekend!

Check out brands like Norscot, Tonkin, ERTL, and more while getting more bang for your buck with FREE SHIPPING this Presidents' Day Weekend! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Have a Coke and a smile!

Coca-Cola has to be one of the most collected brands in recent history. They've been around for over a hundred years, so I can see why. Folks collect old tin signs, the distinctly shaped bottles, cans, clocks, and vintage coolers. Plus, most of their advertising really lends itself to a crossover for the collector market.  You can also see murals of advertisements around from time to time, like the one pictured below from my home town of Carthage, MO. Coca-Cola marketing has become an art form and part of our history as a country.

Another great way to market a product is to replicate the vehicles associated with the brand. And America is in love with their automobiles. Whether you're into Ford or Chevy or even Volkswagen, you can easily find one with a Coca-Cola logo emblazoned all over it. Now, since is your best choice for finding great replicas, let me show you a few that we happen to have at the moment.

Item #440664
Motor City Classics - 1/32 Scale
Coca-Cola 1953 Chevy Pickup
Includes a vintage red Coca-Cola cooler!

Item #442453
Motor City Classics - 1/32 Scale
Coca-Cola - 1923 Ford Model TT Pickup
Includes a hand cart and Coca-Cola cases!

Item #440033
Motor City Classics - 1/18 Scale
Coca-Cola - 1966 Volkswagen Beetle
Great detail and opening features!

Keep in mind, these are only a few of the Coca-Cola models we have in stock, not to mention the new ones we expect to come out later this year. We have so much more to see at our website, just click here to take a look.

Leave some comments below or send me a picture of your Coca-Cola collection. Or send me a picture of the advertising mural from your home town. It seems like every town has one! Until next time, go be good to someone.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


     The time has come. New Year's resolutions forgotten; Christmas dinner leftovers are finally in the trash, and I am no longer dating my checks 2014. It's February. Many things are slowing down, but we're going full tilt to bring you the newest offerings from NorscotUniversal HobbiesWSI, and more. Over the last two weeks, we have added over 30 new ERTL items. You can check them all out at Whether you're looking for something for your child's toy box or for your own showcase, we've got you covered. Here are a couple of great options.

#43057 1/16
March - April Arrival
IVECO Recycling Truck with Lights and Sounds.
Lifting Rear Gate for Loading and Unloading 
Includes Recycling Bin

This 1/16 scale model is from the Big Farm Series. All of ERTL's Big Farm items are made of durable plastic and are perfect for young collectors. This Recycling Truck is no exception! Great for hours of play, Big Farm toys also work great with products from Bruder and Little Buster.

#13860 1/32
May - June Arrival
New Holland T8.435 Tractor -  Prestige Collection

This New Holland T8.435 Tractor has been meticulously recreated in 1/32 scale as part of ERTL's Prestige Collection. This model has dual wheels all the way around with rear wheel weights, accurate graphics, and a highly detailed cab. This will look great on your shelf!

Both of these great models are available for pre-order at While you're there go ahead check out our Show Stopping Sale for unbeatable savings.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Norscot Caterpillar has Arrived!

Our receiving department is 'all hands on deck' this morning because we just received in our first shipment of Norscot models for the new year. Along with old favorites, we also have two highly anticipated 1/32 scale CAT models in stock at last! Check out these great-looking pieces below!

#55239 - 1/32 Scale
Caterpillar 308E2 CR SB Mini Hydraulic Excavator
 plus Work Tools
The 1/32 scale Caterpillar 308E2 is made with diecast metal construction, along with a few plastic parts, and includes an incredibly detailed operator's compartment, movable tracks and dozer blade, and it includes several work tools. You can easily switch between the auger and the hammer tool depending on what you think looks best!

#55278 - 1/32 Scale
Caterpillar TH407C Telehandler with Attachments
Telehandlers have a wide variety of applications, especially in agricultural use, meaning that this Caterpillar TH407C Telehandler can fit in a large range of different layouts. The ability to switch between fork and bucket attachments, along with its extendable boom, make this model a must-have this season.

Both of these Norscot models are available now and will be shipped out to those who pre-ordered them as soon as possible. If you haven't placed your order head over to, and get yours before these great-looking models fly off the shelves!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Football is over, so now what?

Now is the perfect time of year to have a hobby. The weather outside is just cold and unpleasant. And let's face it, is there anything less productive than spending your free time binge-watching streaming video content while laying on the couch? No, probably not. Finding a productive way to spend your free time is rewarding in so many ways. I mean it's entertaining, it's good for your mood, and you can use it as an excuse to get your friends together. It's a total worthwhile endeavor.

What I consider to be my hobby is pretty basic: I collect die-cast models of all kinds. I keep them on my desk, and I move them around from time to time. I really have too many to fit, so some have been moved to the window sill or other areas, while others have been made to serve a purpose. As you see below, I am using my CAT forklift from Norscot as a post-it note holder.  I used to keep paper clips in my CAT wheel loader, but I guess I've run out.

Another hobby that I find fascinating is model railroading. I made the trip to Milwaukee with my boss to man a booth at Trainfest a couple years ago. I was completely bowled over by the whole experience. The craftsmanship and attention to detail was really impressive. I have yet to start my own, but we get so many cool models in HO scale that I will eventually just have to jump in and do it.

Some of the latest models we've received are from CMW. If you're familiar at all with 1/87 scale die-cast, then you already know that the quality is top notch. Here are a couple of their newest models.


This taxi is a 1955 Ford Mainline with Yellow Cab Co on the door, really nice detail in 1/87.

Item number: 30397

To the right is a 1941 Chevy Wrecker with Gulf Towing on the door, a must have for dioramas.

Item number: 30403

We've got much more available at, so please take a look around. I'm sure you'll find something you just can't live without.

Please leave your comments below, or ask me a question about the crazy stuff I keep on my desk. Or send me a picture of what your desk looks like. Until next time, go be good to someone.

A New Year and New Authors

I wanted to share some great news! We are adding two new authors to our blog, so I wanted to take a moment to introduce them to you.

Who am I, though? My name is Murphy. I am the Marketing Assistant here, and I have been writing this blog for the past 6-7 months.  When I'm not at the office, I'm at home with my awesome wife, Tasha.

That's enough about me, though! Allow me to introduce our two new authors:

Tom Michael has been with for almost 5 years and serves as the Director of Product Management. His love of comics is only trumped by his immense love for his two little girls; so when he isn't around here, he is goofing off with them! He is also incredibly knowledgeable about our product lines, so he is sure to bring some great insights to you about our newest releases. 

Previous as the Head of Receiving, Sam Livesay moved into his new role as Product Manager last summer. His expertise in the office is matched equally with his expertise in designing and building things (including a 27'  tall metal, wood, and paper tree). He loves spending time with his wife Molly, who is an accountant here. 

I am excited for these two new authors to join the writing team. I know that they will do a great job as they bring you information about our new items and keep you up to date on the latest news here at