Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The HUGE Fall SALE is still going on. We are still adding several more items to the sale each week, including several new Norscot items last week. But some items are also being taken off of sale and selling out, so don't miss out on this great opporunity to get that model you've had your eye on or to start your Christmas shopping... it's not all that far away! Here's just a sample of the great items we are offering at great prices, but don't stop here. Go take a look at the hundreds more on our website!

Caterpillar 793D Off Highway Truck, Norscot item #55151 in 1/50 scale

Caterpillar 12G Motor Grader, ERTL item #1848 in 1/64 scale

Caterpillar D10T Dozer, Norscot item #55158 also in 1/50 scale

FedEx (Federal Express) Kenworth Tractor with Van Trailer, Golden Wheel item #56401A in 1/64 scale as well

Saturday, September 27, 2008

SNEAK PREVIEW of new 1/24 M2 '57 Bel Airs coming out this Fall

M2Machines emailed Friday morning with a sneak peek at two really nice 1/24 scale cars they are working on (pictures are PROTO-TYPES). These 1957 Chevy BelAir models are scheduled to come out THIS FALL! However, they are only expecting a "very limited amount of product for this fall." They went on to say "so please try to get your order in as soon as possible."

We are working on doing that and then getting them onto the site so you can do the same. None of us are going to want to miss out on these classics in the detailed quality that M2 does at the incredible price point we all appreciate.

They also said that once they have the final production of these 2 vehicles, they will get the final images to us. Once we get those, we'll get these sneak peak images replaced for you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HUMONGOUS Mining Truck is the talk of the community!

Let's start out with the definition of the word:

hu-mon-gous (hyoo-muhng'-guhs) - adjective slang 1. extraordinarily large in bulk, quantity, or extent 2. of unbounded extent, scope; limitless. - Synonyms: mammoth, gigantic, colossal, vast, stupendous, huge, enormous, immense, tremendous, massive

This definition comes right out of the flyer that we received just yesterday on the new Caterpillar 797F Mining Truck Die-Cast Scale Model Replica. There is no exaggeration in using the synonyms "mammoth"and "colossal." Let's start with some background:

Just days ago at the MINExpo 2008, Caterpillar unveiled what is being called "the next generation of mining trucks." Included is the 797F mining truck which is replacing the the flagship 797B. Caterpillar prides themselves on prodiving machines for all types of terrain, as is clear with this particular machine.

So without further ado:

Introducing the 797F! Features will include:
  • 1/50 scale (but remember, this thing is HUGE!)
  • Truck bed that raises and lowers
  • Wheels that roll with authentic tread design
  • Power Edge and nomenclature deco
  • Grab bars, ladders, and authentic trim detail
  • Clear window with interior cab detail
  • And let's be sure we're clear on this one: It's humongous!
I suppose you want to see it, huh? We are awaiting the image of the model itself, but here is the real thing. Get your orders in now and we will ship it to you as soon as it arrives in December!

Don't forget to click the picture!

New Norscot just announced!

Impressive. That is the word for at least one of these newCaterpillar items, just announced by Norscot. These are so exciting! The first to arrive will be a new Off-Highway truck, with a redesigned cab. This kind of truck is made specifically for mining and all-terrain purposes. It's an extremely durable machine and keeps things moving fast in the field. (Images are clickable, as always!) This detailed model will be hitting the water, on its way to us, in a matter of days, to arrive at the very start of November.

Our next model is a 988H Wheel Loader. This is an updated, 21st Century machine, and Caterpillar has added increased durability and performance, for maximum productivity. We are proud to offer a quality model of this updated machine, due to arrive in December.

I will be saving the absolute best, most exciting item for last. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

First though, I wanted to give you update on what will be arriving on our next container, along with the Off-Highway truck. These are items that we have never seen in person, so get your orders in and be the first to get your hands on them! Here's what we've got:

55207-S Caterpillar Peterbilt 389 Tri-Axle Day Cab with Trail King Lowboy Trailer

55208-S Caterpillar Kenworth W900 Tri-Axle Day Cab with Trail King Lowboy Trailer
55212 Caterpillar D11T Track-Type Tractor with Metal Tracks
55213 Caterpillar 906H Compact Wheel Loader
55214 Caterpillar 320D L Hydraulic Excavator with Metal Tracks
55215 Caterpillar 323D L Hydraulic Excavator with Metal Tracks

Yes, I told you that there was something very exciting coming in this post. I think I'll make you wait another 10 minutes while a make a separate post just for this item. That's how special it is! Talk to you soon!

NEW Limited Edition DCP!

Two NEW DCP trucks just arrived in our warehouse last Friday and are ready to ship! Get them while they're here; these limited edition trucks won't last long! Only 252 models of each truck are available to the collector market.

This first of these, item
#31870, is the Liquid Transport Corporation (or LTC as they are known in the industry) Peterbilt 379 tractor with chemical grade tanker in 1/64 scale. Each tractor and tanker matches Liquid Transport’s fleet tractors and tankers in color and all applied graphics.

LTC is a premier, Indiana-based bulk transportation leader with over 70 years of safe, profitable, and uninterrupted chemical transportation and distribution. More recently, they were acquired by a proven leader in “liquid engineering”; The Dana Companies of Avenel, New Jersey. The Dana ownership brings crucial assets, much larger scale, and greater capabilities to their Midwest heritage and truly makes them “Bigger and Better” affiliation highly advantageous to customers. The Dana-LTC-Flagship connection gives them more drivers (1250), more trailers (6000+), and more terminals and cleaning facilities.

The other of these limited edition models is the Fikes Truck Line International Transtar II with a step deck trailer, bulkhead, and crates load, item
#31897. This 1/64 scale die cast replica of is one of Fikes Truck Lines' earliest owner operator tractor/trailers.

In 25 years, Fikes Truck Line has grown from a small intrastate operation into a $50+ million transportation firm serving well-known shippers across the United States. Fikes Truck Line is a leading flatbed carrier that specializes in the shipment of steel, machinery, building materials and manufactured goods. Their fleet of independent trucking professionals is equipped to haul with flatbed, heavy haul, drop deck, RGN, and side kit trailers.

Monday, September 22, 2008

CORGI - Pricing Changes, Negotiations, Unknown Scheduling, and... wait... NEW PRODUCTS RELEASED!!

We're beginning to feel that as soon as we make any decision about CORGI and put it print, it immediately is outdated. Within 24 hours of putting all future releases back onto the site last week, we were notified that pricing is up in the air once again (this time maybe not so high?) So, we pulled future releases from the site AGAIN as negotiations continue.

However, FIVE new items do have firm pricing and are hitting our warehouse this week! These 5 pieces are as follows:

AA35815 - 1/72 F-86F Sabre - USAF 48th FW SKYBLAZERS, Chaumont AB 24 March 1956 - LIMITED EDITION (actually arrived this past week)

AA36207 - 1/72 Gloster Gladiator MK. I - "A" Flight, 73 Squadron RAF Debden, Essex

AA36901 - 1/72 / Junkers JU52/3mg5e (floatplane) - P5+JD, Luftwaffe, Operation Weserubung, Norway 1940

AA37605 - 1/72 Westland Wessex HAS.3, XM328-NO.737 SQ., Royal Navy, RNAS Portland, Hants (1978)

AA38002 - 1/72 Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II - 74th Fighter Tactical Sqn.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

SIKU Arriving from Germany

Several new models by SIKU have been taking the long journey across the Atlantic Ocean and are arriving this week! There should be enough diversity to please everyone: HO railroaders, farm toys collectors, emergency equipment collectors, European focused collectors, car enthusiasts, as well as construction equipment collectors.

1/87 Scale New Releases:

SIKU - 1883 - 1/87 Volvo Motorgrader G990

SIKU - 1810 - 1/87
Construction Set - Includes Articulated Dump Truck, Loader, and Backhoe

SIKU - 1848 - 1/87 Deutz Tractor wtih Joskin Trailer Set

SIKU - 1849 - 1/87 Heavy Haulage Transporter with Yacht
Even in 1/87 scale, a super yacht on a heavy haulage transporter is a monumental load that only the super rich can afford in real life. This new model makes it possible for everyone to dive into high society.

SIKU - 1850 - 1/87 Rescue Service Set
Also available in French version: 1850-F - 1/87 Rescue Service Set

SIKU - 1852 - 1/87 Claas Axion with Big Baler

SIKU - 1882 - 1/87 Krone Big X1000

SIKU - 1884 - 1/87 MAN Doubledecker Public Service Bus

1/32 scale New Releases:

SIKU - 2886 - 1/32 Mechanical 3-axled Low Loader

SIKU - 2888 - 1/32 Brantner Power-Tube Farm Dump Wagon

SIKU - 3266 - 1/32 Deutz-Fahr Agrotron X720

SIKU - 2059 - 1/32 Bremer Front Tire packer

SIKU - 2061 - 1/32 Bremer Front Grubber

SIKU - 2458 - 1/32 Mayer SILOKING Silo Comb

SIKU - 2459 - 1/32 Moeadow Roller

SIKU - 2460 - 1/32 Krone Baler Comprimo V150XC

SIKU - 2461 - 1/32 Front Disc Mower Juhn

1/50 scale models:

SIKU - 4913 - 1/50 Battle Tank

SIKU - 2313 - 1/50 Police Team Van

SIKU - 2545 - 1/50 Mercedez Sprinter with Canoe Trailer

NOT TO SCALE (about 3") New Releases:

SIKU - 0883 Jet Fighter F18

SIKU - 1069 Volvo Articulated Dump Truck

SIKU - 1431 Toyota RAV4

SIKU - 1432 BMW X5

SIKU - 1460 Fire Command Car

Friday, September 19, 2008

Texaco Planes and Trucks

For several years now, the annual "Wings of Texaco" Airplane has been our single best selling item. During the early years of aviation, Texaco owned many different airplanes for transporting company officials, engineers, and sometimes vital supplies and equipment. This year's plane is a Grumman G-21-A Amphibian. This will be the 16th plane in the series and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Display Stand.

Perhaps the longest running series of collectible trucks is the Texaco trucks series. This year the series will mark 25 years with a 1947 Dodge Canopy Truck. Some of the earlier trucks are very sought after now and assembling a complete set it one of the more challenging tasks for a diecast collector today.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lionel CAT Train Sets on Water

Remember back in 2003 when Norscot released the #1 CAT train set. Yeah - can you believe it's been three years already. #2 in the series is leaving Hong Kong TODAY to set sail across the ocean. We're expecting them to hit our warehouse mid-October.

This set is made by Lionel with the Caterpillar name marketed by Norscot. If you don't have an order in place for these, you really should do so very soon as HALF are already SOLD! I'm going to repeat that because I really don't want you to miss out on this Limited Edition train set: they aren't even here, but HALF are already sold.

#2 SET (2008);
This authentic-Caterpillar, high-quality train set is a joint project between Lionel and Norscot and is a LIMITED EDITION ready-to-run, detailed O gauge set which includes everything you need for immediate set up and run.
This #2 set is a One-time Run. Get this edition before they're gone...

SET contains:
* Steam locomotive with powerful headlight, realistic air whistle, and puffing smoke
* Tender
* Flat car with two Cat 977 Track-Type Tractors
* Box car
* Caboose
* Large 40" x 60" oval track consisting of 8 curved FasTrack track sections, 3 straight FasTrack track sections, 1 FasTrack power terminal track section
* Powerful CW-80 Transformer (U.S. & Canada)

This O guage set (1/48 scale) even comes in cool packaging:

Wouldn't this be a great gift sitting under your Christmas tree this year!?!?! BUT, please note: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 14 YEARS OF AGE