Friday, May 31, 2013

Here's to the Ford Classics!

The Ford Model T is an American icon known for being one of the first automobiles available for the  everyday American.  Eighty-six years ago, the last Model T, affectionately known as the "Tin Lizzie", was produced, ending one era and beginning another with the introduction of the Model A.  

1925 Ford Model T Touring
Sunstar #1904 - 1/24 Scale - June Arrival

To keep up with innovation, Ford rolled out with the Model A, which was produced until 1931.  While being the Middle-Class American's car, it was also popular with the commercial realm.  Check out this model made by Motor City to deliver your ice cold Coca-Cola.

1931 Ford Model A Delivery Van - Coca-Cola 
Motor City #425752 - 1/18 Scale

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Volkswagen's 76th Birthday: Then and Now

Volkswagen was founded and began construction of their factory 76 years ago today in their headquarters city of Wolfsburg, Germany.  Happy birthday, Volkswagen!

To commemorate this history of this beloved automobile manufacturer, we wanted to take a look back at how the Beetle has changed over the years.

This first picture shows one of the first VW prototypes called Series 30, from the production of thirty prototypes in 1938.

This next one is a 1960s era VW Beetle.  Notice some the changes made, such as the lowered bumpers and the further set headlights, just to name a few.

This one is actually a 1/24 diecast model made by Maisto: #31926R
This model is a Special Edition with a diecast metal body and plastic details, opening doors and hood (with a spare tire stashed in there), and a detailed chassis.

And that brings us up to the end of the Beetle's production in 2003, when it walked away with the honor of being the car with the longest production history.  There certainly had been some very dramatic changes in the past fifty years!

This is Maisto's 1/25 scale diecast model of the Volkswagen New Beetle: #31975R

This model is a Special Edition with a diecast metal body and plastic details, opening doors and hood, and a detailed chassis.

While we're looking back at Volkswagen classics, check out these 1962 Volkswagen Minibuses decked out in Coca-Cola graphics.

Motor City #397471 - 1/18 scale - Sept/Oct Arrival

Motor City #434478 - 1/18 scale

Click here to see all Volkswagen items on our website.

Friday, May 24, 2013

NEW Texaco Collectibles are Coming Soon!

These NEW Texaco trucks from Round 2 have just been introduced and will be arriving later this summer and early fall! Don't miss out on this opportunity to add to your Texaco collection...

Texaco - 1955 Ward La France Fire Truck - 3rd in a Series of 6
#CP7080 - 1/30 scale - Aug / Sept Arrival

There is a really cool site called Fire Truck World that has hundreds of pictures of restored classic fire-fighting vehicles.  Even better, there is a picture of a real 1955 Ward La France Fire Truck.

This Texaco model has a lot of accurate features that you will enjoy like...
  • Custom Texaco graphics with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Die-cast metal body with detailed interior and exterior
  • Locking coin bank with a key
  • Let's not forget an important comes with a collectible Dalmatian figure. You probably already know why the Dalmatian is used as a fire dog but the Windsor Fire & Rescue Services in Ontario have "the answer in black and white": Why are Dalmatians Firehouse Dogs?

Texaco Buddy L Dump Truck - 3rd in a Series of 6 - Limited Edition 
#CP7088 - 1/30 scale - Sept / Oct Arrival

Some features you will appreciate about this replica include:
  • Custom Texaco graphics with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Stamped steel body, just like the original Buddy L toys in the 1920's
  • Rubber tires with disc wheels and embossed spokes
  • Texaco styled packaging

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Models featured at Bauma 2013

Every three years in Munich, construction equipment manufacturers from around the world come together to show their newest and most innovative machinery at Bauma, the worlds largest construction equipment exhibition in the world.

The most recent Bauma was held last month, and models of the real machines were also shown.

Cranes Etc TV put together a overview video of Bauma 2013.  I was overwhelmed by the diversity of so many exciting, new innovations in the construction and model industry.  Please enjoy the below video!

I hope you liked some of the models you saw because we have several of them available for sale and pre-order on our website.  Here are a few of my favorites that popped out to me in the video...

Liebherr LTM 1750 - 9.1 Truck Mounted Crane 
WSI #08-1113 - 1/87 scale

The real machine was featured in the Bauma video...check it out 8 minutes, 40 seconds into the video. These are a few of the dominant features on the model that we saw on the real machine:
  • Swiveling outriggers 
  • Extendable boom and working drum with key
  • Realistic counterweights
You are going to have to get your hands on the model to check out these features...or what if we did a demo video of this model? What do you guys think??
  • Detailed interior 
  • Crane operators cab swings out into working position 

Vogele 2100-3i Road Paver
NZG #859 - 1/50 scale

Wirtgen 4200 SM Surface Miner
NZG #874 - 1/50 scale

MAN TGX XLX with Palfinger PK 78002 SH Knuckle Boom Crane
WSI #04-1098 - 1/50 scale - Fall Arrival

Scania R Highline with Ballast Box and Palfinger PK 150002 Knuckle Boom Crane and Jib
WSI #04-1100 - 1/50 scale - Fall Arrival

Caterpillar 988K Wheel Loader
Tonkin #TR10001 - 1/50 scale - 4th Quarter Arrival

Monday, May 20, 2013

Just Pulled in from Ertl...Precision Elite Case 1570

We just got in this Precision Elite Case 1570 Tractor in 1/16 scale from Ertl. This is now available for you to add to your collection, whether that's a farming diorama, 1/16 scale collection or maybe this just takes you back to your days on the farm.

With this new arrival, Ertl was right with their slogan "Just like the real thing only smaller".

Case 1570 Tractor Precision Elite #2
#14843 - 1/16 scale

Some of my favorite features about this model include:
  • It is made of detailed diecast metal  
  • With a simple touch to the cab roof, you activate the rear cab, front, and interior lights as well as the flashers
  • The front weights and louver panels are removable
  • You can open up the cab door, rear window, and right side window to peek inside the cab
  • It also has other moving parts like the console levers and the 3-point hitch
Speaking of the real thing, do you want to take a ride in a real Case 1570 Tractor?...I hope you enjoy this video!


Friday, May 17, 2013

SALE: Don't miss out on 250+ Great Deals!

We have a HUGE Sale going on right now, with more than 250 items at great discounts! A whole variety of scales and brands such as NZG construction, Ertl farming and Tonkin name just a few.

Click on the banner above to see all items featured in this SALE.

Here are some of my favorites below:

1949 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible
Sunstar #5211 - 1/12 scale - SALE = $124.95 - Was $188.95

Some of my favorite things about this model are...
  • The super-detailed opening glove box and tool kit
  • The front seats tilt forward for easy access to the back seat
  • Removable hub caps along with a removable spare tire 
  • Independent suspension and the wheels can be changed out
  • Functioning door handles & movable gear lever

Karl-Bau - MB Actros 8x4 Halfpipe Tipper 
NZG #825-06 - 1/50 scale - SALE = $79.95 - Was $99.95

Kenworth W900 Straight Flatbed
Eligor #200017 - 1/43 scale - SALE = $74.95 - Was $133.99

CIFA Cement Mixer
Norscot #22502 - 1/47 scale - SALE = $39.95 - Was $49.95

This model includes a retractable boom, lots of movable parts, clear windows with a detailed interior cab...and lots more.

Caterpillar CP-563 Pad Foot Drum Vibratory Soil Compactor
Norscot #55156 - 1/87 scale - SALE = $14.95 - Was $17.95

John Deere 2510 with Model 50 Side-Mounted Mower - Precision Key Series #9
Ertl #45177 - 1/16 scale - SALE = $93.95 - Was $141.99

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NZG's NEW Models...Dig Up Great Deals!

NZG keeps rolling out these great models in both 1/50 and 1/87 scales.  

Dig into the chance to PRE-ORDER yours today!

#886 - 1/87 Scale
Liebherr L506 Compact Wheel Loader

#872 - 1/50 Scale
Wirtgen W 250i Cold Milling Machine

#8681 - 1/87 Scale
Hamm H13i P Padded Compactor

#878 - 1/50  Scale
Kleemann MC 110 Z Mobile Jaw Crusher

#874 - 1/50  Scale
Wirtgen 4200 SM Surface Miner

#890 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr A914 Litronic Wheel Excavator

Monday, May 13, 2013

The newest 1/53 line-up from Tonkin Replicas

Tonkin Replicas continues to roll out some great trucks, and we just got more of them this past week!  Check out the newest in 1/53 scale from Tonkin, or click here to see more from Tonkin on our website.

#10-0065A - 1/53 Scale
Action Resources - Peterbilt 379 with tanker

#11-0112-01A - 1/53 Scale
JB Hunt - Freightliner Cascadia day cab with container

#12-0086 - 1/53 Scale
XPress Cargo - Kenworth T660 with Dry Van Trailer

#12-0114 - 1/53 Scale
Wirtz Beverage - Peterbilt 379 Day Cab with Reefer Trailer

#12-0133-01 - 1/53 Scale
Western Star 4700 Day Cab in White

#12-0133-02 - 1/53 Scale
Western Star 4800 Day Cab in White

#12-0133-03 - 1/53 Scale
Western Star 4800 with Sleeper in White

Friday, May 10, 2013

For the first time, Wiking models are now available from 3000toys!

The newest brand available at 3000toys is on its way!  

For more than 80 years, Wiking has been producing plastic models for train layouts, dioramas, and collections.  

Take a look below for yourself!

Summer Arrival

#028901 - HO scale
1950s Ford FK 1000 Van in Ivory

#038402 - HO scale
Claas Rollant 355 Rotocut Round Baler

#038504 - HO scale
Massey Ferguson 8280 in Orange with Driver

#051316 - HO scale
American-Motor-Cycle Volvo 244 DLS in Black

#061802 - HO scale
Mercedes-Benz 1619 Metz DLK 23-12 Fire Engine with Ladder

#063204 - HO scale
Rosenkranz - Grove Mobile Crane

#066007 - HO scale
O&K Crawler Excavator

#066301 - HO scale
Still R 70-25 Forklift Truck

#093504 - N Scale
BMW 501 Police Car

#094805 - N Scale
Mercedes-Benz Dump Truck

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A new Komatsu dump truck just arrived from First Gear! Want a closer look?

On Monday we got in stock for the first time this brand new 1/50 Komatsu dump truck from First Gear!   

We might do a video demo or a Details that Matter over this model, if you guys want.  What do you think??

Komatsu HM400-3 Articulated Dump Truck
#50-3255 - 1/50 Scale 
It's got lots of detail and is quality die-cast.

Click here for more from First Gear!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Antique car series from New-Ray available this summer!

Take  a ride back in time with this series of antique cars, coming late this summer from New-Ray Including such classics as the 1910 Model T and the 1924 Chevy 1-Ton, decked out in Acme Demolition Co. and Pennzoil graphics, these are some old-time American icons you won't want to miss. 

We are taking pre-orders now, and you can see more detail on our website by clicking any one of the pictures or item numbers below:

1923 Chevy Series D 1 Ton Pick Up Truck hauling Propane tanks
#SS-55023A - 1/32 Scale

1910 Ford Model T - "Tin Lizzle"
#SS-55033A - 1/32 Scale

1923 Ford Model T Tow Truck
#SS-55083A - 1/32 Scale

Acme Demolition Co. - 1925 Ford Model T Pick Up Truck hauling barrels of TNT
#SS-55113 - 1/32 Scale

1931 Ford Model A - US Marshall's Van
#SS-55123A - 1/32 Scale

Sam's General Store - 1931 Ford Model A Pick Up Truck
#SS-55143A - 1/32 Scale

1928 Chevy Pennzoil Pick Up Truck hauling oil barrels
#SS-57003A - 1/32 Scale

1924 Chevy 1 Ton Series H Ambulance
#SS-57073A - 1/32 Scale