Sunday, November 30, 2008

Video of 3000toys Gift Ideas by Darin Stratton

Darin, the President and Founder of 3000toys, recently made a video about some great gift ideas.

Featured items (click images to go directly there).

MATTEL - L2090 - 1/18 Batmobile - 1966 George Barris TV Batmobile

NORSCOT - 55147 - 1/50 772 Off-Highway Haul Truck

BRUDER - 02654 - 1/16 Cement Mixer - Mercedes Benz Cement Mixer in High-Impact plastic with movable features to ensure great play value. Watch Darin discuss the water tank, chute, mixer barrel, etc.

TWH - 081-01168 - 1/50 Kern County #64 - Pierce Quantum Fire Pumper - Museum-quality collectible for adults only. See past blogs for full details and reviews as well as additional images.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Perfect Gift for Kids or Collectors!

The versatility of Siku can't easily be challenged. It offers something for the farm enthusiast, construction collector, car lover, or the just plain hard to please. From now through Monday all Siku (as well as Norscot) is 10% off through the website.

Here are some of the best:

1628 - 1/64
Tractor with Baler

3731 - 1/55
School Bus

0811 - 1/64
Garbage Truck

1611 - 1/87
Scania Semi with Lowboy Hauling an Excavator

1431 - 1/64
Toyota RAV4

1849 - 1/87
Heavy Haulage Transporter with Yacht (Arriving any day now!)

1042 - 1/50
Smart Convertible - color may vary (Arriving any day now!)

1312 - 1/32
Riding Lawn Mower

3258 - 1/32
Fendt 936 Tractor

4870 - 1/32
Jeep Wrangler

Friday, November 28, 2008

Article by Larry Lorance is hosted and run by Larry Lorance. Larry did a very detailed review of TWH's new Kern Co fire truck. He includes a bunch of detailed pictures and information about the model, Pierce, and the REAL Kern County fire trucks.
The thing that I appreciated was how well he reveals exactly who TWH Collectibles as a company really is. I have personally been to TWH's office in Manitowoc a couple of times and have spent time with several members of their team. This company really is different from any I've experienced before. Larry quotes in his article, "TWH Collectibles values are based on 'Servant Leadership, Passion, Integrity...words not chosen in a brief discussion over an appetizer or because they sound good in a mission statement. Certainly not selected because 'everyone is doing it.'" TWH’s website states, "We believe in servant leadership because it is the best way to lead, and we’ve learned that from following. We value passion, and we recognize it as a gift. One that we never refuse, but always put to good use. Doing the right thing when we don’t have to or when no one is looking -- that is integrity."
A fun section is where Larry has information and pictures of TWH's other business, Manitowoc Coffee - a business they put together as a team in just 30 days! It is incredible (yes, I've personally tasted it! Yum!!).

Larry also includes pictures from TWH's gallery in Manitowoc. It's like an art gallery for their models. These are museum-quality replicas, and this setting is perfect to really show them off.
Larry is awesome! When I emailed to him the first time yesterday to ask if I could reference his great article, he made us our own link with the article and the 3000toys logo at the bottom! WOW! Check it out:

At, Larry hosts a forum.

Here is the link where they discuss the Kern Co by TWH:

Here's a fun picture from his article - but I have to point out once again: these are museum-quality replicas and not cat toys. : )



The earliest uses of "Black Friday" were in Philidephia and referred to the heavy traffic on that day, a direct comparison to the stressful and chaotic experience of Black Tuesday in 1929 when the stock-market crashed. In more recent history, it is the day named for when most retailers go from being in the 'red' all year to finally being in the 'black'.

But, for the Christmas shopper, it's the day to get GREAT DEALS!

Today through Monday
, at save on entire lines:

ALL Norscot & SIKU Save 10%

ALL Armour & Franklin Mint Save 25-50%

(orders must be placed ONLINE for pricing to apply)

These specials are in ADDITION to the huge Holiday Warm Up sale going on right now that includes over 500 items at huge discounts,

Jerr-Dan Rollback Trucks by TWH Collectibles Arrive

Jerr-Dan® Steel Shark 5 Ton Carrier on Peterbilt® 335 Chassis in Blue, Black, White and Red have just arrived.
These 1/50 scale intricately-detailed replicas have several fully-functioning features.

Pivoting and sliding carrier deck
Functional wheel lift
Opening hood revealing detailed diesel engine
Detailed hydraulic controlsSteerable front wheels
Opening cab doors
Functional winch
Realistic light bar mast with emergency safety lighting
Opening toolbox
Photoetch catwalk
Frame mounted hydraulic fluid tank
Accurate graphics package

Frame battery box with step under passenger door
Realistic exhaust, gas and air tanks
Multi-material door mirrors
Chrome grill, muffler stack, front bumper and wheels
Rubber mud flaps and tires
Realistic Air, hydraulic and electrical hose and wireplacement
Accurate original equipment graphics package

Model Dimensions
Length: 7.75" Width: 2.5" Height: 2.5" Weight: 0.65 lbs
Box Dimensions
Length: 10.125" Width: 5.56" Height: 5"

Steven Downes at Miniature Construction World has done a complete review of this highly-detailed model at

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Blogger Coupon

I was browsing through our older posts today and was surprised to find that we started the 3000toys blog about a year ago. Time really flys doesn't it? So to celebrate a year of blogging, we are issuing a Holiday Blogger Coupon for $5.00 off your next $25.00 order. Thank you for reading our blog, and have a great Holiday season!

Big Sale on Hobby Master

Here's one of our many ways to relay the holiday cheer: All of our Hobby Master planes and tanks are on sale (20% off MSRP, no coupon code needed!) until the end of the Christmas season! Don't miss out on these prices!

F-104C Starfighter,479th TFW, "Really George"

Nakajima B5N2 "Kate", Ensign Kazumasa Kaneda, IJN Carrier Zuikaku, Pearl Harbor

F-100D SuperSabre, Lt. Col Harold Comstock, 27 Tactical Fighter Wing, Bien Hoa, July, 1966

F-100D Super Sabre, Maj. Don Schmenk, 31st Tactical Fighter Wing, Tuy Hoa, 1969

M24 Chaffee, 79th Tank Battalion, Han River, Korea, 1951

M46 Patton, 6th Tank Battalion, US 24th Division, Han River, Korea, 1951

Find your Green Machine!

Let the hunt begin for the elusive Green Machine begin! Making up a mere 2% of all the 1/64 die cast cars produced by Greenlight, the Green Machine is a highly valued rarity. Hidden among “normal” models in factory sealed cases the Green Machine is a random model comprised of nearly all green parts. This particular line focuses on American made cars from the 60’s and 70’s with big names such as Chevy, Ford and Dodge. So the question remains… Are you feelin’ lucky?

Black Bandit® Series 2 (6 car set)


Black Bandit® Series 2 - 48-Piece FACTORY SEALED MASTER CASE
This master case contains 4 inner cases containing 2 each of the following:
1:64 1965 Chevy Chevelle SS Convertible
1:64 1965 Dodge D-100 Stepside

Country Roads - Series 1 (12-Piece Set) - GreenLight's first TRUCK casting

Country Roads - Series 1 - GreenLight's first TRUCK casting
This Series includes:
1965 Chevy Chevelle (Unrestored)
1965 Dodge D-100
1965 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible
1967 Dodge D-100 Stepside Utility Truck
1970 Plymouth Road Runner
2008 Arapahoe County/City of Centennial Sheriff Dodge Charger Police Car

Thanks to fellow blogger, Heather

I must confess to you all that I love the blogosphere. To a fault, sometimes. I can spend hours reading and entire blog's archives. I'm pretty much addicted. And that's why my heart leaps when I find a fellow blogger writing about something I love. Like Bruder Toys. Be sure to go check out A Mama's Blog, where Heather details her experience ordering Bruder from 3000toys. Heather and I have a lot in common, both being working moms with 2 little boys. And I'm sure we both know that with 2 boys in the house, the toys must be durable. My boys destroy everything in their wake, but I can promise you that they won't destroy Bruder. Made our of high-impact ABS plastic (remember the old Samsonite luggage commercial with the gorilla jumping on the suitcase the didn't break? Same stuff.), Bruder is perfect for the high energy child. Anyway, check over Heather's blog and leave her a friendly comment. And many thanks to her for the story about Santa's helper!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Customers rave about Hobby Master!

Just thought I'd share one of the responses we've received with the Hobby Master products:

"They are high quality models.......I will be a SURE buyer.......I look forward to placing another order"

-Dan B.

Here are the products that Dan is referring to:

HA1001 - F-104C Starfighter,479th TFW, "Really George"

HA2003 - Nakajima B5N2 "Kate", Ensign Kazumasa Kaneda, IJN Carrier Zuikaku, Pearl Harbor

HA2101 - F-100D SuperSabre, Lt. Col Harold Comstock, 27 Tactical Fighter Wing, Bien Hoa, July, 1966

HA2102 - F-100D Super Sabre, Maj. Don Schmenk, 31st Tactical Fighter Wing, Tuy Hoa, 1969

HG3602 - M24 Chaffee, 79th Tank Battalion, Han River, Korea, 1951

HG3701 - M46 Patton, 6th Tank Battalion, US 24th Division, Han River, Korea, 1951

Friday, November 21, 2008

Saddle Up!

The modern West comes to life thanks to NewRay. Kids will love loading up the horses and taking them out to their miniature ranch. Intended for children three and up, set includes: Ford pick-up with hitch and detachable horse trailer, two horses with removable saddles (two saddles), one saddle rack, bucket, wheelbarrow, two piles of hay, horse brush, eight various shovels, rakes, brooms, and pitch forks, one feeder with hay and one water trough. Set also comes with stalls and fencing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We want to hear your voice!

We can talk all we want here on the 3000toys blog, but what we really want is to serve you! So give us a hand in this endeavor by participating in our poll, on the right-hand side of the page. This will help us to bring you news from the industry that pertains to you as our reader. There will be more questions to come, and I hope to work in some more fun things soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wings of Texaco 2008 Just Arrived

This year's Wings of Texaco planes just arrived on several pallets at our warehouse! We have already checked them into our system, moved them to the shipping department, and should start shipping today!

Wings of Texaco Airplane Series #16 (2008) Regular Edition OR Special Brushed Metal Edition Grumman G-21-A Amphibian Airplane (Regular Edition pictured)

These high-quality diecast scale replica coin banks come in full-color decoration and each includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a display stand.

This was the 1st Grumman Amphibian Plane purchased by The Texas Company for use in the Southern Louisiana water operations. The plane was purchased on June 30, 1938 for $64,512.86. A total number of 140,920 miles were operated with 1,085:30 hours of flight time. The average cost per flying amounts to $124.04 per hour. The date of disposition was December 18, 1941 .

Real Plane Specs:

Airplane Type: 6 Place Amphibian Monoplane
Number of Engines: Two - Pratt & Whitney : Wasp Jr.
Length: 38' 3"
Wing Span: 49'
Height Overall (Tail on Ground): 12' 2"
Wing Area: 375 sq. ft.
Hamilton Fixed Pitch Metal Propellers: Yes
Cruising Speed @ Sea Level: 150 MPH*
Landing Speed @ Sea Level (Flaps Down): 60 MPH
Cruising Range @ 150 MPH: 500 Miles
Airplane Gross Weight: 6900 lbs
Airplane Gross Weight Empty (Standard equipt.): 4856 lbs
Maximum Oil Capacity: 12 gallons
Maximum Fuel Capacity: 140 gallons

Kern Co Press Release with Quotes from Deputy Fire Chief Mike Cody

This press release was just sent to newspapers in and around Kern Co, California. We thought you might enjoy these special quotes and the detailed information:

Kern County Deputy Fire Chief Mike Cody has partnered with TWH Collectibles in the development of the first 1:50 scale model replicas of the Pierce(r) Quantum(r) Pumper fire apparatus. Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wisconsin has chosen Kern County as the first department for the sales and marketing focused model program. The diecast replicas are custom manufactured to replicate the exact specifications of the Kern County machines and limited to 300 pieces each of truck numbers 21, 41, 42, 63, and 64.

"I am very pleased to see that replicas of Kern County's Fire Apparatus are being produced and made available to the public," says Deputy Chief Mike Cody. “TWH Collectibles has really produced an outstanding model of our actual Fire Apparatus. You really have to study a picture of the model to determine it is not the real thing. These are a very accurate representation of our Pierce Quantum Engines.”

Functions and features of the Kern County 1/50 scale Pierce(r) Quantum(r) Pumper include details such as an opening cab that reveals a detailed diesel engine and transmission, opening hose crosslay doors, steerable front wheels, functioning suspension, detailed inner cab, realistic hose and wire placement, accurate gauge panel with fills and discharges, a photo-etched grill, and much more.

"It has been a distinct pleasure working with Chief Cody on this project as we appreciate his passion for his community and its people," says Nicholas Neumann, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for TWH Collectibles. "We hope these replicas allow the community of Kern County to experience in a small way, the pride of the department. We look forward to the replication of many other vehicles that Kern County Fire Department employs to serve its community."

Be sure to check out the 360 views of these masterpieces at