Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mini-mize your collection with Model Power!

Model Power's newest Minis Car Assortment has something for everyone! From the sleek Jaguars to the sporty Land Rover Discovery, all in perfect 1/87 scale, each collector will find a piece to add. You won't believe the beautiful detailing on each model! Visit 3000toys.com today and order yours now- these are going fast!

Friday, September 25, 2009

MORE Big news soon!

I've been in meetings for the last 2 days, and oh my, do I have news for you! I don't have all the details yet, so I can't quite give you images or links. But, our meetings were very fruitful

Oh, but there is something I can share with you right now. We now have images for the 6 fall Norscot releases (as in, images of the actual models, rather than graphics of the real machines):

Very soon, I will be explaining more about the incredible details for these models, but for now, take a look at these great images!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kern Mechanic's Truck featured in the media!

If you've been following us for a while, you might remember the Kern County Fire Department Mechanic's Truck, which I posted here. Don't miss this month's DieCast Magazine or Toy Trucker and Contractor, since there will be nice features on the Mechanic's Truck. Next month they will also be in Model Collector Magazine. In addition, next month both Diecast X Magazine and Model Cars Magazine will each have nice editorial sections specifically about the Kern Co Mechanics Truck.

With all of this press coming out, we wanted our loyal customers, blog followers, and Facebook friends to have a heads up you can have these models before the big rush!

Monday, September 21, 2009

You asked, and we delivered!

We've had several requests this year for Material Handlers, and they are not usually easy to come by. But Tonkin has heard your cries, as have I, and these new trucks will not disappoint! Premiering this week are 5 different designs, with the same features and detail that we have come to expect from Tonkin.

Featuring the Sterling LT9500, these will be great for the Precision Series (1/53) collector. Opening doors and hood and functioning boom crane are examples of how well this authentic model lives up to the standards of the Precision Series.

Currently available in these 5 graphics:

Gypsum Wallboard in Patriotic colors (pictured above)

Utility Vault in Red

V&H in Blue

White   (great for adding your own company graphic!)

Metallic Grey  (add your own logo to this one too!)

All of these come with a dry wall/sheet rock load!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Impressive! Masterpiece! Fantastic!

These are just some of the words used to describe this incredible model, that is finally official TODAY at the HCEA International Convention in Bowling Green, Ohio (my home state)! There have been no shortage of rumors about the P&H 4100XPC Mining Shovel since it was first discussed at MINEXPO2008. Now we get to share the joy with you as you see this for the very first time!
In today's maining operations around the world, only the largest, most productive shovels will do. Within this class of mining shovels stands the 4100XPC built by P&H Mining Equipment... which is celebrating its 125th year old operation in 2009... The 4100 series of shovels have been some of the most prodictive mining excavators ever built.
-Eric Orlemann
Only 2000 pieces will be made, and no other liveries will be available. It is truely one of a kind, in the accurate P&H colors of yellow and black.
By the way, it's an accurate 1/50 scale, but this thing issubstantial at 24" x 12" x 15.5"
Functions Include:
  • Opening Cab Doors
  • 360 degree rotation of machine
  • Retractable stairs
  • Individually linked tracks pads
  • Operating LED lights
  • Keys supplied with the machine allow for working dipper, dipper door, crowd and hoist
  • .8mm handrails
  • Accurate cab and cab roof detail
  • Accurate design of Air Scrub Pro Hood
  • Realistic air handling units
  • Photoetch grating, stairs, and catwalks
  • Fire extinguishers located throughout model
  • Realistic lighting fixtures
  • Realistic operator cab interior
  • Small lifting lugs located on hoist and Air Scrub Pro Hood
  • Accurate decal package
These are available for pre-order beginning today. The delivery of September 2010 give plenty of time to anticipate the arrival, but if you order by November 1st, not only will there will be a discount, but you'll be amoung the first to have your very own!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome to Drake Trailer Models

.....museum class replicas of an iconic line of trailers.

"Since 1960, Drake Trailers have built trailers that deliver on their promise of quality, reliability, and durability, both in Australia and internationally."

TWH Collectibles has done it again with the introduction of the first model in the Drake Trailer line of 1:50 scale heavy duty trailers and specialized transport equipment diecast models. The Drake Trailer 2x8 Dolly and 4x8 Swingwing with Kenworth T908 Prime Mover will be the first in a comprehensive line of Drake Trailer models and Kenworth Prime Movers.

This is a very interesting model, I think. Quite honestly, I've never seen anything like it. Well, that's because it hails from Australia, and that seems to make these so much more desirable. From the Austrailian liscence plates to the "kangaroo bumper," the detail on these will be quite clear. These are already getting great reviews from collectors, who seem like they've been waiting all their lives for something like this!

These will be available in 8 color/graphic schemes beginning very late this year. Here's a listing of colors, with links:

Oh but wait! You like that cab? You say you'd like to see that cab available by itself? Well.... That's already been considered!

Isn't this exciting?!

That's right, the Kenworth T908 Prime Mover will be available in these 4 varieties:

What an incredible selection! And it's my understanding that there will be MUCH more to come in the series. These are available for pre-order now!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Crown Victorias for Everyone!

Model Power has a Crown Victoria for everyone! Here we see the Border Patrol Crown Vic- complete with accurate signage.

For the military service person, we also have an Army Crown Victoria in perfect Army green, with a Staff insignia on the driver's side door.

Finally, as a perfect addition to any fire fighting collection, the Fire Chief has its own Crown Vic in stunning red and yellow!

Check out the rest of Model Power's Crown Victoria series-
there really is something for everyone!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Special Saturday Announcement!

We are pleased to announce a new model of the ever-popular UPS truck, this time in 1/18! This is a vintage Model T delivery truck with the familiar brown UPS scheme, historically accurate from 1913. Pre-order now for delivery well before Christmas!

Features include:

  • Highly defined grill and running boards
  • Meticulous cabin detail, including horn, steering wheel, and pedals
  • Dual back doors open to reveal package compartment
  • Hood opens on left and right to reveal engine detail
  • Accurate tire tread design
  • Full-color packaging
And if that's not quite your cup of tea, then how about this 1/87 UPS P80 Delivery truck?

Also available for delievery in by November, this is a smaller piece depicting the modern UPS truck that everyone knows.

As always, click the images for the full details. And have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Friday, September 11, 2009

HUGE Remote Controlled Mining shovel

Now THIS is impressive. Normally I try not to overload the blog with one particular product line, but this has just been announced. What kind of blogger/product manager would I be if I didn't share it with you right away? I haven't even gotten all 4 colors on website yet, but you can still call me if you want one!

This, my friends, is a fully radio controlled version of the 1/50 Bucyrus 495HR!

It will be available in the following colors schemes:

TWH Collectibles’ Bucyrus 495HR 1:50 scale model has been hailed as the highest detailed electric mining shovel model ever produced. Utilizing the original models, TWH has enhanced the 495HR real machine experience by offering a radio controlled version. Customized and fully operational, this mining shovel focuses on recreating
lifelike motion.

Operational Features:
  • Fully proportional operation of the hoist, crowd & tracks
  • Individual, opposite & synchronized track control
  • Full bucket operation with remote release/relatch capability
  • 180° pivot range of motion for the machine housing
  • 1-2 hour operation per charge
  • 26.25"(667mm) x 11.25"(286mm) x 16.625"(422mm)
  • System uses the latest in 2.4 Ghz RC technology
  • Rechargeable metal nickel hydride battery
  • 7 channel transmitter & receiver
  • Digging material provided
  • Battery charger included
  • Owner’s manual included
If you'd like to order one of these for October delivery, then you can call ME directly! I would love to talk to you personally. Call 417-659-8697 and ask for Maleia (Muh-lee'-uh)!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

3000toys' Most Popular!

From time to time, we like to feature the most popular products in our database, based on customer pre-orders. With fall in the air, we wanted to show you our latest "Most Popular" series!

Coming in at #3.....
The Norscot Caterpillar D7E Track-Type Tractor - Dozer --Features Include:
Interior cab detail
Blade raises, lowers and tilts
Realistic metal tracks
AccuGrade™ GPS Grade Control System

Coming in October!

Coming in at #2, the Wings of Texaco Airplane Series #17 (2009) - Regular Edition Lockheed 12A Electra Jr.This high-quality diecast scale replica coin bank comes in full-color decoration and includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a display stand. Brand new for 2009, the Wings of Texaco series of die-cast airplanes continues with this shining new jewel of the sky, the Lockheed 12A Electra Jr. Available with authentic Texaco paint and graphics, this quality collectible will only be available while supplies last.Features include:
12" Wingspan
Detailed Interior
Movable wing flaps
Display Stand
Operating landing gear
Locking coin bank with Key

Ready for delivery in November!

Finishing at our #1 spot again, the Norscot UPS - P80 Delivery Truck
Features include:
Authentic UPS color and decoration
Rolling, steerable wheels with actual tire tread design
Realistic roll-up back door
Interior shelf detail in rear of truck
Clear windows reveal detail on cabin interior
Coming in October!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The New London Fire Department

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. What did I do during my time off? I shaved heads. What did you do?

Last week we received our first shipment of the New London Seagrave TDAs, and with that shipment I'd like to give you some interesting facts that we've accumulated.

1. TDA stands for Tractor Drawn Aerial
Also known as a tiller truck or hook-and-ladder truck, it is a specialized turntable ladder mounted on a semi-trailer truck. Front and Rear steering are controlled separately. These are often used in areas with narrow streets. The TDA originated largely from the arising need to tend to skyscrapers, as the larger ladders were needed. These are not your average fire "engine." I've been informed that these are fire "trucks." Sounds powerful.

2. New London, CT
This looks like a place I would love to live for the rest of my life. A lovely little city right on a harbor, it is home to 2 (maybe more?) colleges, as well as the United States Coast Guard Academy. It boasts a rich histroy of revolutionary war heros, a city-wide fire (also during the war), and much more. Read about it in this wikipedia article, or fill us in some details that we are missing! I really want to visit this beautiful place.

3. The New London Fire Department
Not only do these heroes bring aid to their community by suppressing fires, they also provide medical services in the same class as an ambulance (R-2 level), and educate the public on fire prevention and responsibilites in case of Radiological events, Hazardous Materials, or extreme weather emergencies. New London's first fire engine was placed in service in 1767 with the first Engine Company being established in 1786. In 1805, the Connecticut Legislature empowered New London to establish a Fire Department. Between 1802 and 1922, numerous Companies were formed, disbanded and reorganized. Today, the Fire Department is a career department, manning three Engines, two Trucks and two Ambulances located in three fire stations. A shift supervisor, three station officers and fourteen Firefighters staff each of the four work groups.

I really enjoy reading the history or the city and the department. I really do read all day. What am I missing? Is there anyone there that can fill me in? Do you enjoy reading this as much as I do? Let me know so I can keep doing it. I would love to hear from our readers!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't miss free shipping this weekend!

Free shipping on any in-stock order over $100 placed online over the Labor Day weekend! What are your plans this weekend? Tell us here or via Twitter using @3000toys. I'll be checking it all weekend, if I'm not too distracted, and I want to hear from you!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

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We have started our own Facebook page to connect with more fans! Click above to go to our Facebook and join our network! You'll get even more inside scoop on 3000toys.com and what's going on with all the awesome brands we carry! See you there!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Even more from First Gear!

I wanted to give you a bigger picture of this awesome new piece that we've been anticipating for a while!
First Gear's City of Chicago Streets and Sanitation - Mack L Rear Load Vintage Garbage Truck is one of the coolest models I've seen in a while! I love this thing- the color, the vintage logo, the authenticity of the detailing. This is a truck you can't pass up!

For contrast, let me show you the new First Gear Peterbilt 367 Dump Truck with new tooling. This is the latest, most modern model from First Gear- and it certainly looks a lot different from the trucks that used to clean up our city streets! It's always interesting to see how far we've come!