Friday, September 30, 2011

Tonkin's New UPS Freight Volvo Sure to Please

Looking for that perfect addition to your collection? 

Or maybe for that perfect Christmas present for that one person in your family whom everyone always has the hardest time buying anything for? That person in my family is my dad.

Here's something that's sure to please:

This UPS Freight Volvo model is from Tonkin's PEM (Precision Engineered Models) Series of trucks, one of the longest running lines of diecast collectibles.  Sharp graphics, durability, and superior detail are hallmarks of the brand and continue to make it one of the world's most collected replicas.  

Mix that with a name like UPS, and you've got a winner.  

To add even further appeal, this model is packaged in a leather collectors box for years of sophisticated and quality display.

See? It's a good one.

UPS Freight Volvo VNM Day Cab with 28' Double Trailers
Item #10-S047 - 1/64 Scale - $84.95

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Across the Pond

Working with our fine trucking replicas often causes my mind to drift towards the open road. I think about the long trips I have taken across the country and I think about the truckers who are taking goods all over our country. I imagine how many states they have crossed off their "list" and hope that they enjoy crossing over state lines as much as I did when I was growing up.

Now, after working around and admiring the models that we carry, my mind wanders even further. For instance, this newest arrival of Universal Hobbies 1/50 scale semi-trucks (like item 5683 to your left, available $40.95) has my mind scampering all over Europe, imaging what it must be like to not only cross state lines, but to cross over into a different countries! Sure, these trucks look different, but I have to believe that their souls are the same: adventurous and rugged, always looking forward to the next piece of open road.

I hope these trucks will do the same for you and either take you back to a memory of a special time abroad or inspire you to get out and see the world and mark some states (or countries) off of your list.

Take a look first at these cab only beauties that feature the detail and craftsmanship we have all come to expect from Universal Hobbies.

Price = $40.95
Scania R580 Blue

Price = $46.95
Renault Magnum Chromed Version - Limited Edition of 1,000 pieces

Price = $46.95
Scania R580 Chrome Version - Limited Edition of 1,000 pieces

Price = $40.95
Scania R580 Blue

And now, some of my favorite models that I've ever seen around here. The high quality details combined with the unique European advertising makes these "must-have" items. Pick your favorite, but know that in my opinion nothing is better than the yellow "Dark Dog" truck.

Price = $72.95
Renault Magnum and Krone "Kuhn" Trailer & Keyring

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5651 - 1/50 Price = $72.95
Scania R Series and Trailer "Pescarolo Sport" Team - Limited Edition of 1,000 pieces

Price = $72.95
Renault Magnum and Krone "Husqvarna" Trailer - Limited Edition of 1,000 pieces

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5685 - 1/50 Price = $72.95
Renault Magnum and Krone "Dark Dog" Trailer & Keyring - Limited Edition of 1,500 pieces

So how about it: what sort of European adventures are you now inclined to take? Which one of these models is your favorite? Let us know!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Elvis has Returned

Ladies and gentlemen... very soon we will be receiving brand new Elvis Presley Kenworth W900 tractor trailers from New-Ray! Done in 1/32 scale, these trucks will make a great addition to your collection! They feature a die-cast metal cab and billboard trailer with pad printed graphics and custom packaging. 

Elvis Presley - "The Blue Suede" Kenworth W900 Custom Cab with Billboard Trailer 
Item #10463 - 1/32 Scale - $34.95
[Oct - Nov Arrival]

Both of these items feature opening doors which reveal cab detail and they also feature free-rolling soft wheels.

Elvis Presley - "The Wertheimer" Kenworth W900 Custom Cab with Billboard Trailer
Item #10473 - 1/32 Scale -$34.95
[Oct - Nov Arrival]

So, what do you think?  What have been your favorite new popular-themed models lately?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tell Us Your Story

I was talking with a collector on our Facebook page the other day, and his posts really interested me.  I asked him about it, and what he does is buy diecast pieces from 3000toys, for example, and customize them to his specifications and standards.   

Anyway, his name is Bob Sullivan.  Bob became interested in diecast back when he was just 7 years old.  His favorite has always been the heavy equipment (I'm definitely with him there!).  Sometimes he would get a piece that he wanted to change up or add some more detail to, so about a year ago he started customizing the models.  

 The first one he did was a John Deere 200D LC - he made it into a long reach with a grading bucket.  


Since then he's done several others; most recently he customized a John Deere 450D LC to have three different attachments. 

If you're interested in his items, he actually sells them on eBay - his ID is catkomatsudeere​11511.

Thanks, Bob, for sharing your story.

 How about you?  What's your story?  We'd love to get to know our collectors.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Detailed Offerings

Details make the hobby world go 'round. When I'm considering buying a diecast replica, the decision often hinges on two things: value and details. If a company can pack details into a replica and I don't have to break the bank to get it, well, I'm sold. And it can't just be "opening doors and hood." What happens after the door opens? Can I see interior detail? What about the hood? Does it look like an engine is in there?

Unique Replicas hits the spot when it comes to details, as they have an impressive line of realistic diecast replicas. The doors and hoods open and details spill out: interior detail, engine detail, and happiness (I know, "happiness" is not a detail, but it still comes standard with these models). Let's take a look at four and I'll be asking, like the classic song, "Do you see what I see?!"

It doesn't take much effort to imagine cruising down the highway on the BMW R-25 with just my golf clubs wife in the side car, excited about the travel as much as the destination.

This replica BMW R-25 with Side Car is a beast of a model. It's 1/10 scale so the details really pop: the upholstery of the side car looks plush, the engine practically rumbles with power, and the BMW styling is sleek and smooth. Nothing opens up on this model, but nothing needs to either! The details are apparent and beautifully displayed.

BMW R-25 with Side Car
18305 - 1/10 scale
Price = $64.95

Just about every little boy dreams of being a firefighter growing up. Many don't get to go down that road, but I sure would have tried harder to become one if I could have driven this sweet sedan around!

The 1935 Chicago Fire Department Sedan Delivery Truck comes screaming out of the box with details (like this: "DETAILS!"). The front grille is topped off with a sweet V8 hood ornament. The doors open to reveal a detailed interior and carpeted floor and the back door opens to a large storage area. Some of the best detail can be found after opening the hood: your eyes will get to gaze upon a detailed 90hp "L" head engine.

Chicago Fire Department - 1935 Ford Sedan Delivery Truck
18517 - 1/24 Scale
Price = $41.95

Muscle. As men lose muscle mass they tend to drift towards classic muscle cars to supplement their egos. And I'm no different. Aging isn't the most fun, but a 1969 Mustang Boss 429 sure is!

As I'm still fairly young, I'm not ready to take on the real deal. However, this 1/24 scale replica is pretty darn close! The opening doors reveal a beautifully detailed interior and the wheels are realistic enough that you might try to burn some rubber. Finally, just one look at the detailed engine compartment might make your heart yearn for this model.

1969 Mustang Boss 429 in Creamy White
18648 - 1/24 Scale
Price = $56.95

I surfed once and I was hooked. I wanted to have more and more of that culture. Then I had to fly back to the mainland and the dream was over.

This 1937 Studebaker Woody Wagon helps me relive some of that fun culture and I'm sure it will do the same for you! The details are numerous and fantastic. Opening doors reveal the ultra-
detailed interior and the fun stickers lining the sides and back can fool you into thinking you've just finished a day of surfing and are driving down from the North Shore of Hawaii to grab some food at Town. But the big winner here is the real wood paneling (REAL WOOD PANELING! How cool is that?!).

1937 Studebaker Woody Wagon
18595 - 1/24 Scale
Price = $57.95

You like one of these models, I can just feel it! My favorite is the Woody Wagon, but your favorite might be the BMW bike. Or maybe you didn't fall in love with one of these models, but you think you would really like a Unique Replicas model. I think you're right. So please check out the rest of their line here. And don't forget to keep checking back with to see what is new and exciting.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last Day for our BIG SALE!

Today is the LAST day for the BIG SALE going on here at! The selection is great, the deals are outstanding, and I'm sure you don't want to miss out. SO, last reminder: TODAY is the LAST DAY!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Welly Brings You Some Classics

New models just keep coming in! We've received a whole slew of new items from Welly this past week, and I'm excited to show you just a sampling.

Here's the gorgeous 1966 Pontiac GTO in 1/18 scale. This model of a classic features fully opening hood, doors, and trunk, along with moveable front wheels and steering wheel - perfect for displaying however you want. (Item #19856W-DGR, $30.95)

Here we have two 1/24 scale models for your enjoyment: the Mini Cooper 1300 (Item #22496W-R, $10.95)
... and the...
Citroen DS 19 Cabriolet. (Item #22506CW-R, $12.95)
Both of these feature an opening hood and opening doors.

Make sure to check out all the new arrivals from Welly on our website!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mack Granite Trucks

More new models for your enjoyment are due to arrive soon! 

Check out First Gear's brand new Mack Granite Trucks, which come as dump trucks or trucks with lowboys, either in red or blue, all in 1/64 scale.

They're due to arrive in Oct. or Nov. and are available for pre-order NOW!

Here's the Mack Granite Dump Truck in Blue and Silver/Red and Silver - Item #60-0191/60-0193 ($50.95)

The dump trucks feature great detail, even on the engine, accessible under the opening hood. The detail and quality extend into the interior of the cab, and the doors open as well. The front wheels turn; the dump bed tilts and the tailgate opens for unloading.

Mack Granite Truck with Tri-Axle Lowboy Trailer in Blue and Silver/Red and Silver
Item #60-0192/60-0194 ($57.95) 

These cabs feature the same excellent features as the dump trucks, down to the superior engine detail and the cab interior. These trucks also feature poseable front wheels and a detachable gooseneck with functioning loading ramps for easy loading and unloading of your loads.

We're adding new models to our site nearly every day.  The best ways to keep up with all the new toys are to . . .
• Follow our blog - in the left column of this blog
• Follow us on Twitter - text "follow 3000toys" to 40404 OR go to 
• Like us on Facebook -
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What do you think?  Gonna add these to your Christmas list?


Thursday, September 15, 2011

BIG Sale

Jump on over to our website to check out the BIG SALE, going on through Tuesday!  There are over 100 items at great sale prices, most of them less than $25.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Photo Contest

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the Summer Bum Photo Contest! We got some really awesome entries. Voting begins today - so head on over to our Facebook page and vote for your favorites!

Bill H.
1/25 Scale First Gear International TD 25 "Firebreaker"
Cutting a new line in the sand.
Jameson B.
He saves his money so he can have daddy purchase him farm equipment from 3000toys. In the photo, he is "Happily Haying" with his round baler and hay wrapper. =)
John G.
A beautiful diecast 1952 White Tractor 302ot Four-Car Carrier with the Batmobile and the 1948 Chrysler New Yorker, both in 1/24 scale, getting hauled to the 3000toys summer photo contest!
Jr. Mullen
John Deere 450D LC playing Call of Duty: Black Ops
Kevin D.
An old landfill getting cleaned up to make room for a housing development. All machines working hard!
Stefano L.
My Dodge and Case at a lake near my house in South Carolina. Both models are awesomely made!
Will D.
Bruder chillin' on the back porch.
Keith R.
What are the collectibles doing? What they do best, just looking good!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Yep, it's all here.
Outstanding quality? Check.
Intricate detail? Check.
Lasting durability? Check.
As an added bonus, these models even have a German heritage.
Nürnberger Zinkdruckguß-Modelle GmbH (Nuremberg Diecast Models), or NZG, was founded in 1968 when it produced it's first model, a Weserhutte wheeled crane.  
Over the next six years, their line came to include more than 30 different models.

Since then, they've produced more than 700 different models altogether.
 NZG specializes in unique subject matter that you can't really find anywhere else.

From the realistic rubber tires to the moveable parts and the authentic OEM graphics, these models will not disappoint.                                                                       

The MAN trucks in this lovely collage I've put together for you are no exception. Give 'em a whirl. NZG makes good stuff; their models are pretty much quintessential to a 1/50 scale diecast collection.

(These trucks are in 1/50 scale and each sell for $99.95. Click the images to see them on our website.)


Thursday, September 8, 2011


Introducing our BOGO offer! (Buy One Get One HALF OFF!)

 Simply by purchasing one of the program models at regular price, you'll be entitled to get the model you've had your eye on at 50% OFF!  Here are some examples, but the model you get 1/2 off is your choice!

You can save up to $145!

Buy:                              Get 1/2 Off:                          

Click any of the images above to start shopping!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Imagination Machines

There is nothing like a little imagination. A five-year-old could never direct and organize an excavation operation. Heck, I couldn't ever direct and organize that. But you know what? I can imagine that I could, especially with some of these Bruder items that we carry at These things are fantastic and always a staff favorite. Your child can become foreman of the sandbox in no-time using these items from Bruder.

BRUDER - 02432 - 1/16
Price = $16.95
Schaeff HR 16 Mini Excavator

Remember the excavation project we mentioned earlier? The Schaeff Mini Excavator by Bruder has a lot of digging power! Realistic details include a folding crane arm with a removable
bucket, a cab that rotates 360, an adjustable plow blade, and rubber tracks. It's the perfect machine for the young contractor.

BRUDER - 02776 - 1/16
Price = $75.95
MAN TGA Low Loader Truck with JCB Backhoe Loader

Load up the backhoe and move to the next job with Bruder’s MAN TGA Low Loader with JCB Backhoe Loader! Truck and detachable trailer feature fifth wheel coupling, removable side
gates,fold-down ramps held by support rods to unhook, folding mirrors, a folding support bar, a locking device, and a tilting cab with viewable engine underneath. The JCB Backhoe Loader has a fully-functional front loader and backhoe that moves up and down and side to side. It features stabilizer legs and a seat that spins around.

So what do you think? Can you imagine your kids spending all day playing with these toys? Where would they play with them most?


P.S. Don't forget to check out the entire line of Bruder here!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Muscle Mania

I hope you are having a great holiday weekend!   We have 5 brand new American Muscle cars in stock that are certainly worth taking a look at!  These cars are all done in 1/18 scale, and each one is a special edition.  All of these cars feature a metal die-cast body with opening hood and doors, realistic headlights and taillights, retractable radio antenna, accurate engine and engine bay details, detailed interior, folding seat backs, and workable front wheels and moving steering wheel.

Price $79.95
Item #800
1/18 scale
1967 Chevy Corvette L88 in Elkhart Blue Chrome - Chevrolet Centennial Edition

Price $79.95
Item #801
1/18 scale
1970 Chevelle SS396 in LeMans Blue Chrome - Chevrolet Centennial Edition

Price $69.95
Item #952
1/18 scale
1967 Corvette L88 in Elkhart Blue - American Muscle 20th Anniversary Edition

Price $69.95
Item #956
1/18 scale
1970 Chevelle SS396 in LeMans Blue - American Muscle 20th Anniversary Edition

Price $69.95
Item #961
1/18 scale
1949 Mercury Rat Rod - American Muscle 20th Anniversary Edition

Our offices won't open again until tomorrow morning, but you can shop 24/7 online at!