Friday, August 30, 2019

Arriving Next Month from Universal Hobbies are 3 New Farm Tractor Replicas in 1/32 Scale!

First up, the Case IH Maxxum 145 Multicontroller Tractor, the most powerful (145 HP) of Case IH’s latest generation Maxxum Multicontroller tractors. It boasts advanced Multicontroller technology, putting all onboard functions within easy reach of the operator. The model bears the striking and familiar Case IH red paint scheme and features a fully detailed operator’s station complete with the all-important Multicontroller. 
#5386 - 1/32 Scale
September Arrival
Case IH Maxxum 145 Multicontroller Tractor
Next is a recent addition to the Landini tractor family. Landini’s 4 Series was conceived to replace and consolidate several older machines with one highly versatile offering. The Landini 4-105 has the highest horsepower output of this new line, cranking out 107 HP from its 3.6L Tier 4 Interim powerplant. Updated styling and classic Landini blue paint create a standout look, rounded out by realistic wheels and tires and an authentically modeled suspension.
#4944 - 1/32 Scale
September Arrival
Landini Series 4-105 Tractor
Lastly is the Fendt 105LS, which first went into production at the end of the 1970s. A 4-cyl diesel motor pushing 60 horses made this a great medium-duty tractor with a wide variety of applications. Universal Hobbies’ model replicates the four-wheel-drive open-station configuration, and Fendt’s signature green makes this beauty look like it just rolled off the factory floor. 
#5311 - 1/32 Scale
September Arrival
Fendt 105LS 4WD Tractor
 A long history of highly detailed and authentic replicas has made Universal Hobbies a staple in the diecast industry, among both farm and construction model enthusiasts. Browse and pre-order tons of Universal Hobbies models at!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Set Your Inner Child Free...with Toys Coming Soon from New-Ray!

Got a broken down tractor? Haul it to the shop with this New-Ray Kenworth W900 tow truck, featuring a movable tow arm:
#10873A - 1/32 Scale
September - October Arrival
Kenworth W900 Tow Truck
 Check out this B-I-G Kenworth hauler with drop deck trailer and New Holland combine, perfect for indoor and outdoor farm fun!
#16133 - 1/43 Scale
September - October Arrival
Kenworth Tractor with Drop Deck Trailer and New Holland Combine
 A construction hauler playset is great for a rainy Fall afternoon inside! Load up this Kenworth rollback with the included New Holland backhoe and get to work having serious fun! 
#16183 - 1/43 Scale
September - October Arrival
Kenworth Rollback with New Holland Backhoe Loader
Clean, green, limitless energy is within your grasp with this new Peterbilt 389 with a wind turbine! A tracked excavator rounds out the package:
#SS-10333B - 1/32 Scale
September - October Arrival
Peterbilt 389 with Excavator and Wind Turbine
 Wow! This Mack CH log truck is ready to haul, just for you!

#SS-13173 - 1/32 Scale
September - October Arrival
Mack CH Tractor with Log Trailer and Logs
A durable mix of diecast metal and plastic, a wide variety of model types, and a commitment to affordability make New-Ray toys a fan-favorite! These models are coming very soon, so get your pre-orders in today at!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Commemorative Apollo Replicas Coming Soon!

In July 1969, Apollo 11 became the first space flight to land humans on the moon, the attainment of a goal set for America by President John F. Kennedy before his death in 1963. "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth."

Commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 program and humanity's first steps on the moon with new replicas from Corgi!

#CS90646 - 2"
October / November Arrival
Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Module
50th Anniversary

#CS90647 - 2.75"
October / November Arrival
Apollo 11 Command Module
50th Anniversary

After Apollo 11 successfully completed its mission, NASA shifted efforts to a new objective with Apollo 12: Detailed Lunar Exploration. All three astronauts of the new Apollo 12 crew, Pete Conrad, Richard Gordon Jr., and Alan Bean, had the opportunity through former Indy 500 winner and local GM dealer Jim Rathman to lease brand new Corvettes at a steep discount.

Although the program was available for other astronauts, only the Apollo 12 team requested custom matching "AstroVettes," specially designed by Bean in a gold and black paint scheme with color-coded plaques on the fender to match each member's assigned color.

Greenlight - NASA Apollo XII Astronaut's 1969 Chevrolet Corvette "AstroVette"
#18254 -1/24 Scale - September / October Arrival
 #30073 - 1/64 Scale - October / November Arrival

Available for pre-order in both 1/64 scale and 1/24 scale, the upcoming "AstroVette" releases from Greenlight are sure to impress both collectors and history buffs alike.

Each of these landmark models is available for pre-order, so visit today to reserve yours!

Friday, August 16, 2019

New International Workstar Grain Trucks from Greenlight Collectibles!

Each of these new 1/64 scale International Workstar Grain Trucks will be available individually, or as part of a 12-piece (#51290-CASE) or 48-piece (#51290-MASTER) case.
*Cases are factory sealed, we cannot guarantee the contents or condition of each item in the case
 #51290-CASE - 1/64 Scale - November Arrival
International Workstar with Grain Bed - 12-Piece Assortment
Three 4-Piece Sets in a Non-Returnable, Factory-Sealed Case

Includes each of the following: 
White Cab with Silver Grain Bed (#51290-A)
White Cab with Red Grain Bed (#51290-B)
Black Cab with Silver Grain Bed (#51290-C)
Black Cab with Red Grain Bed(#51290-D)

Now is your chance to hunt for the Green Machines! Greenlight's ultimate collector's item, these chase units are inserted into cases at random and sought after by collectors worldwide.

NEW Spec-Cast Farm Toys Coming Soon!

Arriving this month from Spec-Cast are a variety of farm replicas in both 1/16 and 1/64 scales!

In 1/16 scale, Spec-Cast is bringing out the Massey Ferguson 1150, which was released in the early 1970s in a variety of configurations for different tasks; the model pictured below replicates the wide-front row crop version and is also equipped with a radio.
#SCT-709 - 1/16 Scale
August Arrival
Massey Ferguson 1150 Tractor with Radio
Spec-Cast is also rolling out the fan-favorite Allis-Chalmers D15 in 1/16 scale. First introduced in 1960 as the successor to the D14, the D15 tractor was produced in historic West Allis, Wisconsin with options available for either an LPG or diesel engine configuration. This upcoming replica includes a highly detailed front-loader: 
#SCT-710 - 1/16 Scale
August Arrival
Allis-Chalmers D15 Tractor with Loader
 Spec-Cast’s standard features include:
                                  • Authentic factory paint schemes and badging
                                  • Heavy diecast metal construction
                                  • Rolling rubber wheels and steerable front ends
                                  • True-to-scale detail
#SCT-714 - 1/64 Scale
August Arrival
Oliver 1755 Tractor in Pink
 Fret not, 1/64 scale collectors, you are not forgotten! Among the new releases are two pink Oliver tractors in the “55” series, an Oliver 1755 (above) and the slightly older Oliver 1955 (below).
#SCT-713 - 1/64 Scale
August Arrival
Oliver 1955 Tractor in Pink
 And check out this gem for your 1/64 scale collection: a Ford 9000 with front-loader! 
#ZJD-1836 - 1/64 Scale
August Arrival
Ford 9000 Wide-Front Tractor with Loader
These great replicas from Spec-Cast will be in stock soon, so get your pre-orders in today at!

Monday, August 12, 2019

This Just In: Farm Fresh Arrivals from ERTL!

Fresh off the truck from ERTL, we have several new arrivals that are perfect for both children and adults!

Early this year, ERTL made the announcement that a special 2019 National FFA edition of the Farmall 706 Tractor would be available this summer! This 1/16 scale die-cast metal replica comes with rubber tires, plastic rims, steerable front wheels, and features a prominent FFA logo on the hood.
#44192 - 1/16 Scale
Farmall 706 Tractor with FFA Logo

Next, this 1/32 scale replica celebrates the 5-Millionth tractor from International Harvester, currently housed at the Museum of the Northern Great Plains in Fort Benton, Montana! Case IH was the first company to produce that many tractors, and their 5-millionth came off the assembly line on February 1, 1974.

This commemorative die-cast model has a detailed interior, cab glass, and authentic Case IH logos and paint scheme.
#44199 - 1/32 Scale
International Harvester 1066 5-Millionth Tractor - National Farm Toy Museum - Prestige Collection
 Other new arrivals include 1/64 scale models, such as the Case IH Magnum 380 Tractor (#44114) and the Case IH Maxxum 145 Tractor with Round Baler and Mower Conditioner (#44161).

Check out all the new arrivals from ERTL at today!

Friday, August 9, 2019

NEW Conrad Construction Models

Conrad has been producing high-quality diecast models since 1956, from construction to heavy haulage. Primarily focused on the 1/50 scale market, Conrad also produces a range of models in 1/87 and other scales. 

Just arrived from Conrad are several new construction replicas in both 1/50 and 1/87 (HO) scales! 
#2034 - 1/87 Scale
Wolffkran 7534 Clear Trolley Tower Crane
For the HO scale modeler, check out Conrad's Wolffkran 7534 Clear Trolley Tower Crane! It's perfect as a focal point for your construction site or to add some dynamic detail to your skyline!
#2119 - 1/50 Scale
Grove GMK 41000L-1 All-Terrain Crane
In 1/50, a new Grove GMK 41000L-1 All-Terrain Crane has just arrived. This mobile crane is available in both a classic Liebherr yellow paint scheme or a slick white BKL livery.
#2119-02 - 1/50 Scale
BKL - Grove GMK 41000L-1 All-Terrain Crane
Features of these models include:
                         • Heavy diecast metal construction
                         • Articulated features
                         • Well-appointed interiors
                         • Accurate paint schemes
                         • Pad-printed graphics

Every construction site needs a tractor to move equipment; enter the MAN TGX XXL D38 41.640 Heavy-Duty Tractor! A heavy haul tractor that's truly in a league of its own, pair this MAN with your favorite heavy-equipment lowboy for great display possibilities:
#76001-04 - 1/50 Scale
MAN TGX XXL D38 41.640 Heavy-Duty Tractor in Yellow
These models are available now, so head over to and get yours today!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Round 2’s Newest Texaco Tanker Arrives in Style!

Today’s tanker trucks are amazing marvels of engineering, transporting thousands of gallons of fuel at once, safely and efficiently. The modern Texaco tanker truck is a highly specialized vehicle, with multiple internal tank compartments, designed to carry several different grades of gasoline at once while preventing leaks and contamination.

  Just like the Texaco fleet of transport trucks that are used to deliver gasoline from Texaco refineries to your local Texaco service stations, this 1/43 scale replica delivers all the “real life” details with the accuracy expected from Round 2's on-going line of fine Texaco replica products.

Some features include authentic Texaco graphics and a highly detailed body, chassis, and fuel delivery apparatus with hoses.
#CP7595 - 1/43 Scale
Gasoline Tanker Truck in Black with Silver and Red Texaco Graphics
 We have an extensive collection of Texaco models ranging from classic ERTL models and new releases from Round 2 to many more! This modern Texaco Tanker is in stock but won't last long, so visit us at and order today!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Beat the Summer Heat...Stay Inside and Play with NEW 1/87 Models from Wiking!

Coming soon from Wiking are several new and highly desirable 1/87 (HO) scale replicas!

#010203 - 1/87 Scale
September - October Arrival
Land Rover Defender 110 in Silver Metallic
These high-quality plastic models include classic European autos from Land Rover, Ford, Alfa, and Austin! 

#020202 - 1/87 Scale
September - October Arrival
Ford Taunus 12M Sedan in Gray & Blue
 Wiking has a long history of producing precision-scale replicas, from automobiles to construction, and even military vehicles. 

#020602 - 1/87 Scale
September - October Arrival
Alfa Spider in White

 Wiking’s great new releases feature: 
                                       • High-quality plastic construction
                                       • True-to-scale detail
                                       • Authentic factory paint schemes
                                       • Windowed packaging

#022605 - 1/87 Scale
September - October Arrival
Austin 7 in Red
Shop our wide selection of 1/87 scale models from a variety of brands at!