Tuesday, April 29, 2008

KAMAZ Racing Truck

The 2006 KAMAZ racing truck by Eligor was a hit, and the NEW 2007 KAMAZ racing truck just arrived this month. This time, Eligor has made three Limited Edition versions:

113191 - 1/43 KAMAZ 2007 Team #500 - Just 96 pieces!!

113385 - 1/43 KAMAZ 2007 Team #505 -- Just 192 pieces!!

113386 - 1/43 KAMAZ 2007 Team #527 - Just 192 pieces!

Kamaz is a truck manufacturer in Tatarstan, Russia and has the proud distinction of winning the Truck division of the Dakar Rally 7 times since 1996!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Battle Wheels by Johnny Lightning

These have been around for a little while, and they were just HOT during Christmas. Your child and his friends will spend hours in imaginative play with these remote controlled warriors. Go beyond action figures, and get moving with Battle Wheels! Full-function control lets you drive your Wheeled Warrior into battle for the ultimate in radio control combat! Boys will love commanding these radio-control gladiators as they smash, slash and skewer their opponents on their way to victory. Train, battle, win!!

See our section for remote controlled cars, figures, and more.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wooden Farm Toys And Double Duty

For some time now, I've been wanting to branch a little more to our collectors' children, of whatever ages. We saw some new wooden farm toys made by Learning Curve in New York that I really liked. Included in these is a fairly sizable wooden barn for imaginative play, scheduled for release in June, just 2 months away.
This fun, John Deere-themed wooden barn features high-quality construction, sliding doors on the front wall, and opening doors on the sides. The roof of the barn opens for play on both sides, has swing-open doors, sliding doors and windows as well as hayloft play. Featuring one of the most-recognized licenses, John Deere, it allows for play with vehicles and animals. Features an open floor plan, allowing for vehicle play and it also includes bonus fencing (five sections) to create pens for animal play. Assembled size of 24" x 18" x 18".
Also included in this series is a fence pack available in addition to the barn itself, so you can corral the many animals that we have available. The John Deere wooden truck with blocks is great for little hands and development of hand-eye coordination. Click here to see this and the rest of the series.

Also great for young minds is ERTL's John Deere Double Duty series. Double Duty is the only world of toys that provides boys construction and farm play through unique two-in-one vehicles. When disaster strikes and work needs to get done fast, the Double Duty crew comes to the rescue. The hands-on two-in-one transforming action gives boys the power and control to get the job done. Click the images below for more information.

I will have much more for you very soon, I promise. This doesn't even scrape the surface of new products that I'm excited about. In the meantime, enjoy these products with your kids.