Monday, February 25, 2019

1930's Classic from Auto World Available for Pre-Order!

Known by many different names throughout the years, the Peerless Company of Cleveland, Ohio, was truly a jack of all trades. The beginning of the 20th century brought them great success after their transition out of the bike business and into car production.

Some of the most advanced, luxurious vehicles available to Americans at the time were produced by Peerless.
#252 - 1/18 Scale - March Arrival
1931 Peerless Master 8 Sedan in Black and Silver

Shifting gears again during the Great Depression, the production plant released less than 1,500 cars in its final year before fully committing to a new identity as a beer brewery for the Canadian brand Carling. Luckily, the 1931 Peerless Master 8 rolled out to buyers a few years before the Peerless Company stopped producing automobiles entirely.

 In this beautiful 1/18 scale Auto World reproduction, the hood swings up to show off engine details. In
addition, the accurate interior can be admired due to the model's functional "suicide" doors.

There are fewer than 500 Peerless Motor cars still known to exist, with less than a dozen from 1931. With such scarcity, it's no wonder why Auto World chose to recreate this classic 1931 Peerless Master 8 for collectors to enjoy.

#252 - 1/18 Scale - March Arrival
1931 Peerless Master 8 Sedan in Black and Silver
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Monday, February 18, 2019

Limited Edition 1/64 Peterbilt Release by First Gear Available Now!

First Gear has teamed up again with Denver, CO. based Western Distributing Transportation Corporation (WDTC) to offer this limited edition 1/64 scale Peterbilt Model 351 with vintage 40' Refrigerated Trailer.
#60-0439 - 1/64 Scale
 Western Distributing - Peterbilt Model 351 with 63" Sleeper and Vintage 40' Refrigerated Trailer 

This model celebrates a unique Western Distributing fleet truck from years back, driven by WDTC senior driver, Frank Piroddi. According to Piroddi, he is currently driving his last truck, #777 for good luck, after more than 40 years of service at WDTC. Coincidentally, #777 was the number of his first truck as well.
#60-0439 - 1/64 Scale
 Western Distributing - Peterbilt Model 351 with 63" Sleeper and Vintage 40' Refrigerated Trailer

Frank's handle for his first truck was the "Italian Stallion", as graphically represented on the side of the tractor's sleeper. The "Fly Like an Eagle" graphic emblazoned on the air deflector was added later by request, as Frank was known for his speed, still holding the record at fourteen pickups of wine in California in one day!

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Our New SALE starts NOW,S19&ORDER=R

Selections include Bburago, Spec-Cast, Kubota, Italeri, and Classic Metal Works! Find all these and more at!

NEW Prestige Collection Tractors Coming Soon from ERTL

International Harvester, now Case IH, has been an institution in farming for well over a hundred years. Forging American steel for a century has led to a wide variety of tractor designs through the decades, several of which are coming soon as part of ERTL's Prestige Collection.

Debuting in the 1960s as a replacement for the aging IH 706 series, the Farmall 806 had a variety of engine options and originally sold for almost $7000 in 1967! ERTL's 1/16 scale replica features steerable front wheels with rubber tires in a narrow-front configuration:

#44190 - 1/16 Scale
May - June Arrival
Farmall 806 w/ Clamshell Fenders - Prestige Collection

In the 1970s IH assembled hundreds of dedicated demonstrators, to be sent to dealerships across the nation. These beautiful tractors, incredibly rare now, included Golden Demonstrators and Black Knights, the latter of which appears below. The Case 970 Black Knight is a rare breed, and ERTL has precisely replicated it in 1/16 scale, from the interior of the cab to the gold highlights and badging that mark this model as a demonstrator:

#44189 - 1/16 Scale
May - June Arrival
Case 970 Black Knight - Prestige Collection

A true success story, Case IH lives on even today, continuing to produce high-quality tractors and implements for some of the hardest working people on the planet: farmers. The Case IH Steiger 580 is one such machine, designed to provide the power you need for any job. ERTL has replicated the wheeled, heavy duty version of this tractor, which adds additional muscle and sets a unique profile:

#44177 - 1/16 Scale
March - April Arrival
Case IH Steiger 580 Tractor w/ Duals - Prestige Collection
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NEW Komatsu GD655-6 Road Builder Just Arrived from First Gear!

#50-3409 - 1/50 Scale
Komatsu GD655-6 Motor Grader with Ripper
One of Komatsu's latest road-building machines, the GD655-6 motor grader packs 218 horsepower and up to 15% fuel savings over the previous generation.

First Gear's diecast replica in 1/50 scale faithfully captures the iconic design and functions of Komatsu's machine, from the articulated moldboard to the tri-shank ripper:
#50-3409 - 1/50 Scale
Komatsu GD655-6 Motor Grader with Ripper
Equally at home as part of a construction site diorama, used as a load for a 1/50 lowboy, or simply on your display shelf, this model features:
                • Heavy diecast metal construction
                • Poseable Drawbar Mounted Circle with 360 Degree Rotation
                • Fully Detailed Operator Control Center
                • Rear Mounted Multi-Shank Ripper

#50-3409 - 1/50 Scale
Komatsu GD655-6 Motor Grader with Ripper
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Monday, February 11, 2019

C.R. England's Honored Veteran Truck by DCP Is Available for Pre-Order Today!

In 1920, Chester England kickstarted the C.R. England company with the purchase of his first Model T truck in Plain City, Utah. However, it wasn't until World War II that C.R. England's Honored Veteran Program began with Chester's sons, Gene and Bill England.

Selling their cigarette rations overseas during their service, the brothers amassed enough savings to purchase a second truck for the family business upon their return home. As part of their Honored Veteran Program, C.R. England unveils a special edition truck each year in honor of all the men and women who have fought on behalf of America.
#60-0541 - 1/64 Scale
Summer Arrival
C.R. England's Honored Veteran Program Truck
Freightliner New Cascadia with High-Roof Sleeper and 53' Utility Refrigerated Trailer with Skirts
Making its first debut in 2015, this Honored Veteran's Freightliner New Cascadia is being released this summer in 1/64 scale by Die-Cast Promotions. This diecast metal replica with authentic C.R. England decoration is one model you won't want to miss!

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Friday, February 8, 2019

A Wide Variety of New Releases Are Coming from New-Ray!

New-Ray makes great toys in nearly every category that we carry! Let's look at some of the new items coming soon!

First, we have a 1/32 scale New Holland tractor with a front loader, haybale, and farmer figure. This cool playset is the perfect addition to your child's toy box!
#05523C - 1/32 Scale
Feb - Mar Arrival
New Holland Farm Tractor with Front Loader, Hay Bale, and Figure

Ford's F-150 pickup is the bestselling truck in America, and it's easy to see why! Rugged, capable, and easy on the eyes, this 1/14 scale F-150 in orange is a bold take on a classic and includes a driver and a Suzuki ATV. Load up the ATV and head to the woods for some four-wheeled fun!

#02206C - 1/14 Scale
Feb - Mar Arrival
Ford F-150 Pickup in Orange with Suzuki ATV and Driver
Nitro Circus is a self-described "Action Sport Collective," including elements of motocross, X Games, and other extreme sports in a spectacle for the ages! All those dirt bikes, helmets, ATVS, and first aid supplies have to travel from event to event, and that's where this 1/32 scale Nitro Circus Peterbilt comes in. It features authentic details and a colorful livery.

#10953 - 1/32 Scale
Feb - Mar Arrival
Nitro Circus - Peterbilt Tractor with 3-Axle Dry Van Trailer

Another great addition to any toy box is this chicken playset, including a variety of hens, chicks, and roosters, an enclosure, and chicken coop in large 1/18 scale! Your little farmer will enjoy collecting the eggs, feeding the chicks, and hearing the electronic sound effects!
#SS-05116 - 1/18 Scale
Feb - Mar Arrival
Country Life Large Chick Play Set

This just a small sampling of the upcoming releases from can browse all the latest and place your pre-orders today at!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Break the Winter Blues with These Classic Cars from Acme

When daily driving becomes a chore, spotting a classic car adds a little excitement to the day. Hot off the production line, these recent arrivals from Acme can be the element of surprise needed to jump start your collection.

 With its "wooden" steering wheel and a license plate that folds down to reveal the fuel filler door, this turquoise 1966 Pontiac GTO is what dreams are made of. This model also includes the Hurst emblem and shifter, as well as custom wheels.
#A1801212 - 1/18 Scale
1966 Pontiac GTO in Marina Turquoise

 All it takes is one glance under the hood to understand how this classic amassed the highest amount in one-year sales ever achieved by a muscle car.

#A1801212 - 1/18 Scale
1966 Pontiac GTO in Marina Turquoise
 See also: 1966 Pontiac GTO Limited Edition in Tiger Gold with Black Vinyl Top (#A1801208)

Next, this 1956 Chrysler in a bold color scheme is an exciting release with all the interactive elements expected from Acme. Once the epitome of luxury in classic cars, this vehicle is a rarely seen treasure on today's streets.

The poseable steering, opening fuel filler door, tilting front seats, and other features all make this beautiful New Yorker more than just a pretty face.
#A1809001 - 1/18 Scale
1956 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis in Regimental Red, Cloud White, and Raven Black
See Also: May / June Arrival - 1956 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis in Surf Green Poly, Cloud White, and Mint Green (#A1809003)

Start off this year with a new passion fueled by curiosity and see where the road takes you at!

Friday, February 1, 2019

2019's NEW Texaco Replicas Have Been Unveiled!

Something for every Texaco collector is coming from Round 2 in 2019! 

Fuel for Victory returns for its second release this year with a 1941 Curtiss P-40B. This highly influential fighter aircraft played a major role in WWII, and Texaco supplied the fuel! This 1/44 scale replica is available in both a period-correct green paint scheme or a special-edition brushed metal finish:

#CP7562 - 1/44 Scale
May - June Arrival
Texaco - 1941 Curtiss P-40B Tomahawk 

#CP7563 - 1/44 Scale
May - June Arrival
Texaco - 1941 Curtiss P-40B Tomahawk
If you just can't choose, these planes will also be available as a two-piece set with free shipping! Please note that free shipping promotion applies to pre-orders ONLY. 

The USA Series features two new releases this year! 

Release #11 is a 1/25 scale Chevy El Camino coin bank. Debuting in 1959, the El Camino quickly made a name for itself both with individuals and in commercial applications. This particular El Camino carried a Texaco Marine salesperson and their products. It excelled at advertising Texaco's line of marine lubricants with its striking white and red paint and uniquely Chevy styling:

#CP7550 - 1/25 Scale
April - May Arrival
Texaco - 1959 Chevrolet El Camino

#12 in the USA Series is a 1930 Chevy Stakebed in 1/43 scale. This model comes complete with Texaco-branded oil drums and a detailed oilfield diorama. It commemorates Sour Lake Springs, the first major oil find for what would become the Texas Company.
#CP7551 - 1/43 Scale
July - August Arrival
Texaco - 1930 Chevy Stake Truck

A brand-new series beginning this year is Brands of Texaco! Release #1 is this '39 Studebaker Tanker Truck coin bank in 1/34 scale.  A common sight in Texaco's heyday, Studebaker produced large-format tanker trucks like these from 1929 all the until 1963! This diecast replica stuns with its striking green and black livery, radiating Texaco pride!  
#CP7560 - 1/34 Scale
September - October Arrival
Texaco - 1939 Studebaker Tanker Truck

All of these models are available to pre-order today at Production for these Texaco models is limited, so don't wait...order yours today!