Monday, May 30, 2011

Very Limited, Very Collectable

Die-Cast Promotions has recently released a very limited 1/64 scale semi-truck, featuring USA Truck graphics.  You can read more about the great company below.

The truck is a Peterbilt 387 with a dry goods trailer. 
These are LIMITED PRODUCTION with only 300 produced.  Half went internally, leaving just 150 for the collector market!

Item #32226 - 1/64 Scale - Price = $64.95              

Level II Detail includes: 
Die-cast cab and trailer
Detailed Cab and Trailer Interior
Opening Trailer Doors
Working suspension 

USA Truck is a dry van truckload carrier that started 28 years ago and transports general commodities via their General Freight and Dedicated Freight service offerings. They transport commodities throughout the continental US and into and out of portions of Canada. They also transport general commodities into and out of Mexico by allowing through-trailer service from their terminal in Laredo, Texas. Their Strategic Capacity Solutions and Intermodal operating segments provide customized transportation solutions using their technology and multiple modes of transportation including their assets and the assets of their partner carriers.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Gotta Love Free Shipping!

Don't miss out on our spectacular sale this Memorial Day weekend!  We're offering free shipping on any in-stock order over $100.00.  This applies regardless of where you are, as it is given as a $7.95 credit on your order.

This is a great way to save a little while stocking up on our already great regular and sale-priced items!

We hope everyone enjoys this holiday weekend with their families.  God bless.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Joplin Tornado Relief Effort

Yesterday we visited the site of a storage unit that we had rented in Joplin along the path of destruction.  The building, of course, was no more.  Amidst the rubble, however, we were able to find several cases of our inventory.  The boxes were wet and torn, but many of the models themselves were all right.  

These are for sale on our website as part of the Joplin, Missouri, tornado relief effort. It's an International TD-24 Forestry Crawler/Dozer with Blade, recovered from the damage zone. The ENTIRE PURCHASE PRICE WILL BE DONATED to one of the relief agencies working in Joplin. 

The models themselves are un-damaged but the packaging has been torn and wet.  A certificate will accompany each model certifying its recovery and your donation to charity.  Thank You.
 Spec-Cast Item #ZJD-1532-TORNADO - 1/25 Scale - Price = $50.00

Highway 61 Brings Us a Beauty

We're back in business today, following a few days of power outages here at 3000toys.  Most of our staff is also back working today.  Please continue to keep Joplin in your thoughts and prayers throughout the next weeks and even months.  

On a lighter note, I wanted to share with you a great new car from Highway 61 that comes in four different colors.  We just received this last Thursday, and it's ready to ship out to you as soon as we can!

It's the 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro.  Features on this beauty include, but certainly are not limited to, fully opening doors and hood, detailed engine and interior, functional steering and suspension, rubber tires, authentic OEM paint scheme, and quality window box.  These come in 1/18 scale and retail for $99.99.

Item #50822 - 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro in Dusk Blue with White Stripes

Item #50823 - 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro in Daytona Yellow with Black Stripes    

Item #50824 - 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro in Fathom Green

Item #50825 - 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro Pro Stock (1 of 600) in Hugger Orange with Black Stripes


Back to Work

We're back at the offices here at, but our hearts and minds are still with those directly affected by the tragic tornado that hit our community on Sunday evening. Stories of survival and destruction are everywhere and we have two staff members who were directly affected by the storm. We ask that your prayers go out for them, and the rest of Joplin, as they try to piece their lives back together.

On the business side of things, we certainly appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to power through several days of work this morning. We are still committed to outstanding customer service and will do our best to quickly address all of the work that has come across our desks while we were without power.

If you are interested in trying to help, the City of Joplin has established the following phone numbers for people interested in donating their time or items to aid in the recovery effort:
  • Individual volunteers wanting to donate their time should call 417-625-3543
  • Volunteers wanting to donate items can call 417-625-3542
  • Volunteer groups (churches, businesses, etc.) should call 314-623-9991
Thanks once again for your thoughts, prayer, and support.

Monday, May 23, 2011

We're Ok, Just Closed

Most of you have probably heard about the tornado that hit Joplin, MO yesterday evening. We just wanted to update you all to let you know that all the 3000toys employees have survived, though a couple have suffered injuries. Also, the actual business is all right.

The Weather Channel is saying that 25-30% of Joplin is now destroyed, as last night's tornado was the 9th worst on record in the U.S. and more than 90 people were killed.

Business here is closed, but we will do our best to resume serving you as soon as we can. Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, and support.


Beautiful Trucks

The Norscot CAT CT660 Trucks are big news!  

I know, the wait's getting to me, too.  These have grown to become some of my favorite pieces we carry, if not my top favorite... and I haven't even seen them yet!  We're expecting to get these awesome trucks in about two months, possibly three. 

While we're all waiting on our trucks, I'd like to share a neat find with you.

There's a CAT website that has a bunch of gorgeous pictures and desktop wallpapers of the CT660, with a variety of trailers and loads and in several different colors.  It also has a picture of the CT660 dump truck just like the one Norscot is releasing soon.  You can find all these pictures by clicking here.

A lot of you have already claimed yours.  If you haven't yet, you might as well - that way we can get it out to you as soon as they get here!

Item #55502 - 1/50 Scale - Price = $61.95
[July - August Arrival]
Caterpillar CT660 Dump Truck

Item #55503 - 1/50 Scale - Price = $76.95
[July - August Arrival]
Caterpillar CT660 On-Highway Truck With Lowboy Trailer

My favorite picture from the site I was talking about is the wallpaper with the blue cement mixer - so cool!  I just set it as the background on my laptop.  Enjoy!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Drakes are Coming!

TWH has told us that the Drakes should be arriving next week!

An Australian-based company, Drake Trailers has been manufacturing reliable, durable, quality trailers since their start in 1960.  They're a heavy and beautiful work of machinery. 

TWH captures this and pairs them with Kenworth's finest, the T908 Prime Mover.  

The Kenworth T908 has become part of Australia’s landscape, renowned for its long-bonneted, traditional, tough good looks and its even tougher performance.
The T908 excels in many applications ranging from general freight right through to logging, livestock, and mining.

Whether in single trailer or multi-trailer road train configuration, on highway or the roughest outback track, the T908 has been designed and built in Australia to deliver unmatched performance in the harshest possible conditions. 

These long-awaited beauties are on their way, and quantities are limited.  Make sure to claim yours today!

 Item #T09000B - 1/50 Scale - Price = $345.95
Kenworth T908 Prime Mover  in White with Drake Trailer 2x8 Dolly and 4x8 Swingwing

Item #T09002B - 1/50 Scale - Price = $345.95
Drake Trailers - Kenworth T908 Prime Mover with Drake Trailer 2x8 Dolly and 4x8 Swingwing
Item #T09005B - 1/50 Scale - Price = $345.95
Kenworth T908 Prime Mover in vintage burgundy with Drake Trailer 2x8 Dolly and 4x8 Swingwing
Item #T09007B - 1/50 Scale -Price = $345.95
Kenworth T908 Prime Mover in gunmetal grey with Drake Trailer 2x8 Dolly and 4x8 Swingwing
Item #T09008 - 1/50 Scale - Price = $366.95
Tenkate Plant Hire and Bulk Haulage - Kenworth T908 Prime Mover with Drake Trailer 2x8 Dolly and 4x8 Swingwing

Have a fantastic weekend, and happy collecting!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cars 2!

It seems like it was just yesterday that Lightning McQueen and Mater drove into our lives and left us yearning for the bygone days of small towns and Route 66. "Cars" was a huge hit because it appealed to children and adults alike. Now Disney is re-visiting some of our favorite characters and introducing new cars to the mix in their soon-to-be-released "Cars 2."

"Cars 2" will hit theaters June 24th, but you can get your hands on the diecast models right now at! The models are roughly 1/55 scale and feature the quality and affordability that you would expect from Mattel. We have several different sets in stock, each including a different mix of characters. Check them out here and make sure to order yours today!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jada's 3000toys Debut

Ready for some great news?  We at 3000toys are excited to now be carrying die-cast from Jada Toys!  Founded 12 years ago, Jada manufactures 1/64, 1/24, and 1/18 scale cars and trucks.  Check out some of my personal favorites.

These are here now and ready to ship out!

Item #91197 - 1/24 Scale - Price = $17.95
1969 Chevy Camaro - Chrome Edition
 Item #91984 - 1/24 Scale - Price = $14.95
2006 Dodge Charger R/T Police
Check out these other great items, which will be here in the next few weeks! 

 Item #92488-Y - 1/24 Scale - Price = $14.95
[May - June Arrival]
2010 Chevy Camaro SS in Yellow with Black Stripes

 Item #96363-BL - 1/18 Scale - Price = $30.95
[June - July Arrival]
2009 Corvette ZR1 in Jet Stream Blue

There are a lot more items from Jada Toys on our sites, and over the next week we'll be adding even more, so make sure to check back often!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pink & Red... Black & Blue... & White

DCP recently announced a new Peterbilt 379 in five colors that you don't want to pass up!  These are part of their 1/64 scale semi series.  They each sell for $52.99, and the wait isn't much either - these should be here within the next couple weeks.  You can click on any of the item numbers or pictures below for more information about the item or to pre-order.

Peterbilt 379 Tractor with 63" Flat Top Sleeper in Black and Flatbed Trailer
Item #32490

Peterbilt 379 Tractor with 63" Flat Top Sleeper in Red and Flatbed Trailer
Item #32491

Peterbilt 379 Tractor with 63" Flat Top Sleeper in White and Flatbed Trailer
Item #32492

Peterbilt 379 Tractor with 63" Flat Top Sleeper in Blue and Flatbed Trailer
Item #32493

Peterbilt 379 Tractor with 63" Flat Top Sleeper in Pink and Flatbed Trailer
Item #32494

Have an excellent weekend, all!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Delicious Models

I'm very excited to tell you all about the three new models that we've just received from NZG, a German company that is known for its dedication to quality and detail.

In a way, these models remind me of my grandmother on my mom's side who is a first-generation German immigrant. In fact, we call her "Oma," which is German for "Grandma." Growing up, I could always count on Oma to have delicious baked goods for me to snack on and sitting down to a traditional German feast. She was indeed dedicated to baking me mouth-watering cakes and feeding me the very best German cuisine. I always walked away from Oma's house full and happy and satisfied.

I am confident that you will walk away from these new models full and happy and satisfied.

Hamm GRW280 Rubber Wheeled Roller with Cab
Item: 832
Price: $66.95

Hamm GRW280 Rubber-Wheeled Roller with ROP
Item: 8321
Price: $66.95

Heuvelman Liebherr R916 Advanced Excavator
Item: 685-10
Price: $87.95

Make sure to check out the rest of NZG's models and have a great Wednesday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hobby Master Presents...

Looking for some great new military models for your collection?  Great quality, without breaking the bank?  Of course!!  Here's exactly what you've been waiting for: the newest releases from Hobby Master!

On Friday we received 19 new items from Hobby Master, and they are ready to ship out to you!
 Item #HA0203 - 1/32 Scale - Price = $149.00
Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless - Lt. Richard H. Best, VB-6, USS Enterprise, Battle of Midway - Limited Edition of 500 pieces

Item #HA3301 - 1/72 Scale - Price = $54.95
F-5N - VFC-111 "Sundowners," Naval Air Station Key West

Item #HG1201 - 1/48 Scale - Price = $33.95
Kubelwagen Type 82 - Sturmartillerie-Brigade 667, Western Front, 1944 - NEW TOOL!

Item #HG4702 - 1/72 Scale - Price = $29.95
M7 Priest - Uranus, 2nd French Tank Division, July, 1944

To see ALL the new releases from Hobby Master, visit our website here.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Products of High Standard, Indeed

Luxury refers to "products or services of a very high standard", and that's definitely what you get with Luxury Collectibles.  Seventeen new items from them will be arriving in the next few weeks!!  Here's a sneak peak.  These all sell for $24.95 and come in 1/43 scale.

The 2009 Cadillac CTS-V comes in five colors: Supercharged Red, White Diamond, Crystal Gray, Supercharged Black, and the Blackout Edition.  

The CTS-V is Cadillac's high performance midsize vehicle, part of the Cadillac V-Series.  The CTS-V is also marketed to compete with the Pontiac sports car lines, Chevrolet Corvette, Mercedes-Benz AMG, BMW Motorsports, and Audi S and RS lines.
The current Cadillac CTS-V sports a 6.2 liter, 556 horsepower gasoline powered V8 engine with the choice of a six-speed manual (with a short-throw shifter) or six-speed automatic transmission, either with overdrive.

2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid comes in Black.

Outstanding features include front articulated doors revealing authentic detailed interior, rolling wheels with detailed tread, tampo printed graphics on real automotive finish, and crystal-covered presentation base.
Since its introduction in 1999, the Escalade has remained competitive with the Ford Lincoln Navigator, Range Rover Sport, Hummer H2, and Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. 

2009 Chevy Suburban comes in six colors: Black, FBI graphics, Gold Mist, Silver, Blackout Edition, and White Diamond.

Outstanding features include front articulated doors revealing authentic detailed interior, rolling wheels with detailed tread, tampo printed graphics on real automotive finish, and crystal-covered presentation base.
Chevrolet introduced the Suburban "Carryall" in 1935, joining Studebaker, Nash, Dodge, Plymouth, and other automakers in providing a windowed station wagon on a truck frame to the public.  The Suburban is the longest continuous surviving nameplate of any American-made vehicle as of 2009.                                       

2009 Cadillac ConverJ Hybrid Concept comes in five more colors: Crystal Gray, Gold, Red, Blackout Edition, and "Green" Edition.

Features include articulated doors, authentic interior detail, rolling wheels with detailed tread, and tampo printed graphics on real automotive finish. Each model comes complete with crystal display case. 
Cadillac recently put an end to this project, so these models will be even more valuable as a curiosity collectible.     

Have an enjoyable weekend!  Never hesitate if you have any questions or comments!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Plowing into My Birthday and Christmas List

We have recently received a couple of new toys from Bruder! I wanted to pass along the news, because these 1/16 scale models really encompass all that Bruder is known for: high quality, impressive detail, and rugged functionality. Plus, they're really, really cool.

Be honest: you miss the winter weather, right? Just a little bit? Maybe you've still felt the last bits and pieces of winter's grasp, but our weather here is warming up and making me think fondly back to huge snow storms. Those storms always bring out the snow plows running around town and getting the roads ready and Bruder's Scania R-Series Snow Plow model helps me remember those days fondly.
Okay, so I don't really miss all of that snow.

But I am a fan of this model. It has a mix of diecast and high impact plastic parts, so this is a model that can be played with. With a moving blade and opening doors, the Scania R-Series Snow Plow is ready to plow it's way right into your heart as your favorite new toy.

Next up is the Scania R-Series Cargo Truck with Forklift and it too features a mix of diecast and high impact plastic parts. This model is chock full of functionality. Along with opening doors, this cargo truck features a removable storage box that raises and lowers. The storage box can also be supported by its four attached legs when removed from the truck. But that's not all! Also included is a posable forklift that can be transported along with the truck.

Whoa. That's a lot of features. If I would have known about these models when I was a kid, my parents would not have heard the end of my pleading. It would have been a year long plea for more Bruder toys with heightened activity around my birthday and Christmas. But since I didn't know, I might just have to purchase one now!

These models are in stock now, so go and grab yours today!
Bruder 03585
Price = $66.95

Bruder 03580
Price = $71.95