Wednesday, February 28, 2018

1/18 Scale Meets 1/64 Scale in the Latest Collaboration Between American Muscle and Johnny Lightning!

What could be better than one AMC AMX model? Two AMC AMX models of course! This new matched pair of models has just arrived from American Muscle and Johnny Lightning.

Both the 1/18 and the 1/64 scale cars feature free-rolling wheels, opening hoods, and aggressive blue and red color schemes.
#1124 - 1/18 Scale
1968 AMC AMX Hardtop "Class of 68" in Blazer Blue
If you open the door on the 1/18 scale car, you will see the highly detailed interior.
American Muscle outdid themselves under the hood of the 1/18 scale AMX! The 390ci V8 could put out 315 horsepower and go from 0 to 60 in under 7 seconds!
This unique two pack of muscle car history is in stock and ready to ship. So, visit us at and order today!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Johnny Lightning Just Rolled Out the NEW Truck & Trailer Releases 1A and 1B!

Johnny Lightning's first release of the Truck & Trailer Series features a total of six different 1/64 scale combinations of unique pickup trucks with matching trailers split between sets 1A & 1B! Each set has three different make/models of trucks that are the same for both 1A & 1B, but each truck has two color and graphic options. We have both sets of three and cases with two sets each available to order:
#JLBT-006-A - 1/64 Scale
Johnny Lightning Truck & Trailer Release 1A
 Set 1A includes the following:
• 1996 Dodge Ram in Burgundy & Silver with Open Trailer in Black
• 2004 Ford F-250 in Army Green with Open Trailer in Army Green
• 2002 Chevy Truck in Gloss White with Camper in Gloss White
#JLBT-006-B - 1/64 Scale
Johnny Lightning Truck & Trailer Release 1B
Set 1B includes the following: 
• 1996 Dodge Ram in White & Silver with Open Trailer in Chrome & Black
• 2004 Ford F-250 in Red with Open Trailer in Red & Black
• 2002 Chevy Truck in Gunmetal Metallic with Camper in Gunmetal

The non-returnable, factory-sealed cases allow you to hunt for the White Lightnings that are inserted in cases at random!
Visit us at to place your orders for Johnny Lightning 1/64 scale Truck & Trailers Release 1A & 1B!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

NEW WWII Plane Just Flew in from Corgi!

Corgi has just rolled out a fresh Messerschmitt BF 109E-4 for your WWII aviation collection. This was the plane in which famous pilot, Hans-Joachim Marseille, the Star of Africa, achieved his first aerial victory. 

The model features a rotating propeller and a detailed pilot figure at the stick.
#28003 - 1/72 Scale
Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 - 1940
The landing gear is functional so that you can pose it in the air or on the runway.

This detailed 1/72 scale replica also has adjustable flaps.

We have this and over 350 other aircraft models in stock and ready to ship. So, visit us at and order today!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Lots of NEW 1/87 Scale KIBRI items Have Arrived!

Need NEW 1/87 scale items for your diorama or collection? We just got in some fun plastic model kits from Kibri that will be great for HO lovers! 
We have cranes, logging tractors, spraying trucks, and even fuel refinery storage tanks.
With extendable arms and other moveable parts, these replicas will help bring a little more realism to train layouts and more!
Visit us at to see all the great 1/87 scale models from Kibri and to place your orders today!

Friday, February 16, 2018

NEW '71 Chevrolet Nova Police Coming This Year From GMP!

#18903 - 1/18 Scale
August - September Arrival
1971 Chevrolet Nova Police - Hunter 
The intimidating vehicle of Hunter's (TV series, 1984-91) titular hero, this Chevy Nova comes equipped with a police light. 

Other features of this model include:
                     • Opening Hood
                     • Poseable Steering
                     • Diecast Body
                     • Rubber Tires
                     • Serialized Plate

This model is available for pre-order now at!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

NEW Kubota M7-171 Tractor Just Arrived from UH!

Orange and black are back with the latest arrival from Universal Hobbies! They've done a great job recreating the Kubota M7-171. Take a look!

This 1/32 scale model features accurate Kubota logos, steerable front wheels, and folding side mirrors.
#4927 - 1/32 Scale
Kubota M7171 Tractor with Front Loader
The front loader is fully poseable with good hydraulic details.
This model also has detailed headlights and rubber tires with realistic tread.
A 3-point hitch makes this tractor a great pairing for your favorite 1/32 scale implements!
We have this Kubota replica in stock and ready to ship. So, visit us at and order today!

Monday, February 12, 2018

M2Machine's Auto-Haulers Release 29 Has Arrived!

M2Machines has just brought us Release 29 of the Auto-Haulers Series! It features a set of three semi and car combos that are designed to work together with their complementary color schemes. Each car fits perfectly inside the auto-hauler trailers. They seem as though they could truly roll out and race off with the sleek detail in each of these 1/64 scale replicas! 

#36000-29-SET - 1/64 Scale
Auto-Haulers Release 29 - 3-Piece Set
Each Set Includes One:
• Hooker Blackheart - 1970 Ford C-600 Truck in Red with Black Stripes and 1968 Ford Mustang in Red with Semi-Gloss Black Hood
• LUNATI Voodoo - 1970 Dodge L600 Truck in Gloss Black and 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona HEMI in Gloss Black with Red Stripes
• 1970 Chevrolet C60 Truck in Medium Gold Metallic with Bright White Top and 1970 Chevrolet Camaro SS RS 396 in Hugger Orange with Semi-Gloss Black Rear Panel 

Go to today to see all of the fun 1/64 scale models that we have from M2Machines and to place your orders for Auto-Haulers Release 29!

Friday, February 9, 2018

NEW Caterpillar 14M3 Motor Grader Coming SOON From Diecast Masters!

#85545 - 1/50 Scale
March Arrival
Caterpillar 14M3 Motor Grader
The medium-sized 14M3 motor grader from CAT offers a great balance of power and maneuverability. 

Features of this beautiful model include:
              • detailed cab interior, including operator 
              • authentic CAT machine yellow paint 
              • authentic CAT trade dress 
              • moveable drawbar, circle, and moldboard 
              • front wheel steering and axle articulation 
              • rear frame articulation 
              • oscillating tandem left and right rear wheels 
              • rear ripper which raises and lowers 
              • authentic tire tread design
This and many more Diecast Masters replicas will be arriving next month, so get your pre-orders in today at

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mack Granite Cement Mixer Just Arrived from First Gear!

The latest arrival from First Gear is a NEW Mack cement mixer in 1/34 scale! Take a look!

This Mack Granite truck bears the Horsefield Construction, Inc. (HCI) livery. If you look inside the cab, you will see a highly accurate dash and other details.
#10-4116 - 1/34 Scale
Horsefield Construction (HCI) - Mack Granite with McNeilus Bridgemaster Mixer

The McNeilus Bridgemaster Mixer features a rotating drum, adjustable chute, and chute extensions.

Open the hood and you will be impressed by the detail put into modeling the engine.

A cement mixer is a great addition to any construction equipment collection, and this one is perfect for your 1/34 scale collection. It's in stock and ready to ship. So, visit us at and order yours today!

Monday, February 5, 2018

NZG Just Rolled Out Two NEW Hamm H7i Compactors in 1/50 Scale!

We are excited to share two new Leonhard Weiss - Hamm H7i Compactors that just arrived from NZG! These 1/50 scale replicas feature bright yellow paint jobs and diecast metal construction.
#9481-01 - 1/50 Scale
Leonhard Weiss - Hamm H7i Compactor with Pad Foot
The compactor above features a pad foot, which is great for materials such as clay. While the one below has a smooth roller drum, which works better on materials like sand or gravel.
#948-04 - 1/50 Scale
Leonhard Weiss - Hamm H7i Compactor with Smooth Roller Drum
Both of these models have moveable wheels and pivoting rollers that will help you get the job done. Get your 1/50 scale NZG replicas at today!

Friday, February 2, 2018

A NEW 1/16 Scale Ferguson TEA-20 Half-Track Tractor is Coming from Universal Hobbies!

#5303 - 1/16 Scale
February - March Arrival
Ferguson TEA-20 Tractor with Half Tracks
The half-track arrangement for the TEA-20 was first devised in 1956 for the Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition; this tractor helped achieve the first overland crossing of Antarctica via the South Pole.

Below you can see the modifications that were made to enable the tractor to operate effectively in ice and snow:
#5303 - 1/16 Scale
February - March Arrival
Features of this model include:
  • Diecast metal construction 
  • Steerable front wheels and rolling tracks  
  • Detailed interiors 
  • Accurate badging and graphics 
  • True-to-scale detailing 
#5303 - 1/16 Scale
February - March Arrival
This 1/16 scale tractor is coming this month from Universal Hobbies, so get your pre-orders in today at!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Nearly 90 GreenLight included during our Winter SALE!

Our Winter Sale is going on now through Monday, February 5th!
 Be sure to check out the GreenLight selection that includes items on sale for the first time and even a few of the highly sought-after Green Machines!

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