Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Scania R Topline from WSI: Tom's Review

Recently, Tom explored one of the SCANIA R Toplines from WSI.  So much detail!  It's the Brame SCANIA R Topline with Low Loader (4 axle) and Interdolly (2 Axle) in 1/50 Scale.  Check it out!

Item #9805

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Model Spotlight: New-Ray's Modern Fighter Jet Plastic Model Kits

New-Ray offers a wide variety of aviation model kits, and I want to show you those from their Modern Fighter Jet Series.  

These pieces are molded in plastic with beautiful paint jobs, working parts, and display stands.

Combat 14 Modern Fighter Jet Plastic Model Kit
Item #21317-A

F-117 Modern Fighter Jet Plastic Model Kit 
Item #21317-B

YF-23 Black Widow II Modern Fighter Jet Plastic Model Kit 
Item #21317-D

B-2 Spirit Modern Fighter Jet Plastic Model Kit 
Item #21317-E

F/A-18 Blue Angels Modern Fighter Jet Plastic Model Kit
Item #21317-G

F-15 Modern Fighter Jet Plastic Model Kit 
Item #21317-H

F-4 Modern Fighter Jet Plastic Model Kit
Item #21317-I 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inside the Massey Ferguson 20B with Tasha

Universal Hobbies makes sure that even their tiniest tractors pack a punch.  This is the Massey Ferguson 20B Tractor, Utility Version, in 1/32 scale.  Let me show you around this model!
Item #4078
Limited Edition of 2,000 Pieces


Last Day to Take Advantage of Memorial Day SALE Prices

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday weekend with family and friends, taking some time to be thankful for the freedoms we have and for the men and women who have fought for them.

To celebrate Memorial Day, we had a sale on nearly 100 items on our website.  The weekend may be over, but the sale isn't! This is the last day to take advantage of this weekend's SALE prices!

Click the banner below to see all sale items.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Sleuth Weekly Sweepstakes - Join the search to win $$!

Beginning next Tuesday, May 29, we have a chance for you guys to win some money!  Introducing our Summer Sleuth Weekly Sweepstakes!

Each week during June, the search is on for a set of 3000toys $$ tickets (like in the pictures).  Find them by following the clues given on our Facebook page for your chance at $25 or even $50 to spend on our website.  Good luck on your hunt!

Keep a lookout for the first clue - I'll be giving it to you next Tuesday morning!

** Prizes will be given in the form of in-store credit, to be applied to your next order(s) on

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day SALE This Weekend

Check out our Memorial Day SALE - now through next Tuesday, May 29. 

100 models are on sale this weekend. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mack Granite Truck in D.O.T. Orange: First Gear's Hot Summer Release

Coming this summer is a brand new 1/34-scale Mack Granite Truck in D.O.T. Orange with Tri-Axle Lowboy! This model is manufactured by First Gear, who always impresses collectors (and me!) with their attention to detail and quality construction of their diecast models.

This item is available for pre-order and will ship out as soon as it arrives!

Summer Arrival

Item #10-3956 - 1/34 scale
Mack Granite Truck in D.O.T. Orange with Tri-Axle Lowboy 

• Opening hood with MP Engine Series detail
• Fully detailed cab interior
• Complete SCR system details
• Pivoting fifth wheel for trailer attachments
• Detachable gooseneck with function

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tom Explores the Hitachi ZX870LCH 3 Multi-Quick Processor

One of the hottest replicas here at 3000toys is the Hitachi ZX870LCH 3 Multi-Quick Processor with Demolition Claw from WSI Collectibles.  It comes in 1/50 scale.  

Tim from Ontario says, "I can not begin to describe the detail and extras this piece has! ... And a removable counter weight - A VERY NICE TOUCH!!! Well worth every dollar." 

Tom also has some things to say about it.  Join us as we explore the details and intricacies of this finely crafted model.

Item #04-1034

Friday, May 18, 2012

1937 Studebaker Hearse Wagon - Tasha's in-depth review

I reviewed the 1937 Studebaker Hearse Wagon by Unique Replicas.  It's really good quality, and it just might be one of my new favorite models.  Check it out!

Item #18598

Just in from COBI!


RMS Titanic Limited Edition 100th Anniversary 500-piece Construction Block Set - Specially designed and manufactured to honor the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's maiden voyage!

In stock and ready to ship:

Item #1912 - Built-up Model Dimensions: 23.5" long x 6.1" tall x 3.35" wide 
Compatible with most other brands of construction blocks.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Special Re-Release of the Manitowoc 18000!

The 1/50 scale Manitowoc 18000 crawler crane is back in production for a limited run. This model has been unavailable on the market for almost 2 years and is back by popular demand and by request of Manitowoc Company.

We expect to receive this model in August.

Item #005-01013 - 1/50 Scale 
Manitowoc 18000 Crawler Crane - Special Red Re-release of just 300 pieces.
• Features improved diecast boom.




Fire & Rescue SALE - Only while supplies last!

From now on while supplies last, we welcome you to take advantage of our
Fire & Rescue SALE!  
Browse dozens of high-end models at greatly reduced prices, plus we'll give you free shipping on any models included in the sale.

To stay up to date on everything happening at 3000toys, click here to sign up for our weekly email updates.

Here are just a few of the great offers from this sale:

Item #081-01106 - 1/50 Scale - Was $189.95 - NOW $119.95 PLUS FREE SHIPPING
Kern County #41 - Pierce Quantum Fire Pumper
Item #078-01090 - 1/50 Scale - Was $199.95 - NOW $129.95 PLUS FREE SHIPPING
Washington D.C - Oshkosh Striker 3000 ARFF Fire Truck Limited Edition of 500 Pieces
Item #094A-01264 - 1/50 Scale - Was $289.95 - NOW $188.00 PLUS FREE SHIPPING
Seagrave Tractor-Drawn Ariel (TDA) with Marauder II Chassis - "LADDER #2" Fire Truck Limited Edition of only 250 Pieces

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New & Improved! Hope this Helps:

For your convenience, we've added a new feature to our website that we'd like to let you know about!

Sometimes we are not given a certain arrival date for a model.  In that case, you'll see the first image below.

With other models, we don't have the price or some other major detail, but we'd still like you to know about them!  In those cases, you'll see the second image below on the product page.

Hopefully this will be helpful!  What do you think?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Newest 1/18 Scale from GreenLight: VW Micro Buses

These Micro Buses from GreenLight are some of the newest releases in their line of 1/18 scale vehicles.  Each of these features unique paint schemes and graphics and is not light on the details. 
Check them out below, or click here to see all of GreenLight's upcoming 1/18 scale releases!
These are scheduled to arrive in July or August.

1962 Volkswagen Micro Bus "Space Age Lodge" in White and Yellow
Item #12851 - 1/18 Scale

1962 Volkswagen Micro Bus "Auto Haus" in Blue
Item #12852 - 1/18 Scale

Friday, May 11, 2012

New CAT Models from Norscot!

We are excited to have freshly arrived Norscot back into our warehouses!  Many of you have been waiting months for us to be able to restock, and that time has finally come.  Click here to see all the Norscot models we have in stock again!

Additionally, it's just as exciting to introduce new Caterpillar models.  These two are both modeled in 1/32 scale and include great accessories.  Best of all, these are in stock and ready to ship!

Features on each of these include...
Diecast metal construction with plastic parts • Authentic cab detail and tread design • Articuated arms and coupler • 3 interchangeable work tools consisting of pallet forks, general purpose bucket, and a grapple bucket

Furthermore, these have earned the distinction of being tough, reliable machines that perform a variety of tasks competently, while providing exceptional convenience and control. 

Caterpillar 226B3 Skid Steer Loader
Item #55268 - 1/32 Scale

Caterpillar 247B3 Multi Terrain Track Loader 
Item #55269 - 1/32 Scale

Thursday, May 10, 2012

NEW from WSI: Trucks, Cranes, Ambulances, and More

We just got some new models from WSI!

Kenworth C500B Cab Only in Red
Item #04-1040 - 1/50 Scale

Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance - Premium Line
Item #04-1049 - 1/50 Scale

Brandweer (Fire Brigade) Volkswagen Crafter - Premium Line
Item #04-1050 - 1/50 Scale

Police Volkswagen Transporter - Premium Line
Item #04-1051 - 1/50 Scale

The American Volvo VN 780 Cab Only- Premium Line
Item #04-1055 - 1/50 Scale

Schreuders - SCANIA 111/141 with Brick Trailer (3 axle)
Item #10162 - 1/50 Scale

Grohmann - Liebherr LTM 1050 - 3.1 Truck Mounted Crane
Item #01-1081 - 1/50 Scale

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tasha Shows off the Komatsu WA 70 Wheel Loader

Universal Hobbies makes a variety of great models, most notably including farm equipment and construction equipment.  

Here's the Komatsu WA 70 Wheel Loader in 1/50 scale from Universal Hobbies.  In this video, I go through the details of this little model, including the lights, mirrors, and moveable bucket and lift arms.

Item #8005 - 1/50 Scale



Monday, May 7, 2012

New Farm Models - Spec-Cast & ERTL

Several new and re-stock items from Spec-Cast and ERTL arrived a little over a week ago and are ready to ship!  Here are a few of the items, below.   There is quite a bit of variety in this shipment, and the quality of these models will not disappoint.  Click here to see more recent arrivals in farming!

NEW Spec-Cast Items:

Caterpillar No. 4 Hi-way Patrol
Hi-Way Patrol was introduced in 1932 as a replacement for the No. 3 Hi-Way Patrol, a pull grader brought into the product line when Caterpillar purchased Russell Grader Manufacturing Co. in 1928.
Item #CUST-1105 - 1/16 Scale

Caterpillar No. 1 Terracer
The No. 1 Terracer was introduced in 1931 to help farmers add terraces to their fields.
Item #CUST-1106 - 1/16 Scale

ERTL Restocks:

New Holland CR8090 Combine
Item #13829 - 1/64 Scale

John Deere Gravity Wagon
Item #45327 - 1/32 Scale

New ERTL Items:

John Deere 720 Standard Tractor
Item #45230 - 1/16 Scale

John Deere 7330 Tractor
Item #46096 - 1/16 Scale 

Friday, May 4, 2012

NEW 1/12 Racing Bikes from New-Ray

New-Ray just released a whole slew of NEW 1/12 racing bikes!   Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Ducati - there's quite a selection to choose from.  Here's just a sampling; click here to see all of them.

This Suzuki bike is ridden by Ryan Dungey and sponsored by Yoshimura, Rockstar, and Makita. With bright colors and engaging graphics, this one's a great one to display with pride on its stand.

Yoshimura & Rockstar & Makita - Suzuki #1 - Ryan Dungey
Item #57357 - 1/12 Scale

This one's a Honra, proudly ridden by Trey Canard and sponsored by Geico and Powersports.  This one has more of a patriotic theme and also comes with a handy display stand.

Geico & Powersports - Honda #2 - Trey Canard
Item #57367 - 1/12 Scale

This Honda bike has come straight from the factory to be ridden by Andrew Short.  More simple in appearance, this one also has a display stand.

Factory - Honda #3 - Andrew Short
Item #57377 - 1/12 Scale

This is the Kawasaki KX-450F dirt bike.  Sponsor-less and rider-less, it's open for interpretation and customization.  It also comes with a sticker sheet of One-Industries decals.

Kawasaki KX-450F Dirt Bike with One-Industries Sticker Pack
Item #SS-57052 - 1/12 Scale

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tom Talks about the Liebherr LTF 1060 Mobile Crane

This is the Liebherr LTF 1060 - 4.1 Truck Mounted Crane from WSI Models.  WSI makes some outstanding models with beautiful details and intricacies!  Check out the video below as Tom shows off the features of this great replica.
Item #02-1088 - 1/50 Scale

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Truckers Jamboree DCP Truck Available Now!

We're getting excited for the Joplin 44 Truckers Jamboree; it's just a couple weekends away!  If you missed my post on that, catch up here: "Truckers Jamboree in Joplin Coming Up!"

You can also get more details on the event by going to their website here: Joplin 44.

As I mentioned in my post last month, we will be having some new custom trucks available at the show!  Tom worked long hours with DCP and Tonkin to put together these beauties.  You can definitely come and see us at the show and pick up a truck there, but we also have the DCP Joplin 44 Truckers Jamboree truck available on our website now!

Joplin 44 Trucker's Jamboree - International LoneStar in Black with Dry Van Trailer
Item #32010-JOPLIN44 - 1/64 Scale - LIMITED EDITION OF 60 Pieces
This is the show truck for the 16th Annual Joplin 44 Trucker's Jamboree, but also celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Joplin 44 Petro Truckstop. Features a high quality vinyl graphic of the artwork from the show.

• Level 2 Detail
Diecast cab
5-stop positionable front wheels
Real rubber tires
• Opening hood showing engine detail
• Detailed tractor interior

Full working suspension
Diecast trailer with opening trailer doors

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Four-Day BLOWOUT Sale

We are excited to kick off a four-day BLOWOUT sale, now through the end of this week (Friday, May 4).  Check out some of the great deals below!  

For the first time ever, we are offering select models from TWH Collectibles at up to 35% OFF!

Case IH WD2303 Self-Propelled Windrower with 18-foot Discbine Rotary Head and Sickle Bar Head 
Ertl #14736 - 1/64 Scale - NOW $9.95 - Was $12.99

Caterpillar CS-563 Smooth Drum Vibratory Soil Compactor  
Norscot #55155 - 1/87 Scale - NOW $11.95 - Was $17.95  

Peterbilt 388 Single Axle Day Cab in Pink and Chrome - Precision Series
Tonkin #P3100199 - 1/53 Scale - NOW $37.95 - Was $48.95
Oshkosh Striker 3000 ARFF Fire Truck - Portugal, Lisboa #04 - Production Quantity of 125 
TWH #078-01222 - 1/50 Scale - NOW $129.95 - Was $199.95 - Plus Free Shipping!