Saturday, December 20, 2008

From all of us at 3000toys!

New Norscot models ready to ship!

These two items have been much anticipated for some time now. We had so many preorders when they came in today, that they are almost gone already! But don't worry, we will have more very soon:

First, the Caterpillar 323D Hydraulic Excavator

And, the 906H Compact Wheel Loader

Both are very nice collector's items at a very affordable price.

Norscot scale models are prized by collectors and have won numerous awards from leading toy and hobby publications for their detail, authenticity and value.

With features such as heavy die-cast construction, movable tracks, rolling wheels with authentic tire tread prints, actual working components and realistic exterior and interior detailing, Norscot scale models are perfect for the CAT fan in your family.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Just arrived from Tonkin!

We have just received a few new products from Tonkin, including some with very nice royal blue cabs. All are from Tonkin's 1/53 scale Precision Series. The Precision Series trucks are are high quality and ideal for for collectors, typically featuring:
  • Highly detailed cab interior
  • Authentic tire treads with traction grooves and sipes
  • Miniature suspension system
  • Airlines on back
  • Fairing (the top of the cab) removes to show highly detailed interior
  • Spring loaded, adjustable seats
  • Opening doors
  • Hood opens to show detailed Cummins engine, complete with radiator, hoses, and air filter
  • Wheels turn
  • Steering wheel moves
Tonkin works with actual fleets to produce some of these model, like in the case of the new Catom truck:

Founded in 1979, Catom Trucking, has grown from a one unit operation hauling aggregates during the day and the transportation of construction equipment at night, to nearly 35 unit fleet moving heavy equipment and related products in the Continental U.S. and Canada. This model features a Kenworth W900L in Black with Loyboy Trailer.

My personal favorite of these recent arrivals is the new Freightliner Cascadia, with Cascadia graphics on the trailer:

The Cascadia has brought a new level of efficiency and productivity to the roads thanks to Freightliner moving towards better, and greener, technology.

And here we have the royal blue Peterbilt 379s with various trailers. First, the silver stepdeck:

And, the petroleum tanker:

And last, the dry van trailer:

Also, be sure to look for one of our own custom Tonkin trucks, coming in January:

This is a very unique truck, designed with Zelo graphics. Zelo is an up and coming brand of drinking water that I'll certainly be looking forward to. I hear it has many health benefits. These are available for pre-order on the website.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Poll!

I would like to thank those of you who have participated in our polls lately. I've just set up 2 more for you. The first one is very simple. I'm looking for the best ways to reach out to you as the reader, not just regarding products. I know that some of you are big fans of 3000toys, and really do care about the people here. We've made very good connections with some of you, and I want more of that. So, I'll be setting up a few polls just to see who you are. Please help me in this endeavor, and I'll return the favor by making it easier for you to get to know us too.

The second poll is just to see if any of you are currently using Twitter. If you're not familiar, Twitter sends you updates to your mobile device or email when you're friends/family updates their status. It's become very popular in the social networking scene, and I'm curious if anyone here has discovered it or is just plain addicted yet.

Sound good? Great. Now go vote. THANKS!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just in time!

New this week at 3000toys, a boat load of SIKU just in time for Christmas! We have added many new models to our inventory. Some of the hotter items have been flying out of our warehouse quicker than we can stock them. One of these is the MAN Double Decker Sightseeing Coach. Decorated in fun colors this bus sports the “hand written” Berlin Sightseeing logo. This 3 axel touring bus features an upper deck that faultlessly integrates into the elegant flowing design of this bus. This bus has simulated rubber tires and a detailed interior. As with all SIKU toys, it’s as durable as it is visually pleasing. There is no need to compromise anymore.

And her's another product that is extremely unique. At least, I've never seen a toy like this one before. Be sure to check out all the new Siku items.

NEW Norscot 785D Arriving Next Week

NORSCOT - 55216 - 1/50
Caterpillar 785D Mining Dump Truck
We have a very limited quantity arriving next week with more coming early in February. Be sure to get your order placed today - they're going FAST!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Impressive feat

In light of the holidays, let's take a break from everything for a moment. I found this nifty clip on my favorite blog, Neatorama, and found it appropriate for some of you construction guys and gals.

Skills With A 15 Ton Front Loader - Watch more Entertainment

I can't quite tell what model of laoder this is, but I know someone will see it and think, "I wonder if 3000toys has anything like this." Well, of course we do. Here's just a few:

For the Collector, of course we have Norscot:

And for the kids, a Bruder sandbox toy:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Introducing Unique Replicas!

(a couple days ago I brought you Phoenix Toys. They are now listed properly on our website, under Unique Replicas. Here's some more information.)

This year has been a great one here at 3000toys. We have been able to reach out to you more and more, adding new and exciting products as we go. To tell you the truth though, it's rare that I get so excited about new products as I am right now. I have a new baby in the warehouse, ready for viewing. Are you ready?

Unique Replicas has just been added to our website. These are very impressive models, at a great price. They really are unique; there's not much that compares to these. The features are practically endless, with most products including:

  • Detailed Front Grill design
  • Continental spare tire
  • Detailed dashboard interior
  • Steering wheel turns front tires
  • Full suspension
And here's a quick look at features of some of the other more specific models:
We gathered the whole office yesterday to take a look at these, and they really made an impression on everyone here. Here are some of the favored items, but the best will be saved for last:

This nostalgic model is a 1950 Milk Delivery Van. What's so impressive? Well, I haven't really seen something like this in a mid-scale (most of these are 1/24). But that's not all. That door on the side? It opens up with a little control on the bottom, and actually folds like it should. Very nice. Wait, I'm not done. In the back, there are 2 hinged doors that open up so you can see more detail on the inside. What's more: there's a little dome light that comes on, like the inside of a refrigerator! We were so surprised!

This next one has been a very popular one in the opening days after its arrival. Here we have a 1/10 scale BMW Motorcycle with a Sidecar:

Now, you're going to want a proper way to display your new model. So, here's a very nice rotating display table, appropriate for most mid-scale cars:

The table is battery-operated, and runs at 2 speeds. And now, for my absolute favorite model. Perhaps my favorite of the whole year:

Unique Replicas has teame dup with Phoenix Mint to bring you this stunning limited edition 1957 Chevy Bel Air. With a brushed titanium finish, there were only 1957 of the produced, and they are almost gone! There really is no way to appreciate the detail and beauty of this without seeing it in person. Here are some of the features: The differential drive shaft in the undercarriage actually turns when the wheels move! The steering really works, and the seats will even fold a bit to allow passengers in the back. The hood opening up to reveal the detailed engine. You will receive a lovely collector box with a signed certificate of authenticity, showing what the production number is. The same production number is also on the chassis. There is so much to love about this one!

Every single one of the new Unique Replias models is worth viewing. There are all packed with so much detail that you're sure to be impressed. And remember, this weekend they are all 10% off, no code needed!

We are really gearing up for Christmas in these last few days and I look forward to making your holidays very special. I will be here all day tomorrow (Saturday) to help answer your questions, and I'll bring you more news here as well. Have a great weekend!

Monday, December 8, 2008

You asked for more Hobby Master, and we're giving it to you!

We have seen a great response to the newly added Hobby Master (Historic Aviation) products. We started out carefully, with just a few items in October, and we are already adding more! Here are some of the popular items that will be arriving this week:

HA1110 - F6F-5 VF-17 "Jolly Rogers," USS Hornet (CV-12), 1945
Beautifully manufactured by Hobby Master, this 1/72 scale die cast model is top-of-the-line in every way. You get engraved panel lines and simulated rivets; a detailed cockpit with an optional-position canopy and a pilot figure; a full complement of wing-mounted bombs and rockets; an external fuel tank; optional-position landing gear with real rubber tires; and the authentic markings of VF-17, the "Jolly Rogers" (with a white checkered tail and wingtips for instant recognition), who were stationed on the USS Hornet (CV-12) in 1945. 7" wingspan; includes a display stand.

HA1408 - A-4F Skyhawk "Lady Jessie", Dick Perry, VA-164, USS Hancock
Replicating an A-4F Skyhawk, Lady Jessie - the name given to the aircraft flown by every commanding officer of VA-164, the "Ghost Riders," in honor of Mrs. Jessie Beck, who befriended the squadron during the Vietnam War - when it was stationed on the USS Hancock (CVA-19), this 1/72 scale die cast Hobby Master model features outstanding details such as engraved panel lines, a detailed cockpit with an opening canopy, removable fuel tanks, an aerial refueling probe and a tail hook, optional position landing gear with real rubber tires, authentic markings, a display stand, and more. Measures 6¾" long with a 4½" wingspan and arrives ready to display.

HA7302 - Grumman F3F-2, Lt. Robert Galer, VMF-2, 1940 - Limited Edition of 2,000 pieces
Replicating an F3F-2 flown by Lt. Robert Galer - an All-American basketball player who recorded 13 World War II victories, received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Guadalcanal, and went on to become a brigadier general - of VMF-2 stationed at NAS San Diego in October, 1940, this limited edition, 1/48 scale die cast Hobby Master model features textured surface details, wire wing rigging, a detailed cockpit with a figure of Galer, a rotating propeller, realistic M2 machine guns, removable wing-mounted bombs, optional position landing gear with real rubber tires, authentic markings, and more. 8" wingspan; includes a display stand.

HH1004 - M4A3 Sherman Barracuda Helicopter, Co. B, 41st Tank Bn., 11th AD, Bastogne, 1944 In 1966, 13-victory World War II ace Brig. Gen. Robert Scott gave permission to the 174th Assault Helicopter Company "Sharks" to use the shark's mouth nose art made famous by the 1st American Volunteer Group "Flying Tigers" in World War II. He signed his letter to the 174th: "Good hunting and GOOD LUCK!"

HD0001 - The Last Skyhawk - A-4M Skyhawkl with Diorama Set
This 1/72 scale die cast Skyhawk replicates one of the most historic of its type: A-4M BuNo 160264, the delivery of which - on February 27, 1979 - marked the end of the Skyhawk's incredible 25-year production run.

And remember for a limited time, all Hobby Master is 20% off MSRP! From now until the end of December, be sure to cash in on this great deal! Here's another comment from a satisfied 3000toys customer who recently added Hobby Master to his collection:

"Outstanding detail. Everything that we received from your company was great. Thank you for such good products and service."
-Robert L.

Thanks Robert!

Introducing Phoenix Toys!

For the last month or so I've been working on bringing you some new products that you may not have seen before. Our first shipment of Phoenix Toys (also Unique Replicas) has arrived, and are on our website. You'll notice the "early December" arrival date highlighted in pink, but the insider information is that they are here and will be ready to ship soon. I saw these at Toy Fair in New York and considered them then, but then saw them again in Chicago recently. I've been so impressed with the detail and uniqueness of these. First let me show you their highlight of the year:

This is a Limited Edition 1/24 scale 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible. I have held this in my hands twice, and I can tell you that it is really a stunning car. I could barely keep my hands off of it. There are parts that move on this model that I've never seen move on others. The color is extraordinary, and the picture doesn't even do it justice. There were only 1,957 pieces made, and it is only by some lucky circumstances that we have been able to get them. This would be a wonderful gift for a classic car collector.Features include:
  • Die Cast Chassis with Working Drive Axle
  • Working Steering and Suspension
  • Forward Folding Front Seats
  • Opening Trunk with Spare Tire
  • Comes with Special Limited Edition Tin Box with a Signed a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Detailed Engine
  • Correct Wheel Covers
  • Authentic Interior
  • Highly Detailed Trim
  • Numbered Chassis

And don't forget to add an extra bonus gift, so your collector can display their beautiful model properly:

Display the Bel Air or any other mid-sized model on this lovely, mirrored display table. It has 2 speeds of rotation and is battery operated. It measures 9.5 inches.

One of the deciding factors when I made the choice to carry Phoenix Toys was the accessory sets, like this one:

This Champion Car Accessory set comes with everything seen here except the car. This is a great way to make you car look like a show-stopper. We also have a nifty mechanics set, and both of these are perfect for mid-scale (1/24) models.

Other models that we have added are:

Lincoln Limousines in Black and White
Two different Studebaker models, something I've found to be a bit rare.
A BMW motorcycle with a SIDE CAR! (really impressive)
And several more models that will pique your interest.

I really hope you are as impressed with these as I have been.

Friday, December 5, 2008

SALE Through Monday


* Applies to in-stock, regularly priced items only
Final Prices shown in shopping cart
Sale Ends Monday

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Remember shopping for your favorite records in the thrift store?

Ok I'm making myself sound like I was there back in the 60s when records were cool. Well, I think they're still a neat thing to have around. You just can't get that beautiful sound anywhere else. My husband and I, both under 30 years old, have a fairly large collection of records, from the Beatles and Bob Dylan (my favorites), to Johnny Cash, Wayne Newton, or the Carpenters. All found stuffed at the back of the store in tattered packing, but still so lovely. That smell, the sound of the needle dropping onto the vinyl..... I'm totally digressing here.

What I wanted to say is that we have some very special items in the back of our store too. Some that you may not find anywhere else. All you have to do is flip through the files. Imagine you're in that record store looking for the perfect item for your dad, to bring back memories of days gone by. And this time we're not talking music. We're talking dad's old studebaker, that sat in the yard rusting because he could never bear to give it up:

The packaging on this one is a little worn, but the model is just fine! And we've knocked the price down, just like that rare White Album that was almost perfect except for a little crease in the cardboard.

So dad's not too nostalgic? What about the one in the family who is just waiting to tell you what happened in each episode of the original Star Trek series. You all have one of these in your family, right? I, myself, am "that one" in the family, and proud of it. (Well not with the original series, but don't cross me when it comes to Deep Space 9.)

Wow! I can't seem to stay focused, because these are some really great finds!

This USS Enterprise is perfectly fine, but the package just has a small tear, so we're willing to give you over 30% off! Beautiful deal here, folks.

The is just a small sampling of what's in the back of the store, in the "scratch and dent" section. Most of these items just have 1 or 2 left, so you don't want to delay! And don't stress if you miss these. There's plenty more "records" to flip through, so you can find just the right gem for the person you love (even it's it's you)!

The New Cascadia!

Here we have a few hot new items from Tonkin!

"When merely getting the job done isn't enough!" (from Freightliner's website. Introducing the new Cascadia, Freightliner should be proud to be paving the way for efficiency and a cleaner earth. What rig-lover wouldn't love to add this beautiful new truck to their collection?

Also added to our collection are the Volvo VNL 670 in Black with white trailer, perfect for personalizing, and the Catom trucking Kenworth W900L with Lowboy Trailer. These are both very attractive trucks.

Founded in 1979, Catom Trucking, has grown from a one unit operation hauling aggregates during the day and the transportation of construction equipment at night, to nearly 35 unit fleet moving heavy equipment and related products in the Continental U.S. and Canada.

These will be arriving at our warehouse any day now, in plenty of time for Christmas. I hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cyber Monday our Biggest Day EVER

THANK YOU! We appreciate your business so MUCH! You made December 1st, Cyber Monday, 3000toys biggest day ever.

We look forward to continuing to meet your Christmas toy and collectible shopping needs during this Holiday season!

Best Wishes from the Team at!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Video of 3000toys Gift Ideas by Darin Stratton

Darin, the President and Founder of 3000toys, recently made a video about some great gift ideas.

Featured items (click images to go directly there).

MATTEL - L2090 - 1/18 Batmobile - 1966 George Barris TV Batmobile

NORSCOT - 55147 - 1/50 772 Off-Highway Haul Truck

BRUDER - 02654 - 1/16 Cement Mixer - Mercedes Benz Cement Mixer in High-Impact plastic with movable features to ensure great play value. Watch Darin discuss the water tank, chute, mixer barrel, etc.

TWH - 081-01168 - 1/50 Kern County #64 - Pierce Quantum Fire Pumper - Museum-quality collectible for adults only. See past blogs for full details and reviews as well as additional images.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Perfect Gift for Kids or Collectors!

The versatility of Siku can't easily be challenged. It offers something for the farm enthusiast, construction collector, car lover, or the just plain hard to please. From now through Monday all Siku (as well as Norscot) is 10% off through the website.

Here are some of the best:

1628 - 1/64
Tractor with Baler

3731 - 1/55
School Bus

0811 - 1/64
Garbage Truck

1611 - 1/87
Scania Semi with Lowboy Hauling an Excavator

1431 - 1/64
Toyota RAV4

1849 - 1/87
Heavy Haulage Transporter with Yacht (Arriving any day now!)

1042 - 1/50
Smart Convertible - color may vary (Arriving any day now!)

1312 - 1/32
Riding Lawn Mower

3258 - 1/32
Fendt 936 Tractor

4870 - 1/32
Jeep Wrangler

Friday, November 28, 2008

Article by Larry Lorance is hosted and run by Larry Lorance. Larry did a very detailed review of TWH's new Kern Co fire truck. He includes a bunch of detailed pictures and information about the model, Pierce, and the REAL Kern County fire trucks.
The thing that I appreciated was how well he reveals exactly who TWH Collectibles as a company really is. I have personally been to TWH's office in Manitowoc a couple of times and have spent time with several members of their team. This company really is different from any I've experienced before. Larry quotes in his article, "TWH Collectibles values are based on 'Servant Leadership, Passion, Integrity...words not chosen in a brief discussion over an appetizer or because they sound good in a mission statement. Certainly not selected because 'everyone is doing it.'" TWH’s website states, "We believe in servant leadership because it is the best way to lead, and we’ve learned that from following. We value passion, and we recognize it as a gift. One that we never refuse, but always put to good use. Doing the right thing when we don’t have to or when no one is looking -- that is integrity."
A fun section is where Larry has information and pictures of TWH's other business, Manitowoc Coffee - a business they put together as a team in just 30 days! It is incredible (yes, I've personally tasted it! Yum!!).

Larry also includes pictures from TWH's gallery in Manitowoc. It's like an art gallery for their models. These are museum-quality replicas, and this setting is perfect to really show them off.
Larry is awesome! When I emailed to him the first time yesterday to ask if I could reference his great article, he made us our own link with the article and the 3000toys logo at the bottom! WOW! Check it out:

At, Larry hosts a forum.

Here is the link where they discuss the Kern Co by TWH:

Here's a fun picture from his article - but I have to point out once again: these are museum-quality replicas and not cat toys. : )