Monday, August 30, 2010

New from First Gear!!

I just added six new items from First Gear to our site, and they should be coming in in the next few months.
10-3903 - 1/34 Scale - [Nov - Dec Arrival]
Quikrete - Mack Granite Flatbet with Sacks on Pallets

Functions: Opening hood with complete engine detail, fully detailed cab interior, detailed chassis and undercarriage, and detailed sacks on pallets.

10-3907 - 1/34 Scale - [Nov - Dec Arrival]
Medical Unit - International DuraStar EMS Rescue Truck
Features: Opening hood with complete engine detail, opening rear and body interior, fully detailed cab and body interior, and gurney mounted inside.
10-3908 - 1/34 Scale - [Nov - Dec Arrival]
Keep America Beautiful - Mack MR Front Load Refuse Truck with Bin
Features: Tilt forward cab with complete engine detail, fully detailed cab interior, functioning front load arms, and opening rear door with side locks.
40-0238 - 1/25 Scale - [Jan - Feb Arrival]
International Model 350 Pay Hauler
This diecast metal monster is based on the 1970s era International Model 350 and measures 14.25” long, stands approximately 6” high, and weighs approximately 6 pound.
Among the many features are opening cab door with authentic interior detail, opening battery door, tilting dump body, poseable front wheels, and authentically detailed engine and drive train.

This piece also comes in a Gold Limited Edition Version - Only 50 Pieces Produced!

50-3220 - 1/50 Scale - [Nov - Dec Arrival]
Peterbilt Model 367 in Red with Bottom Dump Trailer in White
Features: Opening hood with complete engine detail, opening doors with fully detailed interior, pivoting fifth wheel for trailer attachment, and functioning hopper gate.

We also received into our warehouses several new items from First Gear in the past week! To check those out on our website, click here.

Friday, August 27, 2010

More from TWH, Bucyrus!

The very limited Bucyrus Mechanic's Truck has just been announced, to arrive at in September!

Bucyrus Mechanic's Truck - Ony 200 Pieces produced
Features and Functions Include:
  • 360 degree rotating crane
  • Opening top storage compartment doors
  • Read work platform with vise
  • Replicated Diamond Plate Decking
  • Work and Safety Lighting
  • Chrome Grill, muffler stack, front bumper and wheels
  • Frame battery box with step under passenger door
  • Detailed inner cab

Model Dimensions: 
Length: 6.125" 
Width: 2" 
 Height: 2.5" 
 Weight: .85 lbs.   

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Engine One Stock Unit from TWH

The wonderful people at TWH Collectibles have just released this to the press:

TWH Collectibles, in partnership with Pierce® Manufacturing, announced today the debut of a 1:50 scale diecast Pierce Stock Unit replica. Engine 1 is the first release in a program designed to mimic actual Pierce stock unit production. The first engine will feature a Quantum® chassis and pumper body configuration in a distinct all red decoration.  
“The intent of the Pierce Stock Unit Program is to strengthen relationships with Pierce customers and dealers, while honoring dedicated fire department,” said Cortney Krueger, Marketing Communications Manager, TWH Collectibles. “A generic, Pierce branded model satisfies the marketing and gifting demands of customers and dealers, as well as captures the essence and superior design of Pierce Manufacturing.”
Functions and features of Engine 1 include a pivoting and opening cab that reveals a detailed diesel engine and transmission, steerable front wheels, work and safety lighting, functioning suspension, frame mounted fuel tank and detailed inner cab with instrument panel.  
"TWH model fire replicas are great mementos for our customers and enhance their Pierce experience," said Travis Groves, Marketing Representative at Pierce Manufacturing. 
These will be available at for shipment tomorrow (Thursday, Aug 26th). Click here to order!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We have a new Corgi item that has just arrived here at Its a Messerschmitt BF109G-6 "Red 1" MAJ. Hermann Graf, Gruppenkommandeur, JG 50, Wiesbaden-Erbenheim in 1/32 scale. This will be a great addition to your aviation collection. Military enthusiasts will appreciate the history behind this World War II German fighter plane.

 CORGI - AA34908      1/32 Scale      Price = $97.95

On July 21st 1943, Jagdgruppe Sud der ObdL was formed as a high-altitude fighter unit to combat RAF Mosquito twin-engine reconnaissance aircraft.  On August 15, 1943, the unit was redesignated JG 50.  Major Graf was tasked with leading JG 50, a role he performed until the unit was disbanded in October 1943 and absorbed into I./JG 301.

Graf was to claim three victories while serving with this unit, including two USAAF B-17 four-engine bombers shot down on September 6th.  Herman Graf is credited with 212 victories over the Eastern Front. Of his ten victories recorded over the Western Front, six were four-engine bombers.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Twelve new items from Norscot!

Our friends at Norscot have announced their new releases for the remainder of the year. These are available for pre-order NOW at Click each image or link to be taken directly to the item of your choice. I hope you enjoy!

Caterpillar’s Governmental & Defense Products division supports military customers with earthmoving and construction machines developed specifically to deliver high productivity and exceptional durability — while working in some of the world’s most demanding environments.

Norscot is proud to present detailed 1:50 scale die-cast models of Cat® machines precisely presented in the “Desert Tan” paint scheme you would see at bases camps airfields and other military locations around the globe.                                                              

NORSCOT - 55250 - 1/50    
Dec - Jan Arrival
Caterpillar Military 924H Versalink Wheel Loader

NORSCOT - 55251 - 1/50    
Dec - Jan Arrival
Caterpillar Military 730 Articulated Truck

NORSCOT - 55252 - 1/50    
Dec - Jan Arrival
Caterpillar Military 120M Motor Grader

NORSCOT - 55253 - 1/50    
Dec - Jan Arrival
Caterpillar Military D6K Track-Type Tractor

NORSCOT - 55254 - 1/50    
Dec - Jan Arrival
Caterpillar Military 815F Soil Compactor

NORSCOT - 55255 - 1/50    
Dec - Jan Arrival
Caterpillar Military CB-534D Vibratory Asphalt Compactor

NORSCOT - 55261 - 1/87    
Oct - Nov Arrival
Caterpillar 772 Off-Highway Truck
With its large, centered operator station and expansive glass area, the 772 truck sets the standard for operator visibility in a 50 ton truck. It’s also the fastest Cat off-highway truck, with a top loaded speed of 49.5 mph.                                                                

NORSCOT - 55262 - 1/87    
Oct - Nov Arrival
Caterpillar 320D L Hydraulic Excavator
One of the most popular Cat excavators ever produced, the 320D L delivers power, durability and pinpoint control. It’s a workhorse machine at construction sites the world over.                                                                                                                    

NORSCOT - 55264 - 1/50    
Dec - Jan Arrival
Caterpillar 24M Motor Grader
M-Series motor graders set the worldwide standard for performance and precision. The 24M model is the largest in the line, with a gross vehicle weight of more than 137,000 pounds and a 24-foot-wide moldboard.                                                                                                                                  

NORSCOT - 55272 - 1/50    
Dec - Jan Arrival
Caterpillar 587T Pipelayer
Cat pipelayers have been the standard of the worldwide pipelining industry for decades.  The 587T is the flagship of the line, having a 202,000-pound lift capacity.                                                                                                                                    

NORSCOT - 55273 - 1/50    
Dec - Jan Arrival
Caterpillar 793F Mining Truck
Cat F-Series Mining trucks combine a heritage of global leadership with today’s most advanced technologies for performance, safety, durability and comfort. The 793F truck has a nominal payload capacity of 250 tons                                                                                                                                

NORSCOT - 55274 - 1/50  
Dec - Jan Arrival
Caterpillar 374D Hydraulic Excavator
Caterpillar recently introduced the 374D to replace the 365C excavator, one of the most popular machines in the company’s history. The new 374D combines improved fuel efficiency with higher performance, easier serviceability and greater operator comfort.                                                                                                                        

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great Flat Fred Entries!

It's been fun to see the pictures you guys send in to our Flat Fred contest each month! We've had some really creative, fascinating, and entertaining entries. You can see all our entries on our Facebook page here. And each month, we've been sending out some fantastic prize packages! Here's a look at a few of the entries we've received so far this month. You can still get in on the drawing this month too!

Flat Fred at Hershey Park

Submitted by Will and Luke Dodds from Pennsylvania.

Flat Fred with the Hershey Kiss at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA.

Flat Fred at Airlake Airport in Lakeville, Minnesota

Robert N. Steinbrunn from Minnesota

Fred has just returned from a ride in a North American B-25J Mitchell medium bomber operated by the Southern Minnesota Wing of the Commemorative Air Force. Fred looks very excited about his ride in "Miss Mitchell" and thinks the aircraft looks resplendent in its highly polished natural metal finish. He said it was very noisy inside sitting between the two Wright Double Cyclone R-2600 radial engines, though, and he was very glad he remembered to wear his headset!

Flat Fred in P
rinceton, B.C. at the Copper Mountain Mine

Kevin Dawdy from British Columbia

Fred is next to a Komatsu 830E haul truck.

And CONGRATULATIONS to our July Winners! We hope you enjoy your prize packages!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Introducing: Luxury DieCast has added a new product line to our many choices! Focusing on late model cars and SUV's, Luxury Die Cast obtained exclusive scale licensing to produce some of the most iconic vehicles of the modern era. If you are not already an enthusiastic collector of die cast models, the products and prices from Luxury Die Cast are intended to make collectors out of the rest of us!

Presented here, is "The Beast." Own a piece of history!

The 2009 Cadillac DTS Presidential Limousine from Luxury Die Cast is carefully re-created in highly collectible 1/43rd scale die-cast. The model measures 6.5 inches long, 2.75 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall. Outstanding features include four articulated doors revealing authentic wood trim interior, rolling wheels and Presidential seals and flags. The rear of the car is detailed with Presidential license plate #44 and twin antennae. Complete with crystal covered presentation base for years of protected, proud display of your Luxury Die Cast collectible. 
Click here to see this majestic piece of history, or below for other in-stock models from Luxury Die-Cast:

Also available:
2009-2010 Cadilac Escalade Hybrid - White Diamond
2009 Chevrolet Suburban Presidentail secret service SUV
2009 Luxury Cadillac ConverJ Concept Car in Black - Plug-In Hybrid

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NEW CAT Chopper in 1/10 Scale

Introducing the NEW CAT Chopper
Yellow Chrome Limited Edition
Commemorating its 5th year of availability, is proud to announce the introduction of this LIMITED EDITION, 1/10 scale, diecast metal replica in Yellow Chrome. Legendary Cat equipment inspired this "American Chopper" when the Teutuls, owners of Orange County Choppers, visited Caterpillar headquarters and proving grounds where they test drove several pieces of Cat equipment, for the sake of research of course. What they created was a bike that truly and artistically represents the strength and durability of Caterpillar equipment. This is certainly "One Tough Ride!"


*Diecast body, motor, wheel rims, fenders and handlebars
*Authentic movement of handlebars, clutch and brake levers, and shifter
*Chopper measures over 10 inches long
*Quality acrylic base included
*Custom nylon bike cover included 

Item# = CP5701         Price = $99.95
CAT Chopper - Yellow Chrome Edition 

Monday, August 9, 2010

San Antonio Fire Pumpers: Over 70% Sold

We received the San Antonio Pierce Quantum Pumpers from TWH Collectibles just a couple weeks ago, and already over 70% of them are SOLD! Make sure to get your order in before they're gone!
1/50 Scale Price = $189.95
Pivoting, opening cab that reveals a detailed diesel engine and transmission, pivoting ladder rack with removable extendable extension ladder, opening hose crosslay doors, steerable front wheels, rotating hose reels, rotating radiator fan, functioning suspension... and much more!

You can check out all of TWH's high detail, museum quality items on our website at!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Newest Releases from Franklin Mint!

Just arrived in our warehouses this week, we have four new items from Franklin Mint, ready to ship out to you now! Franklin Mint manufactures high quality, precision engineered, die-cast cars. These that we just got in are no exception. Below are my personal favorites:

Item# B11F859 - 1/24 Scale
1957 Chevrolet El Dorado Brougham LE

Originally released in 1957 for the astonishing price of $13,000.00, the formidable 1957 Cadillac® Eldorado™ Brougham came with standard features like cruise control, fully electric windows and door locks, automatic starter, air conditioning and automatic adjustable memory seats. Designed after the Park Avenue and Orleans Motorama show cars, just 400 cars were ordered and hand built to owner specifications. The epitome of luxury even by today's standards, the 1957 Cadillac® Eldorado™ Brougham is available in a Limited Edition of only 1,500 pieces worldwide.

Item# S11E932 - 1/24 Scale
1965 Corvette Sting Ray Fiberglass Coupe

Just when Corvette® lovers thought things could not get any better, along came the '65 Sting Ray™. Out were the hood vents of earlier models. In were three functioning front-fender louvers for increased airflow. Gone were the rear drum brakes of previous years, replaced by the smoother, easier four-wheel disc variety.
But the most significant change of all...the introduction of the thoroughly awesome 396 Turbo Jet engine — first of the factory built Big Blocks to power a Corvette® — equally at home on the track as on the street, to the degree that many who owned one drove their pride-and-joy "a quarter mile at a time!"
Just like the actual auto, this sensational model features a body of real fiberglass, hand-painted in Silver Pearl. With limited production numbers of just 1,965 models worldwide, only a very fortunate few can own the real deal!

You can check out all the new arrivals from Franklin Mint on our website at

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long-Awaited Harleys Have Arrived!

We have just received a rather large shipment of new Harley-Davidsons from DCP! Among what we received are the following:

Harley Davidson 2010 FLSTF Fat Boy available in Vivid Black, Scarlet Red, and Ice Pearl

Harley Davidson 2010 FLSTN Softail Deluxe, available in White Ice Pearl and Black Ice Pearl, Vivid Black, and Black and Red

Many more are available now, in 1/12 scale, at!