Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lock & Load

Draped in munitions and covered in camo Hobby Master’s models are making a “boom” in the military replica world. Now for the first time ever they are marching from the 3000 Toys warehouse! That’s right starting immediately we are stocking up six new 1/72 scale products from the Hobby Master line.

First out of basic training is the F-104C Starfighter

Originally commissioned by the USAF in the mid 1950’s the F-104C Starfighter was a high-performance, supersonic aircraft with duo bomber/ fighter capabilities. For its time it was considered state-of-the-art. Unfortunately its poor safety record sped its retirement in the 1960’s but it would not be forgotten. The F-104C Starfighter has risen once again in a 1/72 scale version. Featuring painstaking attention to detail the decals, fuel tanks, and fuselage are amazing. Everything down to the positioning of the landing gear is precise.

Nakajima B5N2 a.k.a. “Kate”

Best known for the work during its final days, the attack on Pearl Harbor forever sealed this aircraft in the history books. The Imperial Japanese Navy used this aircraft to reek havoc on docked ships in the harbor. This three man aircraft was commonly equipped with a lethal 1,760 lb torpedo. This optional attachment is featured in the model, to specification. Sporting simulated rivets, engraved panel lines, rotating propeller, three man crew and a highly detailed cockpit this model is impressive.

F-100D Super Sabre:

Extensive used in Vietnam the F-100D Super Sabre was one of the first USAF aircrafts to achieve supersonic speeds at level flight. It was the construction materials that made this accomplishment possible. Built primarily of titanium, a super light weight aluminum alloy that is corrosion resistant. This was a groundbreaking development in the aerospace market. Now constructed from die-cast these 1/72 models replicate two specific variations, the Maj. Don Schmenk of the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing and Lt. Col Harold Comstock of the 27 Tactical Fighter Wing.

Lt. Col Harold Comstock (above)

Maj. Don Schmenk (below)

M24 Chaffee

The M24 Chaffee “light tank” was the muscle on the lines during WWII in Germany. Armed with a single 75mm M6 and a .50 cal Browning M2HB this model certainly brings a new meaning to the phrase “a blast from the past”! This particular variation has the vicious paint graphics used by Company A, of the 79th Tank Battalion during Operation Ripper in South Korea. Also featuring a rotating turret, realistic tracks and original weapons.

M46 Patton

This was the United State’s principal medium tank. Loaded with a 90mm M3A1 firepower was in no shortage and neither was horse-power; it was cranking out nearly 810. Widely used in the Korean War it proved to be a valuable asset. Decorated in the 6th Tank Battalion, US 24th Division paint scheme it is sure to impress. Produced in 1/72 scale it features a rotating turret, elevating gun with a bore evacuator, realistic tracks and prototypical rearward facing mufflers.

We hope to be drafting more Hobby Master products in the future, be sure to check back for more updates. Tango-Bravo out.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Schield Bantam is ever popular

The Bantam is a truck-mounted shovel-crane, produced by the Schield Bantam company. I learn something new almost everyday here. I've been seeing Schield Bantam products for a while now. I just never had the chance to really look it up. Anyone know much about Schield Bantam? I'd love to hear any stories!

Anyway, in a matter of days, we will be welcoming the next in a line of Spec-Cast Schield Bantam models in 1/50 scale. Here, we have the C-35 Dragline:

We have been getting requests for this dragline for some time now, and it's finally on its way! The C-35 was a very simple and affordable machine, so the average contractor was able to add it to his lineup of machinery. The original was built in 1946, and thereafter, Vern and Wilbur Schield sold 15,000+ units.

We also will be seeing the new LeTourneau Super C Tournapull with LP Carryall Scraper in military colors, aslo in 1/50 scale. From LeTourneau's website: LeTourneau's companies are leaders in innovation" in manufacturing, design, and implementation of systems and equipment for mining, oil and gas drilling, offshore, power control and distribution, and forestry. In addition, LTI’s steel products group manufactures specialty plate steel."

Here's what we have coming in the next couple of weeks. These were used in WWI extensively for airstrip and road construction:

NEW Greenlight Corvette SOON

A 2008 C6 Corvette ZHZ from Greenlight is due to arrive within the next few weeks! This is a Hertz Corporation edition of this sweet Corvette in 1/24 scale. Produced as an exclusive for The Hertz Corporation and packaged in a custom Hertz window box, only 750 pieces are available to the general hobby market. One of the awesome features on this model are the BRAND NEW Corvette 7-Spoke Chrome Wheels. Also, these models are marked with a sequentially-numbered chassis; remember, there are only 750 of these available! Get them before they're gone!!

Greenlight #50209

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Norscot Cat Train by Lionel Arrives

This train set just arrived - perfect time for Christmas! There's nothing like a brand-new train set circling the tree on Christmas morning. What a great memory - one that can be made this Christmas. I was able to personally check this out, and it is really substantial and detailed. This really should be only handled by those who are 14 and up. The people at Norscot put this set together to resemble those from the 1960s; however, this one has 21st Century technology.

Oval track measures 40" x 60".

We need to be sure to point out that this set is
not for children under 14.

In addition, the transformer is

Saturday, October 25, 2008

4 different 40' Containers on their way here!

.... but they're not full of our toys this time. They are our toys! Brand new from Tonkin, we have 4 different colors of basic containers, to be displayed as they are or customized by you! You can pair them with your favorite Tonkin PEM cab, or use them alone in your layout. These will be on our site for $33.95 for pre-order, and should be here by mid-November.

With these, we will also have 2 new Tonkin PEM trucks with containers, for APL fleet. The blue version is a standard “dry” container, a continuation of replicas that Tonkin has made before. The white version, however, is a totally new model, replicating the smooth side refrigerated container.:

There is so much going on here at 3000toys that there just isn't enough time in my day to tell you about it all! I will try to keep you as updated as possible, but feel free to ask questions or leave comments!

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's been BUSY around here! And, we're going to TrainFest!!

It has been a crazy week kicking off the TWH Collectibles line. So much to learn and take in!

These models are simply the most amazing models we have ever seen; they are really high-detail, truely museum-quality models and are by no means intended for anyone other than adults. We're having a product meeting this morning when we will get to actually get them out and open all of the little compartments, extend the booms, and have FUN!
We will have a booth at TrainFest in Milwalkee, WI Nov. 8-9 (just another 2 weeks) and will have SEVERAL of the TWH Collectibles models as well as great new Norscot, SIKU, MotorArt, and more. This will be our first year at TrainFest, so I hope all of you in the area stop by to visit!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

TWH Collectibles to be on!

The news we've been dying to tell you! The entire TWH Collectilbes line is going to be on very soon!!

The big news at iHobbyExpo this year is that TWH is now launching into FIRE APPARATUS models! The first piece is a Pierce® Quantum® pumper truck for Kern County. Every model that is produced by TWH is as close to the exact specifications as possible to the original truck. If it's metal on the truck, it's metal on the model with very few exceptions.

Functions and features of the 1/50 scale Pierce® Quantum® pumper include details such as an opening cab that reveals a detailed diesel engine and transmission, opening hose crosslay doors, steerable front wheels, functioning suspension, detailed inner cab, realistic hose and wire placement, accurate gauge panel with fills and discharges, a photoetched grill, and much, much more. A detailed spec sheet with all available functions and features is available. This much accurate detail on an 8" model is unheard of in this industry and truly exciting news.

TWH Collectibles has been focusing on heavy construction equipment, mining equipment, and trucks up until this point. So, in addition to the fire apparatus line, will be carrying the entire TWH Collectibles product line. This incredible heavy-construction and truck product line features never-before-seen detailing. Here are just a few of the really cool items:

#051-01041 Manitowoc Ringer CraneDue December '08 - January '09
#003-01004 Grove GMK3055 in YellowDue Nov - Dec
#086-09002 Vermeer T1255 Commander 3 with Hydrostatic Trencher Attachment
Due November - December

And, the GRANDDADDY of them all...

#087-01019 Bucyrus 8750 DraglineDue October 2009
This model is HUGE!!
We have around a year for this one, but your order should be placed soon to reserve yours. Maleia or I will post on just this item within the next week or two. You're not going to believe the details they've included!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Special Announcement Coming Thursday!

A few days ago, I told you that I had a secret. Well, I can't tell you just yet. But I want you to remember that this is very exciting for me, and I hope it is for you too. We have been building momentum with this, and will be ready to make our big announcement on Thursday. Here are a few key words to give you some clues:

museum quality
jib, winch, outrigger

I can also say that soon we will start seeing things that we've really never seen here at 3000toys. I can't guarantee that you'll see exactly what you've been looking for, but have never found, since we offer such a large variety of products already. BUT, there will be things that I've never really seen in my 4+ years here. A new style, a new kind of detail, and more attention to what collectors want to see.

Remember, Thursday is the big day.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We got to Check Out the NEW Norscot Cat 797F Prototype

Darin and I were able to visit Norscot's headquarters in Mequon, WI last week - their facility is really nice! We were also able to check out a prototype of the new CAT 797F Mining/Quarry Truck. The details were way beyond what I expected!! Here are just a few of the features we noticed:
Boarding Ladder flips down to ground level
Side Mirrors rotate in
Rails are Metal
Engine Compartment opens to reveal engine detail
Working Steering with Linkages
Rock Knockers (the hanging down pipe-like things in the back to knock rocks from between the dual wheels)
Painted Rivets
Grill Detailing

Also, this is the brand-new Electric Drive (like a steam locomotive) that Caterpillar just announced at MinExpo in Vegas late last month. This significantly helps fuel efficiency.

The detailing was far beyond what we expected and really was impressive. I cannot wait for all of you to see it in person! It is still expected to be released later this year.

In case you have not yet checked out the info on the real Cat 797F that was introduced at MinExpo, here's Caterpillar's Press Release: click here. And, here's a video:

Friday, October 10, 2008

76 Days till Christmas

.... and I''m already singing the 12 days of Christmas. Why? Because of these unique cars that were designed with help from legendary pin striper Tom Kelly! Tom Kelly has worked in graphics and striping for over 43 years. Kelly began his work when custom cars were wildly popular with the younger crowd (as it still is today), but he has not limited himself to automobile graphics. Seems he can do just about anything, from cartoon characters to business graphics.

Combine Tom Kelly's 12 brand new designs, a classic holiday tune, and the genius of M2Machines, and you'll truly have a holiday treasure!

You are all singing with me, right? Don't leave me hanging.

These are all currently being sold in solid cases, which include the entire set. They are selling so quickly, as are the new Auto-stretch rods (be sure to check those out). And don't think these are just cars. These will hang on your Christmas tree too! Detail and features with M2Machines is always the best in the industry:

  • Opening doors and hood
  • Detailed Interior
  • Chrome Bumpers
  • Trading card
  • Custom rims
  • Custom steering wheel
  • Custom lake pipes
I really hope that some of you will get to enjoy these. The images above don't even to the art justice. I have never seen such unique work, and I really don't want you to miss out. We have VERY limited quantities left. Watch for the next release from M2Machines, and I'll try to keep you informed, since they are flying out the door so fast!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Your first, and perhaps only hint

Remember that secret I told you about yesterday? Well, I still can't tell much. I will give you this somewhat altered image.

I need some guesses. Am I alone here in cyberspace? Surely not.

Today is Darin's Birthday!!

Darin is the one who started this entire business, and today is his BIRTHDAY!

Darin is our President & Marketing and IT specialist: he does all of the website programming, internal software development and upgrades, all of our print advertising, and Google/web advertising. If it weren't for him, there would be no 3000toys!

Darin was raised on a farm in SW Missouri. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Computer Analysis. He actually wrote his Masters paper on marketing on the internet back in 1990! In March of 1995, he took one of his childhood toy tractors to a local toy show in Kansas City, MO and was amazed by how many people were at that show. He had no idea that there was so much out there for the collector! By August of 1995, he launched this business with 12 products - keep in mind, there was no Ebay or Amazon yet! The business has continued to grow incredibly, and 3000toys now actually has well over 10,000 items. As always, Darin continues to give God the credit for the continued growth.

So, help me in wishing Darin a very

Free Caterpillar Poster

I ran across this site that is giving away a free Caterpillar poster to promote their new K series crawlers. I read several posts on a forum that people actually did receive their requested poster. So, I'm not promising anything, but wanted to be sure all of our construction collectors had the opportunity to try...

You can find the Norscot replica/model on here.

We welcome your comments on if this free poster offer worked for you!!
Happy Collecting!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shhhh..... It's a secret

It's so secret that I can't tell you yet. I can tell you that this is probably the most exciting thing that's happened to me at 3000toys... ever. That's right. Honestly, if I told you much more I'd probably get myself in trouble.... That's how secretive and exciting this is. Watch the website. Watch the newsletter. And definitely watch this blog. Any guesses on what this could be? I'd love to see your input. In the meantime I have to "keep it secret, keep it safe."

No, sorry, that's not a reference to the actual surprise.

Hint coming tomorrow, early morning. If you're good.

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Highway 61 and DCP available for pre-order!

Highway 61 models were probably the best introduction to classic cars for me, when my journey at 3000toys first begun. These high-detailed precision die-cast metal replicas cover cars from high-powered concept cars to a stylish 1957 model, to the standard but always fashionable muscle car.

Likewise, the DCP Harley-Davidson series reaches to bring you the true soul of the open road, with
exquisite detail, gleaming chrome, high-gloss paint and meticulous craftsmanship.

DCP also offers semi trucks in 1/64 scale, which give a new meaning to high-detailed:
  • exquisite detail
  • gleaming chrome
  • high-gloss paint
  • meticulous craftsmanship.
We have just added over 35 new models from these product lines to our website, for your enjoyment. We are working hard update our website, complete with images. In the meantime, the items may still be found (image or not), so please feel at liesure to browse the website to see all what we can offer!