Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Looking for some less-than-perfect models at "perfect" prices?

Adam and I just got done getting a bunch more Scratch and Dent models ready for you!  Whether you don't mind a little box damage, are needing some spare parts, or want something a little cheaper for your child, there are a lot of models at great prices in our Scratch and Dent section.

Here are a few of the newest ones:

ERTL #20210-X - 1/32 Scale  
Texaco #18 (2001) 1918 Mack AC Bulldog Flatbed Truck (bank)
First Gear #19-2532-X - 1/34 Scale
R. Fredrick - Mack R Cement Mixer Truck
Hobby Master #HG6001-X - 1/72 Scale
M18 Gun Motor Carriage Hellcat - Battle of the Bulge


Dragon #70548-X - 1/6 Scale
"Lev Vassilievich Pavlov" - Soviet Naval Infantry Medical Aid Man, Black Sea Fleet, Sevastopol, 1942 (Sanitarniy)

Eligor #114352-X - 1/43 Scale
Mercedes Actros MP3 Cab Only in White


Monday, July 30, 2012

NEW Forces of Valor Coming this Fall:

We are excited to announce a new wave of releases from Forces of Valor, due to arrive here this FALL. Forces of Valor models are a must-have for military collections, and the great quality continues to satisfy collectors. 
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Additionally, more information can be found on our website or by clicking any of the images or item numbers below. 
Item #80062 - 1/32 Scale - Sept/Oct Arrival  
U.S. 4x4 Amublance
The U.S. 4x4 ambulance featured an armored personnel compartment that could carry a number of stretchers or seated passengers. It's basic design was drawn from that of civilian panel vans of the same period. 
Item #80065 - 1/32 Scale - Sept/Oct Arrival
German King Tiger Tank - Normandy, 1944
Diecast metal and plastic construction Upper chassis, turret, and barrel are metal Hatches open Working vinyl tracksRotating turret Elevating barrel 
Item #80066 - 1/32 Scale - Sept/Oct Arrival 
U.S. M1A1 Abrams Tank - Iraq, 2003
Diecast metal and plastic construction Upper chassis and barrel are metal Hatches open Working vinyl tracksRotating turret Elevating barrel • Tracks roll
Item #80067 - 1/32 Scale - Sept/Oct Arrival
U.S. M26 Pershing Tank - Germany, 1945
Diecast metal and plastic construction Upper chassis and barrel are metal Hatches open Working vinyl tracksRotating turret Elevating barrel • Tracks roll

Item #80068 - 1/32 Scale - Sept/Oct Arrival
Russian T-34/85 Tank - Czech Republic, 1945

Diecast metal and plastic construction Upper chassis and barrel are metal Hatches open Working vinyl tracksRotating turret Elevating barrel • Tracks roll
Item #80069 - 1/32 Scale - Sept/Oct Arrival
German Sd. Kfz. 7/1 mit 2 cm Flakvierling Anti-Aircraft Gun
Diecast metal and plastic construction Upper chassis and barrel are metal Hatches open Working vinyl tracksRotating turret Elevating barrel • Tracks roll
Item #85012 - 1/72 Scale - Sept/Oct Arrival
U.K. Spitfire Mk. IX

Diecast metal and plastic construction • Fuselage is metal Prop turns • Wheels roll
Item #85053 - 1/72 Scale - Sept/Oct Arrival
U.S. M3A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle - Baghdad, 2003

Diecast metal and plastic construction Upper chassis, turret, and barrel are metal Working vinyl tracksRotating turret Elevating barrel • Tracks roll

Item #85054 - 1/72 Scale - $37.95 - Sept/Oct Arrival  
German Hetzer and Soldiers Set - Eastern Front, 1944
Diecast metal and plastic construction Upper chassis, turret, and barrel are metal Working vinyl tracksElevating barrel • Tracks roll
Item #85056 - 1/72 Scale - Sept/Oct Arrival
U.S. AH-64D Apache Longbow - Iraq, 2003

Diecast metal and plastic construction • Body is metal Rotors turn • Wheels roll

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Watch the Olympics opening ceremony?

Did you watch the Olympics opening ceremony last night?  That was quite a production!  I felt the beginning with the farms was a little slow, but the industrial revolution started moving things along and created quite a bit of exciting things to watch.  My favorite was the forged metal rings coming together in the air to form the Olympic rings!!  Amazing!

Watching it reminded me of our Corgi London Olympic souvenirs.  
We still have a few available.

CORGI - GS62202 -  

CORGI - GS62206 -  London 2012 Olympics - Wenlock Guard Keyring

CORGI - GS62225 -  London 2012 Olympics - Telephone Box Keyring

CORGI - TY82319 - 1/64  London 2012 Olympics - Routemaster Bus

CORGI - TY85907 - 1/64  
London 2012 Olympics - London Taxi

Reminder: Just 3 more DAYS!

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Just 3 more days 
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Seeing is Believing

Most people are visual. They want to see it for themselves to believe it, or they need to in order to fully comprehend. That's why I love it when Tom and Tasha make video reviews. You just can't appreciate these models with a picture, and even the best description falls short. Tasha recently reviewed The Norscot 55502 CAT CT660 Dump Truck. As always, she found it full of detail and precision. Norscot knows what they are doing. This unassuming truck has fully functioning features and very little plastic. But, don't take my word for it, watch as Tasha goes over all it. 

Thanks for watching, We would love to hear from you so please like or comment. 
And be sure to check out our entire line of Norscot at 3000toys.com
Enjoy the rest of your day!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

A legend and a Beast

Eligor will be releasing many new models over the next few months, and we have just received more than a dozen! This includes a wide variety of models from semis to old delivery vans, firetrucks, and even a couple race cars! I didn't want to try to show you all of them here, because I couldn't do them justice so I picked two of my favorites. Please check out Eligor's entire collection Here

Bugatti Type 35 - English Crew #7
1/43 Scale

Who doesn't like a good race car? I love these old racers, they are so elegant and they were the be all end all in their day. The Bugatti 35 was a phenomenon, it won over a thousand races in its prime. Including the Grand Prix in several years. This model is a replica of the #7 English race team. It is highly detailed, just look at the hand crank and the strapped on spare tire. I especially like the windshields with their tiny wiper blades and those leather like seats. 
Mmm. Yes please!!

2012 Desafio Peru Dakar Rally Truck
Renault Kerax     1/43 Scale

Check out this truck!
I have to admit, this truck made almost no sense to me when I first saw it. But it's so fun, with the cargo on top and all the logos and flags, it's a very eye catching truck. So Tom and I took some time to learn about it. 
So this is what I've learned so far, please jump in if you know more.
The Dakar is a rally race, It was held in January and was a 14 day race through three countries! Argentina, Chile and Peru. Drivers raced from the Atlantic ocean to the pacific and followed the Andes Mountain range. This truck crossed three countries, and a wide range of terrain in just fourteen days! That's really impressive. This truck is now even more interesting to me. 

Check out our website to see these and other great models from Eligor.
And be sure to check out our huge summer sale!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

House VS. Excavator

If youtube has taught me anything, it's that if you pit anything against an excavator it's probably going to lose. These things are amazing. The people that drive them are so talented, but the ones who can do tricks, What the heck! How do you do that? I'm pretty sure I would never be brave enough to attempt the stunts they pull. I know that loading and unloading themselves is a normal thing, but I still find it fascinating. I have seen videos of them climbing up every terrain and on incredibly steep slopes. Amazing. But then you see some of these stunts! here are just two of the many, many amazing videos. Please post your favorite videos in the comments!!



If you are looking for a CAT of your own, check out these! Although they aren't due until this fall and winter, they are definitely worth the wait. Norscot offers you a huge selection of highly detailed models in several scales! It's no wonder we can't keep them in stock. 

CAT 140M Motor Grader Norscot 55236
Features include Movable Drawbar, Front Wheel steering and axle articulation, Oscillating tandem left and rear wheels, Rear Ripper can be raised and lowered.
October Arrival

Norscot 55236

CAT 336D L Hydraulic Excavator with Metal Tracks Norscot 55241
November - December Arrival

Norscot 55241
 CAT D10 Dozer Norscot 55158
Collector Version - Features include metal tracks, hand rails, mirrors and more all to scale.
November - December Arrival
Norscot 55158

I hope you enjoyed this, And thanks for spending part of your day with me.
To find more models like this, check out Norscot, or our website, 3000toys.com
Many more Norscot models have arrival dates now,
so check our site to see them all!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Biggest Sale of the Season

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Great Gift Ideas from New-Ray

Are you looking for a birthday present?  Going away gift?  Happy back to school idea?  How about a "just because I love you" present?

I never need a reason to buy a gift.  I don't need a special occasion or special day, I just buy them regardless.  Honestly, I like to shop year-round and hide numerous gifts in my closet, because you never know when you're going to want to give one away.

In fact, just the other day I was going through my closet and found a hot pink watch that's still waiting for an owner.  I thought of my sister, who loves anything pink and who also happened to need a casual watch.  Sure enough, I gift-wrapped it and gave it to her the next time I was at her house.

Regardless of your shopping personality, we wanted to show you some great gift ideas from the New-Ray line.  We love New-Ray for many reasons.  For one, they offer such a wide variety of items from helicopters to farm toys to trucks - the list goes on.  Secondly, they're pretty affordable and who could say that's a bad thing?  I wish I could show you the entire selection, but it's too large!  So go ahead and check it out HERE.

Item #SS-37115 - 1/20 scale

 This might make a good gift for your little cowboy or farmer.  It comes with more than enough to fuel their imagination: 2 figurines, 2 horses, fence panels, trailer, truck, and accessories.

Item #SS-14203A - 1/32 scale

Seriously, what guy doesn't like trucks?  Especially when it comes in a generous 1/32 size with these awesome graphics on the side?  This truck has free-rolling wheels, opening doors, and more!

Item #SS-38055 - 1/32 scale

Another great gift for your cowboy!  This one comes packed with more horses and figurines and a trailer that can carry them all!

Item #01923-SET - 1/12 scale

These motorcycles come with engine sounds, front lights, rear lights, and even a bottom light.  Motorcycles are great when cars, trucks, horses, and tractors just won't do.

Item #87865 - 11/14 scale

Not gonna lie - I kind of want one and I'm a grown woman.  This is fun and unique because it's not your normal every day remote controlled item.  It's not a car, truck, or airplane, and maybe this would be the perfect item for someone who already has all those "normal" R/C toys.

From the team here at 3000toys.com we wish you a blessed week!  Please enjoy the rest of your Monday and visit us online any time!

- Danna

Friday, July 20, 2012

Youth is Wasted on the Young

Universal has recently released several new models, and I wanted to tell you about them and I realized while thinking about this blog post that I am still 10. I was looking at these great models and thinking, "What do I want to say about them?". They made me think of the drought, and then heat, and I head indoors when it's hot. So then I was thinking how much fun you could have with these. I imagined this large sandbox (inside of course) and planting crops, watering them, and cultivating them, and 1/32 scale crops growing, and I suddenly realized, I am still a child. So, make the kid in you happy and check out these great models, and who knows, maybe you'll join me on my imaginary, miniature, indoor farm. 

New Holland CR9090 
rotary combine, 1/32 scale
Late December - January Arrival

 1961 David Brown 990 
Implematic Tractor, 1/16 scale
July - August Arrival

Deutz-Fahr Agrotron TTV430 
Communal Tractor, 1/32 Scale
September - October Arrival

New Holland T7.210 Dual Wheel Tractor in limited edition Terra Cotta, 1/32 
Limited edition, 
only 2,500 pieces.
[August - September Arrival

Universal has raised the bar with these new implements. 
They are interesting and unique and will be the perfect addition to any collection or miniature indoor farm. The more I talk about it the more I want one. I wonder if it's even possible? Can you buy real 1/32 scale corn? But I digress, Check these out while I try to figure out where in my house I can put my mini farm. 

Wacker-Neuson BS60 Rammer Tamper, 1/12 Scale
July - Aug Arrival

I will also need a small forest to log, you know, so I can build my small cabin and barn and house and everything. Also because this is neat. 

Rebaud Mounted Log Splitter, 1/32

October - November Arrival

Rebaud Mounted Auger, 1/32 Scale
October - November Arrival

Hydrac Front Mounted Blade, 1/32 Scale
October November Arrival

Ok, I haven't figured out what I will use this for, any ideas? I guess it's a good thing it doesn't come out for a few months!
 Hydrac Mounted Gritter
Late December - January Arrival

Please check out our entire selection of Universal Hobbies, You can find more tractors and implements in these and other scales including 1/16 and 1/50. 
We have many other brands and there are also new replicas being added so stop by 3000toys.com frequently to see what's new.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New from First Gear

Do you collect Mack Trucks? Maybe you drive one? 
 Well First Gear has two coming out this summer and fall that you have to check out. The detail always amazes me. These look so realistic, you would think they have a shrink ray! They have opening hoods revealing the authentic detailed engine and doors opening into a fully detailed interior. They come with a detachable gooseneck with a functioning load ramps and have a pivoting fifth wheel for trailer attachments.  


Not What you're looking for?
How about this Komatsu Truck? The replica of the 960E-2K Electric Drive Truck has been retooled and is better than ever! It is constructed from nearly 250 component parts. It has a tilting dump bed, poseable front wheels and soft, pliable tires. It's cab is also highly detailed with an updated control panel grid. It has detailed railings and stairs and a modified Alternator. It even has working, spring loaded suspension!


Want more? Check out our entire Collection of First Gear
O, check out other great brands and products at our website, 3000toys.com

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Called A Raptor For A Reason

When I hear the word "raptor" my first thought is of those menacing, sneaky little velociraptors from Jurassic Park.  Remember those guys?  Fast and mean.  Did you also know that the name "velociraptor" means "swift seizer?"

It doesn't surprise me that the F-22 Raptor has those certain qualities - mean, swift, menacing.  The United States Air Force summed it up pretty well on their official website, "The F-22 cannot be matched by any known or projected fighter aircraft."  It's engine produces more thrust than any other current fighter engine out there.  It can cruise at supersonic air speeds, which happens to be anything above 1.5 mach.  It can fly above 50,000 feet.  (And in case you were wondering, it only costs a mere $143 million.)

Hobby Master - HA2806 - 1/72 scale
F-22 Raptor - 199th TFS "The Kukaiumoku," 154th Wing, 
Hawaii ANG/PACAF, Hickam Air Force Base

If the facts don't impress you, check out this video I've posted below.  I can get lost in the terminology and technicality of things, but a video I can understand.  It's pretty amazing.

We hope you enjoy our blog posts and enjoy the rest of your day!  If you need anything else, just check us out at 3000toys.com.  You can also check out our full Hobby Master line.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Looking for Christmas Gifts?

Ready for Christmas? I am done with summer after Independence day. It's hot, muggy, sweaty. Gross. All the fun summer activities can still be done in the fall. And it's probably more fun because it isn't 100 degrees. So, like I said, I'm done with summer and I've started thinking about my favorite time of year, Christmas!! I love everything about it, the smells, the sounds, the spirit, and of course, the gifts! I am a terrible gift giver though. I gave my husband freeze dried ice cream on our first valentines day! So I decided to start my shopping early, like two months ago early, and it's been great. So I thought I would show you a couple of great items any kid would love to get for Christmas! Don't put it off and panic at the last minute and get freeze dried ice cream!! But if you do, check out our website, We can ship overnight!

Bruder 02439 1/16
 Caterpillar Excavator
This is the perfect sandbox toy. The hard impact plastic will last through even the hardest players. I am always impressed with how detailed bruder makes their plastic toys. It really looks like the real deal.
  • The tracks work really well. They move smoothly and quickly, very important when you're little 
  • The engine cover is hinged, providing a view of the detailed engine. 
  • Inside the cab is a seat surrounded by buttons, a joystick, steering, and pedals. They even detailed the side to look like a door.
  • There is even no slip flooring!
  • It swivels a full 360 degrees! 
  • The hydraulic arm is full of detail. there are hoses and hinges, and wires and everything! 
  • The arm is equipped with a handle that allows you to push and pull the arm up and down, and dig and scoop with the shovel. It will dig 8 inches below the level the tracks are sitting on!  
  • The arm extends about18 inches, and you can still use the shovel at that length.
  • When the arm and shovel move, the hydraulics look very realistic. 
  • It also features the Cat logo on both sides, on the back, and on the back of the cab.
  • It has vents on the sides and top of the excavator. 

The more I look at it, the more I want one of my own! 

Mack Granite Liebherr Crane Truck, 1/16 scale
This mobile crane is so fun. Again, I can't believe the detail they add to these plastic toys! You will be the best Mom, Dad, Grandparent, Uncle, Aunt ever in their eyes! 
This thing is awesome. 
  • The wheels are rubber and plastic and roll really well. 
  • It has two adjustable stabilizers on both sides. Currently, three of them are on my desk and the fourth is on my mouse. : )
  • It has an opening tool and storage box on both sides. There is also one on the back just behind the crane. 
  • The mud flaps feature the mack logo, there is a license plate,                                              and lights decals on the back of the trailer.
  •  The sides and of the trailer have been made to look like it has doors, panels, 
  • And the top of the trailer has diamond plating, and tools and chain.
  • The cab doors open.
  • The cab is covered with realistic features including lights, mirrors, handles, tanks, step boxes, grill, the windshield has wipers, Hood ornament, and more!
  • Inside the cab there are seats, a steering wheel, gear shift, pedals, even a console with a radio and cupholders! They have thought of everything! 

And that's just the truck, I haven't even started talking about the crane!

  • The crane's cab door slides open to reveal a well detailed interior. It even has a wiper blade for the window on the roof of the cab.
  • The door also has the crane model on the side, LTF 1045-4.1
  • The crane and turn a full 360 degrees, Fully extended!
  • The crane is equipped with a metal hook on a heavy duty cord.
  • On one side of the crane arm is a knob that extends the crane arm to almost three feet without the attachable arm extension. That adds another foot!
  • On the other side of the arm is the knob that raises and lowers the arm. 
  • Also on that side, is a handle to wind and unwind the hook cord. 
  • The Liebherr logo is on both sides of the arm and the crane

For more great bruder products, check out our website, 3000toys.com