Monday, July 31, 2017

Motor City has Just Arrived with NEW Coca-Cola Themed Models!

Fun NEW Coca-Cola replicas just came in from Motor City, and they will
 truly make you feel like you are stepping back in time! There is a wonderful
 mix of 1/24 and 1/43 scale vehicles available. Each one is
unique and packed with detail.

First, we have this amazing Coca-Cola 1963 Volkswagen Delivery Van
in 1/24 scale.
#424062 - 1/24 Scale
Coca-Cola - 1963 Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Delivery Van with Delivery Man Figure
It features an accessible trunk that will be very helpful for the delivery man
 that comes with this 1963 VW.

If you prefer 1/43 scale or just like to mix it up, take a closer look at this
beautiful 1945 Chevy Panel Delivery Van with chrome detailing!
#443045 - 1/43 Scale
Coca-Cola - 1945 Chevrolet Panel Delivery Van
#424063 - 1/24 Scale
Coca-Cola - 1963 Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Pickup with Vending Machine
The 1/24 scale 1962 Pickup style Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) above comes with a
vintage Coca-Cola Vending Machine and has a tailgate that will open
to allow for easier loading.

This 1/43 scale 1934 Ford Model A below has six cartons featuring the
Coca-Cola graphics that are so iconic around the world. 
#443743 - 1/43 Scale
Coca-Cola - 1934 Ford Model A with 6 Bottle Cartons
Last, but certainly not least, we have this sleek 1966 Volkswagen Beetle.
#424067 - 1/24 Scale
Coca-Cola - 1966 Volkswagen Beetle with Rear Luggage Rack and 2 Bottle Cases
Replicated in 1/24, it includes a rear luggage rack that is already stocked up with 2 cases of Coke!

Visit us at to place your orders and to see all of the Coca-Cola collectibles that we have from Motor City Classics!

Friday, July 28, 2017

New Liebherr LTM 1800 Crane Coming Soon from YCC!

Arriving in August is a new 30th anniversary Liebherr replica from YCC: the LTM 1800 Mobile Crane. This crane wears the colors of Schmidbauer KG, a Germany-based heavy-haulage and equipment rental firm founded in 1932. 

776-2 - YCC Schmidbauer KG Liebherr LTM 1800 Mobile
#776-2 - 1/50 Scale
August Arrival
Schmidbauer KG - Liebherr LTM 1800 Mobile Crane

This model features:
                    • Detachable crane body
                    • Full articulation
                    • Precise graphics and Schmidbauer livery
                    • Heavy diecast metal construction
                    • Detailed interior

#776-2 - 1/50 Scale
August Arrival
Schmidbauer KG - Liebherr LTM 1800 Mobile Crane

This is an exemplary offering from YCC, showing their commitment to maintain the quality that is evident in all of their work.

This model includes counterweights, a hookblock, and all the other small parts you'll need.

#776-2 - 1/50 Scale
August Arrival
Schmidbauer KG - Liebherr LTM 1800 Mobile Crane

Truly a collector's item, this mobile crane is an extremely limited release; only 200 of them will be produced worldwide!

Pre-order this replica on our website at, and be sure to browse the various other items we have available from YCC!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Caterpillar Calendars Are Hot Off The Press!

The NEW 2018 Caterpillar calendar just arrived, and it is beautiful! This 17"X12" calendar is an impressive addition to any Caterpillar fan's office, home, or garage. 
#9780760352847 - 17"
2018 Caterpillar Calendar
This calendar features 16 large-format photos of your favorite dozers, trucks, loaders, and excavators. Additionally, you will find close-ups of the interior cab layout, as well as scaled drawings for each CAT vehicle.

This 16-month calendar starts in September of THIS YEAR, so order yours at today, and fill your year with majestic images of the most iconic construction brand in America!

Monday, July 24, 2017

GreenLight's Hollywood Hitch and Tow Series 3 Just Arrived!

Hollywood Hitch and Tow Series 3 is here! GreenLight has just rolled out a new lineup of 1/64 scale movie-inspired vehicles hauled by color-coordinated trucks and trailers. We have two of the new releases available individually:

#31030-A - 1/64 Scale
1972 Volkswagen T2 Type 2 Double Cab with 1967 Volkswagen Beetle in Enclosed Car Hauler - Gremlins (1984)
#31030-C - 1/64 Scale
2015 Ford F-150 with 1967 Mustang "Eleanor" on Flatbed Trailer - Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

Plus, we have non-returnable, Factory-Sealed cases that feature all 3 of these fun combos:

31030-CASE - Greenlight Hollywood Hitch and Tow Series 3
#31030-CASE - 1/64 Scale
Hollywood Hitch and Tow Series 3 -  6-Piece Assortment - Two 3-Piece Sets in a Non-Returnable, Factory-Sealed Case 
Each case includes 2 of each of these models: 
            • 1972 Volkswagen T2 Type 2 Double Cab with 1967 Volkswagen
               Beetle in Enclosed Car Hauler - Gremlins (1984)
            • 1972 Ford F-100 with 1955 Cadillac in Enclosed Car Hauler
               - The Godfather (1972)
            • 2015 Ford F-150 with 1967 Mustang "Eleanor" on Flatbed
              Trailer - Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

Visit us at to place your orders today! Remember to keep an eye out for Green Machines, which can be found in the factory-sealed cases and make up just 2% of this 1/64 scale production run.

Friday, July 21, 2017

NEW HO Scale Wiking Models Coming Soon!

Many new Wiking models are coming soon! Everything from compact British cars to fire engines and construction equipment is available to pre-order at!

This unique HO scale model is a replica of the Austin Seven, the revolutionary auto that would eventually become the Mini. 

#022604 - 1/87 Scale
September - October Arrival
1959 Austin 7 "Union Jack"
All of these models feature:
        • High-quality plastic construction
        • Free-rolling wheels
        • Interior detailing
        • Sharp, meticulous badging and graphics 
        • Accurate scaling
Below is an Econic, a popular truck design by Mercedes-Benz with over 10,000 built as of 2011. This model is outfitted as a fire truck and includes a telescopic rescue platform. Other common uses for the Econic are waste collection and airport ground services.
#062846 - 1/87 Scale
September - October Arrival
Fire Brigade - Mercedes-Benz Econic Rosenbauer B32
Lastly, we have a Fuchs F 301 cable excavator with several different attachments. This model can be configured with either a claw or a wrecking ball.

#066202 - 1/87 Scale
September - October Arrival
Fuchs F 301 Cable Excavator

Visit us at to see many more great HO scale models from Wiking!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

NEW Kenworth ICON 900 Just Rolled in from DCP!

Looking for a new transport solution for your 1/64 scale chemical business? Look no further than this NEW ARRIVAL from DCP!

This Kenworth ICON 900 features an 86" Sleeper!
#33890 - 1/64 Scale
Kenworth ICON 900 with 86" Studio Sleeper in Gray with Brenner Chemical Tanker Trailer   - Level 2 Detail  
The cab features five-position steerable front wheels, a detailed interior, and a working suspension. Plus, the hood opens to reveal the highly detailed engine!

The ICON 900 cab is pulling an impressive Brenner Chemical Tanker Trailer. The tanker features accurate ladder to access the walkway, detailed hoses and pipes, and working suspension.

This 1/64 scale beauty is in-stock and ready to ship, so pick up yours at today! While you're there be sure to check out our collection of 50+ other DCP replicas!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Three NEW Replicas Just Arrived from First Gear!

We just received a First Gear shipment with two (2) new 1/34 scale Delivery Trucks and a 1/64 scale Excavator! The diecast metal replicas are packed with detail, and their vibrant colors will make each model stand out in your collection!

#10-4085 - 1/34 Scale
Allis-Chalmers Parts and Delivery - 1953 White 3000 COE Delivery Van
Both Delivery Trucks Feature:
                                    • Detailed Cab Interiors
                                    • Chrome-Plated Accessories
                                    • Detailed Undercarriages
#10-4084 - 1/34 Scale
White Super Power 3000 - 1953 White 3000 COE Delivery Truck
This excavator is a great addition to their newly launched 1/64 scale Komatsu collection.  You’ll find it to be great as a stand-alone piece, in a diorama, or as a feature piece in your HO train layout.
#60-0326 - 1/64 Scale
Komatsu PC210LC-11 Excavator
This Komatsu PC210LC-11 Excavator Includes:
                              • 360 degree rotation between track frame, 
                                machine base, and operator cab
                              • Free-rolling metal tracks
                              • Fully functioning boom, arm, and bucket 

Visit us at today to see more from First Gear and to place your orders for these amazing models!

Friday, July 14, 2017

New Demag and Sandvik Construction Replicas Coming Soon from Conrad!

 Several new construction replicas in 1/50 scale are arriving this month from Conrad. Among them are a Demag AC 100/4L mobile crane and a Sandvik LH621 underground loader!

This Demag telescopic mobile crane is decked out in Wiesbauer colors.

Other features include:
                          • Fully articulated boom
                          • Detailed interiors
                          • Steerable, rolling rubber wheels
                          • Precise Wiesbauer graphics and paint scheme
#2107-08 - 1/50 Scale
July - August Arrival
Wiesbauer - Demag AC 100/4L Telescopic Mobile Crane
Below is the Sandvik LH621, a European underground loader used for mining and tunnel construction

This model features: 

                        • Over-sized mining tires and wheels
                        • Large articulated bucket
                        • Low-profile underground design
                        • Accurate Sandvik paint and badging  
#2441-02 - 1/50 Scale
July - August Arrival
Sandvik LH621 Underground Loader
Several other Conrad replicas in 1/50 scale are coming in soon as well, so head over to to pre-order yours today!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A NEW Prestige Collection Tractor JUST ARRIVED from ERTL!

Today we are taking a look at a NEW John Deere tractor from ERTL's Prestige Collection. This 1/16 scale replica is packed with beautiful detail. Let's take a closer look!
#45578 - 1/16 Scale
John Deere 8130 Tractor - Prestige Collection
This John Deere 8130 Tractor features:
• Steerable front wheels                                 
• Metal wheels and rubber tires                      
• Opening hood                                               
• Detailed engine                                             
• Authentic John Deere graphics and badges 
• Adjustable mirrors                                         
• Pivoting warning arms                                   
• Detailed cab interior                                      
• Adjustable three-point hitch                           

This great model is in-stock and ready to ship, so order yours at today! And don't forget to check out these other models from ERTL's Prestige Collection!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Johnny Lightning Classic Gold Releases 4A and 4B Are Here!

NEW Classic Gold Releases 4A & 4B just arrived and are looking sharp! These 1/64 scale cars are fun additions to the Johnny Lightning collection:

#JLCG004-A-SET - 1/64 Scale
Johnny Lightning Classic Gold Release 4A - 6-Piece Set
Set A includes the following:
                   • 1965 Chevy Pickup Truck in Orange with White Roof
                   • 1973 Dodge Charger in Bronze Poly with Flat Black Roof
                   • 1965 Chevy El Camino in Red Poly
                   • 1986 Pontiac Firebird in Dark Blue
                   • 1990 Ford Mustang GT in Maroon and Silver
                   • 1993 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck in Blue Poly and White

#JLCG004-B-SET - 1/64 Scale
Johnny Lightning Classic Gold Release 4B - 6-Piece Set

Set B includes the following:
                   • 1965 Chevy Pickup Truck in Dark Green with White Roof
                   • 1973 Dodge Charger in Light Blue with Flat White Roof
                   • 1965 Chevy El Camino in Turquoise Poly
                   • 1986 Pontiac Firebird in Dark Orange Poly
                   • 1990 Ford Mustang GT in Blue Poly and Silver
                   • 1993 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck in Mocha Frost Poly and Brown

Go to to place your orders today, and be sure to check out all of our other 1/64 scale Johnny Lightning release while you are there!

Friday, July 7, 2017

NEW Yanmar Construction Replicas from ROS!

We are pleased to announce that several new Yanmar construction models are coming soon from ROS. Yanmar is a Japanese manufacturer of diesel and gasoline engines and heavy equipment which was founded over 100 years ago!

The first of these new replicas is the Yanmar SV100 2PB Mini Excavator.

This model features:
                                • Two-stage boom
                                • Rolling rubber tracks
                                • Opening cab and engine doors
                                • Articulated boom, stick and bucket
                                • 360 degree rotation on chassis
#001503 - 1/32 Scale
August - September Arrival
Yanmar SV100 2PB Mini Excavator
Below is the Yanmar V8 Compact Wheel Loader. 

This 1/32 scale machine features:
                          • Opening hood
                          • Detailed engine
                          • Articulated boom and bucket
                          • Opening cab door
#001510 - 1/32 Scale
August - September Arrival
Yanmar V8 Compact Wheel Loader
These 1/32 scale replicas from ROS are sure to be a unique addition to your diorama or construction equipment collection, so get your pre-orders in today at!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Celebrate Freightliner's 75th Anniversary with a NEW Model Kit from AMT!

AMT is celebrating 75 years of Freightliner trucks with a very cool NEW ARRIVAL! This White-Freightliner COE Tractor can be assembled as a single drive-axle day cab, or a double drive-axle sleeper. Take a look!
#1046 - 1/25 Scale
White-Freightliner 2-in-1 SC/DD COE Tractor Plastic Model Kit
(75th Anniversary)
This tractor features:
• Over 250 parts                                        
• Tilting cab                                              
• Highly detailed Cummins diesel engine
• Large variety of decals                           
• Paint and glue assembly                         

This AMT model kit is in-stock and ready to roll, so head over to and order today! Plus, we would love to hear about and see pictures of your model kit builds, so connect with us on facebook and share those with us!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July! FREE SHIPPING through Tonight!

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

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