Monday, May 30, 2016

Several New-Ray International Lonestar Trucks with a Variety of Trailers and Accessories Coming Soon!

There are several NEW International LoneStar Trucks coming from New-Ray in the next few months! A variety of trailers, colors, and accessories make each one look unique and fun! From fork lifts to monster trucks to excavators, these trucks are truly something special. The cabs are made of diecast metal while most of the other parts of the replicas are plastic. There are dump trucks, flatbeds, sleeper cabs and more! Let's take a look at some of the 1/32 and 1/43 scale trucks that you can look forward to:
#10393 - 1/32 Scale
June / July Arrival
International LoneStar Sleeper Cab in Red with Flatbed Trailer Hauling a Forklift and Hay Bales
#16653 - 1/43 Scale
July / August Arrival
International LoneStar with Lowboy Trailer Hualing a Monster Truck
#16673 - 1/43 Scale
July / August Arrival
International LoneStar and Trailer with Chopper Graphics
#16623 - 1/43 Scale
July / August Arrival
International LoneStar Dump Truck with Excavator
So many options to choose from, but why not get them all! These will be great for kids over 8 and kids at heart who just want a little more fun in their life! Visit us at to place your pre-orders for some of these fun models today!

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

NEW Shelby GT350s Coming This Fall!!

Motorheads, Shelby fans, and diecast collectors: REJOICE! 

#A1801808 - 1/18 Scale
Sept - Oct Arrival
1968 Shelby GT350 in Red
These STUNNING GT350s are coming this fall from Acme Trading Company! Crafted from diecast metal in true 1/18th scale, these 1968 Shelby GT350s have all the features you expect in top-of-the-line collector's pieces.

#A1801809 - 1/18 Scale
Sept - Oct Arrival
1968 Shelby GT350 in Green
 Let's talk about those beautiful paint schemes first. In 1968, Shelby offered a series of special order paint colors known by their "WT" identification code number. These models have been painstakingly color-matched to the original factory paint, with the red being WT 4017 and the green WT 7081.

#A1801808 - 1/18 Scale
Sept - Oct Arrival
1968 Shelby GT350 - Opening Doors, Trunk and Hood
Both models feature opening hoods, doors, and trunks, as well as detailed interiors and undercarriages. Posable steering and wood grain accents add even more realism.

#A1801808 - 1/18 Scale
Sept - Oct Arrival
1968 Shelby GT350 - Interior Detail
Their engine compartments are something to behold. Everything from lines and hoses to gaskets, headers, and fluid tanks are replicated in exacting detail.

#A1801808 - 1/18 Scale
Sept - Oct Arrival
1968 Shelby GT350 - Engine Detail
Rubber tires, serialized license plates, and chrome accents round out the exterior of these great 1/18th scale models. 

#A1801808 - 1/18 Scale
Sept - Oct Arrival
1968 Shelby GT350 in Red
Less than 400 of each color will be produced worldwide. It's critical that you place your pre-orders today! Don't let these beautiful models slip away! is THE spot for these limited-edition GT350s, as well as many other great toys and diecast models.

Come see us on Facebook and Twitter, and check back often for the latest product announcements and industry updates.

Friday, May 27, 2016


We're kicking off Memorial Day weekend a little early this year with FREE SHIPPING on all in-stock orders of $95 or more shipping within the Cont. U.S.!

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Cars from brands like American Muscle, MotorArt, Spec-Cast, and many more are on sale to celebrate the holiday. Everything from this iconic police car from American Muscle to AMT model kits are on sale through Tuesday. There is also a plethora of cars available from MotorArt, some of which are discounted up to 75%! 

Cars are not the only thing on sale - check out this playset from Cararama, on sale for the first time ever! 

We also have over 60 trucks from WSI on sale this weekend! Check out awesome deals on these and other great trucks, many of which are discontinued and have a limited supply.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! AMT is Here to Put It Out with Their NEW Aero Chief!

I am excited to bring you news of AMT's upcoming Aero Chief Fire Truck model kit arriving this Summer. The design team at AMT got their hands on the original blueprints from American LaFrance and have been hard at work trying to get everything just right. With over 300 pieces, this model kit offers an incredible level of detail.  Almost one third of the pieces feature a chrome coating, so this rig is sure to be eye catching. 

#980 - 1/25 Scale
June / July Arrival
American LaFrance Aero Chief Fire Truck Plastic Model Kit
Once assembled this model is over 20 inches long, and the boom extends beyond 3 feet! These are set to arrive at soon; so break out your model glue and pre-order yours today!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

★ Memorial Day SALE ★

All this week we are celebrating Memorial Day with great savings on hundreds of items! 

From excavators to wheel loaders, we have over 60 different MotorArt models on sale for you! And, as an added bonus, many of these items qualify for 

That's just a small part of the wide variety of models that we have on sale through the end of the month. 

Looking for a construction gift for a friend? We have 60+ options for you! Maybe you're in the market for that one tractor model that you couldn't seem to find anywhere else - we have you covered! Over 50 different farm models ranging from tractors to trucks to accessories are on sale now. We also have numerous military models available and over 100 different cars discounted through Memorial Day! 

So don't miss out! There are hundreds of items available during the Memorial Day Sale, and many have limited availability! Head over to and place your order while supplies last! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Caterpillar 245ME Mass Excavator Coming from CCM!

We are excited to announce that Classic Construction Models is rolling out a 1/48 scale diecast replica of the Caterpillar 245ME Mass Excavator! Each model includes a specification sheet that is serial numbered so as to serve as the Certificate of Authenticity for the model. This is a limited edition collectible with only 395 in the production run.
This Cat 245 replica has a working ME boom and stick, positionable bucket, detailed hydraulic lines, accurate handrails and steps. It features opening doors and perforated engine covers.
The paint and markings are accurate for the period, and inside the perforated engine covers is a highly-detailed engine that adds to the beauty of this model.
The windows on the cab allow you to see the detailed interior that makes this excavator even more realistic.
 Individually-linked, narrow gauge tracks with spring tensioners allow for smooth operation on the construction site.
#245ME - 1/48 Scale
May / June Arrival
Caterpillar 245ME Mass Excavator - Vintage Precision Scale Model
This is truly an incredible model and will work great for a 1/48 scale diorama, O gauge train layout, or as a conversation piece in your home or office. Visit us at to place your pre-orders today!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Bruder Makes It Easy to Share Special Moments with Your Kids with These Great NEW Products Coming This Fall!

New tractors and trucks are coming this Fall from Bruder, and you know what that means: hours of imaginative play with your little ones! 
#04041 - 1/16 Scale
Oct - Nov Arrival
Fendt X1000 Tractor with Repair Accessories
Constructed of sturdy ABS plastic, this tractor will stand up to years of play. This set includes everything needed for your youngster to start their own tractor repair garage: a jack, two jack stands, handtools with a toolbox, a mechanic, and, of course, a Fendt X1000 tractor. I hope the 1/16th scale repairman remembers how to put it all back together! If not, he's gonna need some help.
#62100 - 1/16 Scale
Oct - Nov Arrival
Bworld Mechanic with Repair Accessories
The tools and mechanic figure are also available as a standalone set, so you can pair them with your favorite 1/16th scale tractor or truck. 

Here are some more great new toys from Bruder:
#03670 - 1/16 Scale
Oct - Nov Arrival
Mercedes-Benz Arocs Crane with Light and Sound 
Above is a Mercedes-Benz Arocs crane featuring working lights and sound! This crane has a functioning articulated boom that's perfect for creative play. 

Below is a Claas Axion 950 decked out with tire chains and a snowblower which is certified to clear snow from carpet, tile, or hardwood. Of course, if the weather clears up, you can take these guys to the sandbox. They can handle it!
#03017 - 1/16 Scale
Oct - Nov Arrival
Claas Axion 950 with Tire Chains and Snowblower
This is only a sampling of what's coming from Bruder this year, so stay tuned for product announcements and industry news. And don't forget to visit us at, your year-round play headquarters!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Announcing Johnny Lightning's NEW Holiday Classics Collection!

We are pleased to announce a NEW series coming from Johnny Lightning this Fall, the Holiday Classic Collection. Each car in the 6-piece case includes a detachable clip that transforms it into a Christmas tree ornament. Plus, these 1/64 scale cars also have opening hoods to reveal their detailed engines. The paint will be a shiny finish like Christmas candy.
#JLHC001-CASE - 1/64 Scale
September / October Arrival
Johnny Lightning Holiday Classic - 6-Piece Case
These will be enjoyed by any car enthusiast from age 6 to 106. Head over to and place your pre-order today. And stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest news in diecast!

Monday, May 16, 2016

American Muscle is Rolling Out a New 1969 Chevy Nova!

We are excited to give you a sneak peak of the NEW 1969 Chevrolet Nova - Baldwin Motion coming from American Muscle this Summer! This car is a beautiful garnet red and truly looks like a gem. It features realistic headlights and taillights and a highly detailed interior.

This 1/18 scale Chevy Nova has a diecast body with opening hood and doors to allow for a better look inside this sleek automobile. 
The engine bay is full of amazingly accurate details that will make you wish you could start it up and take it for a drive just so you could to listen to the hum of the engine.
#1073 - 1/18 Scale
July / August Arrival
1969 Chevrolet Nova in Garnet Red - Baldwin Motion
Be sure to visit today to place your pre-orders for this replica and to see more of the great muscle cars available from American Muscle.

Friday, May 13, 2016

NZG Uses 'Crane' Technique and Scores a Knockout!!

If you've been searching for a centerpiece to tie your 1/50th scale diorama together, this is the crane you're looking for! 
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2 Crawler Crane
Replicated in stunning detail by NZG, this Liebherr LR 1600-2 crawler crane sports a blue and white Wasel livery. The boom stands an incredible 6.5 feet (198 cm) high when fully extended, meaning this crane can handle big jobs with ease.
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2 Crawler Crane, chassis detail
This model features rolling metal tracks and an extendable boom and derrick. It includes 3 hook blocks, a ballast car, articulated cab, and a lift system for the chassis that enables removal of the crawler base. The Liebherr is constructed of durable diecast metal.
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2, close up of the fine metal track links
The name of the game here is detail, and NZG went all out to get this crane right. Designed for serious collectors who have experience with model cranes, this beautiful behemoth is not for the faint of heart!
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2, fully articulated cab with detailed interior
An assortment of spare parts is included to complete the package, such as pins, bolts, and track links. This will ensure the model serves you well for many years. For an in-depth analysis of this crane's quality head over to, where you'll notice that they gave this replica an "OUTSTANDING" rating. 
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2, metal walkways and safety railings, and rigging spools
This Liebherr is both spectacular and attention-grabbing with true-to-scale detail and an eye-catching paint scheme. Plus, only 100 of these LIMITED EDITION cranes were produced by NZG world-wide, making them a unique addition to any collection. Be sure to get yours before they're gone:!
#843-04 - 1/50 Scale
Liebherr LR 1600-2, ballast car
Remember to check back here often for the latest product announcements and industry updates, connect with us and fellow replica enthusiasts on our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter for quick and accurate news about fresh additions to our catalog!