Monday, August 27, 2018

Just in from Jada: Fast & Furious Franchise Replicas in 1/24 Scale!

The Fast and the Furious franchise is Universal's largest franchise of all time. Now you can have a piece of that movie magic with these 1/24 scale model replicas from your favorite "Furious" film!
#99514 - 1/24 Scale
Brian's Subaru Impreza WRX STI - Furious 7 (2015)
#99539 - 1/24 Scale
Dom's Buick Grand National - Fast and Furious (2009)              
#99572 - 1/24 Scale
Brian's Ford Escort MK1 - Fast & Furious 6 (2013)
#99574 - 1/24 Scale
Brian's 1999 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning - The Fast and the Furious (2001)

Model features include:
          • Diecast metal construction
          • Authentic movie decoration
          • Movie-themed packaging

We have these Jada models in stock and ready to ship. So, visit us at and order today!

Friday, August 24, 2018

A 1/64 Scale End-of-Summer Treat is Coming SOON from First Gear!

Summer's coming to an end and that means it's time to Fall in love with NEW diecast from First Gear!

These rigs include a Mack B-61 dump truck and a Peterbilt 351 sleeper with a tri-axle lowboy trailer. 
#60-0415 - 1/64 Scale
August - September Arrival
Pete 351 Sleeper in Black w/ Tri-Axle Lowboy
These finely detailed replicas are a great homage to the machines and operators of the past, the forebears of our modern industry. Great care has been taken to preserve the historic legacy of these brands, from accurate factory color matches to unique grilles that have been meticulously recreated.

Perfect for new operators looking back, retired drivers remembering how it used to be done, or anyone who simply admires these titans of industry, these models are a fitting tribute to those who came before.  
#60-0403 - 1/64 Scale
August - September Arrival
Mack B-61 Dump Truck in Yellow and Black

These models feature: 
             • Heavy diecast metal construction              
             • Authentic detail             
             • Factory paint schemes and badging              
             • Detailed interiors

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Just in from GreenLight: Club V-Dub Series 7 in 1/64 Scale

Club V-Dub Series 7 has just rolled in from GreenLight. Available individually or in a 6-piece CASE, you'll want to get your hands on these replicas right away!
#29920-A - 1/64 Scale
1953 Volkswagen Split Window Beetle - #53 Nurburgring Racer
#29920-B - 1/64 Scale
1963 Volkswagen Type-3 Panel Van with Roof Rack
#29920-C - 1/64 Scale
1964 Volkswagen Samba Bus - Hippie Peace and Love
#29920-D - 1/64 Scale
1966 Volkswagen Type-3 Squareback
#29920-E - 1/64 Scale
1969 Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab Pickup with Roof Rack and Canopy
#29920-F - 1/64 Scale
1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Campmobile

Each of these amazing models is packed full of nostalgia and would make a great gift for someone who loves classic vehicles, Volkswagen, or GreenLight. You could even pick up a case for yourself!

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Coming in August from Diecast Promotions are Two NEW Tractor-Trailer Rigs in 1/64 Scale!!

Do you have an operator in your life that could use a reminder of your affection? DCP is here for you with new replicas that are detailed enough to please even the most discriminating driver!

The first truck is a Kenworth hauling for the Anchorage, Alaska-based transport company Carlile. Carlile primarily hauls oil drilling and exploration equipment and supplies.
#34120 - 1/64 Scale
August Arrival
Carlile - KW T800 w/ Sleeper and 53' Dry Van
The second model highlights Ryno Trucking, a premier Florida-based hauler of non-hazardous liquids such as fats, grease, oil, and biodiesel.
#34143 - 1/64 Scale
August Arrival
Ryno Trucking - Pete 389 w/ Sleeper and Brenner Chem Tanker
Features of these models include:
            • Diecast metal construction
            • Authentic badging and paint schemes
            • Steerable front wheels
            • Detailed interiors
            • Separately tooled trailers
            • Precise scaling

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Monday, August 13, 2018

New Rancher Sets are Here from New-Ray!

Have you ever dreamt of living the farm life?
Bring imaginary play to life with these NEW Kubota farming sets that just arrived from New-Ray!
#SS-33323 - 1/18 Scale
Kubota Lawn Tractor with Animals and Barn
This farmer is ready to feed the herd thanks to his Kubota lawn tractor.

#SS-33313 - 1/18 Scale
Kubota Farm Tractor with Ranch Cows and Feeding Set
Battery-operated lights and sounds

Ranch Cow Deluxe Set
These sets are recommended for children over 8 years of age. 

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Friday, August 10, 2018

NEW Diecast Farm Replicas Coming Soon from Spec-Cast!!

Arriving in September from Spec-Cast are several new 1/16 scale farm tractors with implements! 

These diecast replicas include a John Deere L, an International 340 NF, and a Farmall 400. 

First off, this John Deere L tractor features unique styling and a rear-mounted planter that's chain-driven by the rear wheels.
JDM-280 - Spec-cast John Deere L Tractor
#JDM-280 - 1/16 Scale
September Arrival
John Deere L Tractor with Planter
A more modern and complex planting solution is replicated in this International 340 with 251 planter. This tractor is in a narrow-front configuration.
ZJD-1804 - Spec-cast International 340 Narrow Front Tractor
#ZJD-1804 - 1/16 Scale
September Arrival
International 340 NF Tractor with 251 Planter

The last replica we'll look at today is a Farmall 400 with a cultivator. This tractor is ready to work alongside the tractors above to plant your crops. 
#ZJD-1818 - 1/16 Scale
September Arrival
Farmall 400 Tractor with Cultivator

All of these awesome replicas feature: 
           • Heavy diecast metal construction
           • Rubber tires on metal wheels
           • Steerable front wheels
           • Removable implements
           • Detailed engines
           • Authentic factory paint schemes and badging
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Monday, August 6, 2018

This 3-Piece Coca-Cola Set in 1/64 Scale from M2Machines is Ready for YOUR Display!

M2Machines has recently released this NEW 1/64 scale set that is perfect for anyone who loves Coca-Cola replicas. Each piece includes an acrylic case for ease of display.

#52500-RW01-SET - 1/64 scale
M2 Coca-Cola Release RW01 - 3-Piece Set

This set arrives with the following items:
Coca-Cola - 1949 Studebaker 2R Truck
Coca-Cola - 1965 Ford Econoline Delivery Van
Coca-Cola - 1970 Chevrolet C-60 Truck

Visit TODAY to place your orders for these and other amazing M2 models.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Coming This Month from Eaglemoss Are Several New Additions to the Alien and Predator Collection of Figures!

#AP42 - 1/16 Scale
Aug - Sept Arrival
Dr. Gediman - Alien: Resurrection (1997) 
These 1/16 scale figures are based on original characters and designs from the films and comics, cast in a specially formulated metallic resin, and hand-painted to a high level of detail. 
#AP45 - 1/16 Scale
September Arrival
Leonard Dillon - Alien 3 (1992)
Each one commemorates an iconic character, from the fanatical Dr. Gediman to the vile and deceptive Carter Burke. 
#AP43 - 1/16 Scale
Aug - Sept Arrival
Jeri, Synthetic Xenomorph - Aliens: Stronghold Comic (1994)
These models are the perfect balance of size and detail at 1/16 scale; large enough to allow a high level of authenticity, yet small enough to display them all in a limited space.
#AP44 - 1/16 Scale
September Arrival
Carter Burke - Aliens (1986)
You don't have to visit LV-426 for these awesome replicas! You can pre-order them today at!