Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Collecting Convenience

I think we would all concede that it's easier to collect 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64 scale models as opposed to the real machinery! The race to provide quality and affordable tractors to small and medium sized family farms has provided collectors with several beautifully designed tractors from many different manufacturers. Classic stylings from IH to Minneapolis-Moline to Massey Harris emerged and the trademark colors of each brand were established and advertised to the masses during the tractor boom of the 1940's and 50's. Thanks to the marketing of these iconic brands, any farmer can now look across his neighbors field, see the color of the tractor, and have a pretty good idea about what equipment his neighbor is using.

The hobby market has also benefitted from this design and marketing gold mine, getting to see scale models of some ground breaking machines and create collections of our favorite farm equipment, all through the convenience of scale models. has always been interested in providing the best possible diecast farm toys for our customers and the story remains the same today. So please take a look at some of our newest additions and arrivals from ERTL and Spec-Cast, and don't forget to take a peek at our vast array of farm products here.


SPEC-CAST - SCT-409 - 1/16 Price = $79.90
September - October Arrival
Minneapolis-Moline U Diesel Narrow Front with 4-row Cultivator Tractor in Orange

SPEC-CAST - SCT-412 - 1/16 Price = $56.90
Massey Harris 50 Gas Narrow Front Tractor with Headlights


ERTL - 45210 - 1/32 Price = $42.99
John Deere 8960 4WD Tractor

ERTL - 45285 - 1/64 Price = $9.99
John Deere 728OR Tractor

ERTL - 46115 - 1/16 Price = $49.99
John Deere Tractor/Wagon/Skidsteer set - part of the Ertl Big Farm collection.

ERTL - 14783 - 1/16 Price = $69.99
Farmall 656 w/ Fast Hitch

ERTL - 14804 - 1/64 Price = $11.99
Case IH Steiger 550 Tractor

ERTL - 14815 - 1/64 Price = $14.99
Case IH Magnum 180 Tractor with Dodge Ram Pickup

ERTL - 37699-SET - 1/64 Price = $26.99
Case IH State Tractor Assortment #10


Monday, August 29, 2011

Which is it?

Yeah, it's a sand box toy, but don't you just love seeing little imaginations at work?  Apparently this Ertl Big Scoop dump truck can double as a ride-on toy!  Thanks to our own Danna for sharing the picture of her adorable son! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Police Sting!

This is a Hornet worthy of its name.

In 1951 the Hudson Hornet boasted the largest six-cylinder engine in the world.  This car featured the H-145 engine which measured 308 cubic inches along with dual carburetors that produced around 145 horsepower at 3800 rpm's and measured at 275 lb/ft of torque.  Wow!  It's no wonder this car dominated stock car racing in the early '50s.

The first-generation Hornets featured a chassis with a lower center of gravity, which is one of the reasons it made a great racing machine.  From the dropped floor pan to the streamlined styling, this is a car that sings of luxury.  Underneath all that luxurious sheen is a mighty motor, itching to push the limits on and off the road.

The Franklin Mint has turned this beloved car into a highly collectible model.  This replica is done in 1/24 scale and measures around 8" long.  It's painted in a classic black and white police paint scheme with police decals on both of the coupe's doors.  To top it all off (literally) there is an era-correct police radio, sirens, and lights, completing the package.

The windows are clear, giving a good view of the detailed interior.  You can also open the trunk, hood, and doors for a closer inspection.

This is a limited edition replica of only 1,500 models worldwide - once they're gone, they're gone for good.

Price $144.95
Item #B11G406
1/24 scale
1951 Hudson Hornet Police Car - Limited Edition 

The Franklin Mint is known for its detailed precision and accuracy.  This 1951 Hudson Hornet Police Car is no less - it boasts of the unparalleled quality, artistry, and craftsmanship that you can expect in ALL of Franklin Mint's models.

Here at, we are proud to offer this line to our customers and currently carry over 130 Franklin Mint models.  You can check  them out online!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bountiful Models

Harvest time is just around the corner. These tractors and implements, modeled after both past and present machines, will prepare you for the bountiful harvest of upcoming Universal Hobbies farm toys at If you didn't get a chance to see the previous blogs about these arrivals, you can check them out here and here. Now, onto this week's batch of scheduled arrivals.

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2918 - 1/32 Price = $62.95
Le Boulch Goliath 162 Baler

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2953 - 1/32 Price = $64.95
Monosem NG Plus 4 TFC-8R Implement

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2978 - 1/32 Price = $29.95
Case Farmall 80 Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2986 - 1/16 Price = $62.95
1956 Ferguson FE 35

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2987 - 1/16 Price = $62.95
1954 Ferguson TO 35 Launch Model - Limited Edition 1954 pieces

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2989 - 1/16 Price = $64.95
Valmet 33 Diesel Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 4054 - 1/32 Price = $68.95
New Holland BB9090 Baler


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Chance!

We still have 175 sale items in stock at great prices - from over 30 different manufacturers!  Sale ends tomorrow!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Designing the Toy

The process behind designing any given model is more strenuous that one might think.  You might have an idea about all the work that goes into making a full-size car, for instance, but what about one a fraction of the size?

For this Hot Wheels Dodge
Challenger, the company had to
get approval from Chrysler.
Jil McIntosh of Metro News wrote a piece recently on everything that model car designers have to take into consideration when designing a new piece, and it's pretty interesting. 

For instance, did you know that...
Many toy car designers actually started as real car designers, some of them working for major automakers?  Or that...
While some automakers are fine with cartoonish renditions of their cars, most of the higher-end companies will only allow exact reproductions?

Just like the real cars, design ideas for the little ones usually start off as a "napkin sketch."  In the further steps, the designer has to take into consideration the final size, the desired specifications, any integrated technology, even the packaging size.

Jil interviewed a guy named Eric Tscherne, who used to design Hot Wheels.  You can check that out by clicking here.  He also talked about getting the model approved by the real car manufacturer, and that if you're dealing with a high-end company like Ferrari, they may send back the model numerous times with little modifications in order to get it just right. 

For the full article, you can follow this link to Metro News.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Stocking Full of New-Ray...

Believe it or not, but that time of the year is fast approaching.  Oh, the dread that sinks in when we realize how quickly the next few months are going to fly by.  If it makes you feel better, will help make it a little easier on you by providing you with great new releases and information each week.

Within the past two weeks alone we have received over a dozen BRAND NEW items from New-Ray, from  a 1/12 scale Vespa to a space shuttle to a safari play set - all items that are sure to inspire many childhood adventures.  If you are like me and you truly do start Christmas (or birthday) shopping early, New-Ray offers lots of fun with wallet-happy prices.

But hey, this stuff is great no matter what time of year, or age of the kid - yes, dad, I'm talking to you.  To check out a few of our newest items, please continue to scroll down.

Price $34.95
Item #14273
1/32 scale
Monster Kawasaki Motocross Race Team Truck

Price $10.95
Item #57243R
1/12 scale
Vespa GTS 300 Super in Red 
(also available in black or white)

Price $15.99
Item #73805
13-pc. Wildlife Safari Playset with Diecast Landrover and Accessories 

Price $30.95
Item #88643
1/18 scale
2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera - Remote Control Car 

Price $26.99
Item #SS-00675
Off-Road Racing Playset - Includes 2 Battery-Operated Off-Road Trucks

Price $2.99
Item #01497
NASA Space Shuttle with Pull-Back Action

Don't forget to check out our Christmas in August sale!  You can visit to check it out!



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More, More, More has more: more diecast, more new releases, more Universal Hobbies! In just a week's time we have even more September and October releases that have been announced by Universal Hobbies. I am excited about this line and I hope you are excited about getting some of these fantastic models into your hands this Fall. I'll highlight several items that are sure to satisfy your need for high quality diecast models and will be back next Wednesday with another batch of new releases. So if you don't see something that catches your eye, remember, always has more!

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2649 - 1/32 Price = $24.95
Fendt 209 F Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2900 - 1/16 Price = $64.95
1963 Fordson Super Dexta New Performance Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 6085 - 1/43 Price = $17.95
1949 Massey Harris 30 K Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 6090 - 1/43 Price = $18.00
1947 Allis Chalmers C Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 6091 - 1/43 Price = $17.95
1960 Someca SOM 35 Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2669 - 1/32 Price = $28.95
Claas Variant 365 Round Baler

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2803 - 1/32 Price = $74.95
Amazone UX5200 Field Sprayer


Monday, August 15, 2011

The Bat is Back

Well, his car is anyway. This 1966 TV Series Batmobile is the only officially licensed model of the original 1966 Batmobile featured in the TV series. George Barris himself even made sure the model is correct. From the wheels to the curved windshield, the 1966 TV Series Batmobile is detailed on an astonishing scale, embodying the history and heritage of Batman and Hot Wheels alike.

This long-awaited collector's piece arrived a few days back and is now ready to ship!  Yours should be out to you any day now - unless, of course, you haven't ordered yours yet... you can click on the item number below or image above to do just that.

Mattel Item #W1171 - 1/18 Scale - Price = $40.95

Friday, August 12, 2011

Celebrating 100 Years of Chevrolet

Chevrolet was founded in Detroit, in November 1911, by racer Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder Williams C. "Billy" Durant, who developed cars that quickly earned reputations for performance, durability and value. Those traits remain at the core of Chevrolet, which is the world's fourth-largest automotive brand.

M2Machines has been chosen as the EXCLUSIVE die-cast manufacturer to design and create a Centennial Edition to commemorate the 100th birthday of this great American brand, and you better believe that will be carrying every piece of this limited edition line.

Price $29.95     
1/64 scale
Special Edition "100 Years of Chevrolet" - Six-Piece, High-Detail SET in factory-sealed case

From the very start, Chevrolet brought technology and features typically reserved for more expensive cars to its lineup of affordable cars and trucks. The first Chevrolet - the Series C Classic Six - offered an electric starter and electric headlamps at a time when both were rarities among even luxury cars. In the decades that followed, innovations such as safety glass, fuel injection, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control systems were used on Chevrolet models at the same time as more expensive vehicles. As one of the largest - selling brands in the industry, Chevrolet's early adoption of landmark technologies fundamentally changed the way they were applied to new vehicles.

Price $52.95
1/64 scale
Auto-Haulers Release 2 - 100 Years of Chevrolet Special Centennial Edition - 3-piece set 

Chevrolet also made performance affordable. Its early four- and six- cylinder engines were known for durability and strong performance, but it was the 1955 introduction of Chevrolet's small-block V-8 that began a new era in attainable high-performance. The engine would power millions of cars and trucks in the next 50 years, with its legacy passed on to a new generation of small - block V-8s used in today's trucks and SUVs, as well as performance cars including the Camaro SS and Corvette.

Price $22.95
1/24 scale
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible "Centennial Edition"

Price $22.95
1/24 scale
1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 RS "Centennial Edition"

The performance characteristics of the small-block V-8 helped establish Chevrolet as a force in almost all forms of motorsports. Chevrolet-powered race cars were immediate contenders in the fledging stock car and drag racing worlds of the 1950s, growing to dominate them in the
next decades. Chevrolet is top winning brand in NASCAR and has collected more NHRA Pro-Stock Manufacturers Cups than any other brand.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

TWH Update

I know you've been waiting for that TWH model for a while now... maybe it's the Grove GMK or the Pierce HAL or the P&H 4100XPC. Today I spoke with Tom, the Director of Product Management here at 3000toys, and learned from him a little bit about what we're expecting to see from TWH in the weeks and months ahead. 

"I'm sure there are many collectors anxious to hear the latest news regarding the scheduled releases for TWH this year. And while none of us like having to wait around for what we want, getting up-to-date information makes the wait more bearable. And there is one thing for certain, the wait will be worth it. The City of Frisco Pierce Velocity HAL is sure to be a beautiful model, and according to the statement by TWH, it's just a matter of a few weeks before these will be here and ready to ship."

Please take the time to read the statements below. Tom went on to say, "As you can see, TWH have had their share of bad luck when it comes to the tooling issues. And while it's frustrating for all of us, we should remember that it's the dedication to quality and refusal to produce inferior product, that is what sets TWH apart."

P&H 4100XPC
The next batch of XPC models is scheduled to leave Hong Kong August 15, for arrival in the US in mid-September. Each factory shipment will include 150-300 pieces and be proportionally distributed to P&H and TWH Tier 1 distributors by pre-order timing and quantity. TWH expects all XPC orders to be filled by the end of the year.

Pierce Velocity HAL – Frisco
Priority shipping is currently underway for the Pierce Velocity HAL – Frisco model. Pierce Mfg and Frisco Fire Department will receive their units first, with shipments to follow to satisfy all pre-orders. The first Pierce Ladder truck by TWH has been receiving excellent reviews and will assuredly be worth the wait.

Pierce Velocity PUC – Miami Dade and DFW
TWH Collectibles regrets the current delay of the much anticipated Miami Dade and DFW pumpers. Significant tooling complications during the tooling modification stage has necessitated retooling for both projects. A revised ship date is forthcoming.

Grove GMK 4 and 5 axles hydraulic cranes
TWH has received approvals from all companies regarding their respective model decoration. TWH anticipates production beginning early next month with all units shipping in the month of November…just in time for holiday delivery.

Manitowoc 31000
TWH Collectibles, in cooperation with Manitowoc Cranes, is finalizing the design of the Manitowoc 31000 concurrent with real machine testing. In addition, TWH has transitioned the 31000 project over to the factory partner that has produced all of the Manitowoc crawler cranes for TWH previously… also the same factory as the Mammoet PTC model. We are confident that this decision will yield a more quality product once complete, consistent with the detail and accuracy of the tooling model which debuted in March of this year. Current ship date is the first quarter of 2012 and further updates will be released if this date will change.

I hope this helps ease the burden of your wait just a bit. If you have any comments or questions, don't hesitate to let me know!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fall-ing Temperatures, Rising Products

The recent dip in the temperatures around our area has me yearning for fall weather. I can appreciate the hot weather after the most recent cold winter, but I'm just about at my limit.

It's shaping up to be a busy Fall Equinox with several new releases from Universal Hobbies set to arrive between September and November. Over the next few weeks I'll be showing you, the faithful reader, these upcoming releases. There are 22 in all, so let's start with 7 beautiful models ranging from 1/16 to 1/50 scale, with a few keychains thrown in, too. Due at sometime between September and October, these models are ripe for your pre-order.

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 4037 - 1/16 Price = $62.95
1957 Ferguson 40 Hi - Limited Edition 1500 pieces

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 4069 - 1/32 Price = $36.95
Case Maxxum MX150 Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 8080 - 1/50 Price = $54.95
Kotmatsu HB 205 Hybrid Excavator

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 8084 - 1/50 Price = $83.95
Komatsu PC 400 LC with Short Arm Demolition

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5584 - Price = $6.95
New Holland T7.210 Keyring

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5585 - Price = $6.95
New Holland T7.210 "Blue Power" Keyring

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5586 - Price = $6.95
New Holland T7.210 "UK FLAG" Edition Keyring

And if you just can't wait for these to arrive, please remember to check out the rest of the Universal Hobbies line!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Do You ♥ Logistics?

Tonkin's biggest thing this year has been their lineup of UPS trucks.  This popular series of the beloved brown company continues with their release of the new UPS Freight Volvo Day Cab with 28' Double Pups!  These were announced at the beginning of last month, and their arrival is just around the corner.  We are expecting to receive these at the beginning of September.  These are selling super fast, so if you haven't pre-ordered yours, make sure to do that soon!


Item #10-S047 - 1/64 Scale - Price = $84.95
UPS Freight - Volvo VNM Day Cab with 28" Double Trailers