Friday, November 29, 2019

NEW 1/18 Resin Models from GT Spirit!

Arriving next month from GT Spirit are two new resin muscle car replicas in 1/18 scale: The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye and the 2020 Ford Shelby GT500!

#GT226 - 1/18 Scale
Late December - January Arrival
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye - Limited Edition

#GT268 - 1/18 Scale
Late December - January Arrival
2020 Ford Shelby GT500 - Limited Edition

These finely crafted resin models offer an extremely high level of fidelity to the original machine, from grilles and headlamps... fuel doors...

...and instrument clusters:

  Authentic badging and factory paint schemes round out the package for these high-performance vehicles. 

These elite machines may compete fiercely for dominance among auto enthusiasts, but they're ready to stand side-by-side on your shelf! Pre-order yours today at!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Black Friday Starts Now!

Get some of the year's hottest models from the industry's top brands, at the web's best prices! has you covered this holiday season with everything you need for the diecast collector in your life! 

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Friday, November 22, 2019

NEW Front Shovel Komatsu Coming from NZG

Arriving in the next few weeks from NZG is a brand-new Komatsu PC4000 Mining Excavator with Front Shovel in 1/50 scale. One of the largest construction equipment firms in the world, the Japanese-based Komatsu Ltd. was founded in 1921.

#933 - 1/50 Scale
November - Early December Arrival
Komatsu PC4000 Mining Front Shovel

This Komatsu PC4000 by NZG features:
                               • Heavy diecast metal construction
                               • Authentic factory paint scheme and badges
                               • Detailed operator’s cabin
                               • Realistic metal tracks
                               • Fully articulated boom, stick, and bucket 

Pre-order this model today at, and be sure to check out our holiday sales throughout the coming season!

Friday, November 8, 2019

NEW Tadano Crane from WSI!

 Just released by WSI is a new Tadano ATF 220G-5 Mobile Crane in 1/50 scale. This crane belongs to Midtstøl Transport AS, a mid-size heavy haulage outfit based in Arendal, Norway:
#51-2020 - 1/50 Scale
Midtstøl Transport AS - Tadano ATF 220G-5 Five-Axle Mobile Crane
 Tadano’s medium-sized 5-axle ATF 220G-5 has a 250 US ton lifting capacity and a max height of 352.8’, providing plenty of reach and power for most non-specialty jobs:
#51-2020 - 1/50 Scale
Midtstøl Transport AS - Tadano ATF 220G-5 Five-Axle Mobile Crane
WSI has recreated this Tadano machine in intricate detail, including the following features: 
                         • Heavy diecast metal construction
                         • Highly detailed driver’s and operator’s cabins
                         • Articulating and extendable boom 
                         • Authentic Midtstøl livery
                         • Working outriggers
#51-2020 - 1/50 Scale
Midtstøl Transport AS - Tadano ATF 220G-5 Five-Axle Mobile Crane
This WSI model is available to order now at!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Holiday Kickoff Sale - Over 900 Items!

A Beautiful Car Named After a Ferocious Predator Has "AAR"-ived!

In the 1970 Trans-Am Racing Series, Plymouth put their best foot forward by sponsoring two All American Racers (AAR) 'Cudas.

Despite failing to achieve a first-place finish, the tailor-made racecar spawned a street version available to the general public, which ACME has meticulously recreated in 1/18 scale
#A1806113 - 1/18 Scale
1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda in Sublime Green
The street version of the 1970 AAR 'Cuda packed a 5.6 liter, 340 cubic inch powerplant with three two-barrel carbs that Plymouth dubbed the "Six Pack":

Wrapped in the aptly named Sublime Green with blacked-out hood, this model also proudly sports factory-authentic badging:

The street version of the AAR 'Cuda had a performance-focused interior, but it didn't sacrifice comfort. It has been replicated in exacting detail by ACME:

The well-appointed trunk includes a spare tire and all the tools needed to install it:
#A1806113 - 1/18 Scale
1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda in Sublime Green
This stunning 1/18 replica has just arrived, so get over to and order yours today!