Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Norscot Availability Progress

Norscot has been able to make tremendous progress in China recently, regarding the factory issues!  

We received this letter from Norscot earlier today.  As always, we will keep you updated as we learn more.  

Also, thanks so much for your patience!  Which item are you excited about getting?

January 31, 2012
Subject: Norscot Scale Model Availability Progress

We are pleased to report important progress toward resuming the normal availability of Norscot Scale Models.

As a result of a favorable court ruling handed down on January 31 in Hong Kong, we are planning for the late February release of Norscot die-cast models and tools that have been held by our contract manufacturer in China. Upon release of this material, it will be transferred to a new factory and shipping point.

We anticipate the transfer of materials to be completed and verified by mid-March, and the shipments of some items to resume later that month from Hong Kong.

We will keep you informed as additional information becomes available.


Norscot Group, Inc.

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Tonkin Truck - Super Limited Edition!

Tonkin will soon be releasing a SUPER exclusive limited edition truck! Only 60 of these trucks are available to the collector market; the rest went to the trucking company.

These are International Prostar trucks with PGT Trucking graphics.  White cab, curtainside tralier with silver flat and landing gear.

They'll be here in just a couple weeks - make sure to order yours before they're all snatched up!

Item #S2324349 - 1/53 Scale - $75.00 

Signature Series - Thoughtfully designed and diecast in metal to 1/53 scale, each Signature Series replica is carefully crafted to reflect the details that make the real trucks special. 

Details include:
• OEM Certified Custom Graphics
• Opening Hood (where applicable)
• Brand Specific Details 

PGT Trucking, Inc., founded in 1981 and headquartered in Monaco, PA, is a national flatbed motor carrier. They serve many industries including steel, building materials, machinery, raw materials, aluminum and automotive. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Jaunt Across the Pond with Universal Hobbies

Our friends in Europe use some different styles of trucks to get stuff done, but that doesn't mean they're any less effective (or nice to look at). You won't find as many Peterbilt or Mack trucks roaming the countryside across the pond, but will instead find Iveco and Renault tractors pulling a wide array of trailers and goods. Indeed, the following trucks from Universal Hobbies get the job done all while looking very sharp. We are set to receive these trucks this Spring, but will have limited quantities, so please be sure to get your pre-orders in soon.

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5634 - 1/50 Price = $78.95
Krone - Renault Magnum 500 AE Blue with trailer and 2x20ft container

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5638 - 1/16 Price = $78.95
Fords International Derby - Renault Magnum 500AE

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5640 - 1/50 Price = $78.95
David Haig - Iveco Stralis Transport Semi with 40 ft Container

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5641 - 1/50 Price = $78.95
David Haig Transport - Renault Magnum Semi-Truck and Trailer

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5642 - 1/50 Price = $78.95
Renault Magnum Semi-Truck and Trailer

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5644 - 1/50 Price = $78.95
Boyle Transport - Scania Semi-Truck with Trailer in Red

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5664 - 1/50 Price = $78.95
Schenker - Scania R 580 and Krone 2x20 Trailer

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 5665 - 1/50 Price = $78.95
DHL - Scania R 580 with Krone 2x20 Trailer

Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Maisto to Offer Muscle Machines!

We like to keep you in the know as to what's going on with your toys. 

So, seeing as we heard some fun news from Maisto this last week, here we are to pass it along to you.

"The May Cheong Group (MCG), manufacturers of Maisto and Bburago, have announced the acquisition of tooling and intellectual property of the Muscle Machines brand from Bodylines/Bruce Schultz, the famed 3D artist who worked on the original models. 

"The Muscle Machines brand, which features American muscle car replicas with exposed chrome-plated engines, beefy rear wheels, and on the larger scales, steel braided hoses, took vehicle aisles by storm in early 2000. 

"Australian artist Rohan Day created the original trading card artwork which accompanied the 1/64 models and much of the packaging. Day will be staying with the line to create new artwork. 

"MCG is excited for this brand to be added to the Maisto line, and they have plans to keep new and interesting releases coming out for years. Their plans are to release Muscle Machines at the Nuremberg and New York Toy Fairs next month and to ship this summer. 

"More information will soon be available at www.musclemachines.com and www.maisto.com."

Friday, January 20, 2012

New tōn Trucks from Tonkin! UPS & More

Introduced in 2004, tōn (rhymes with stone) trucks are a high quality model in 1/87 scale. These trucks are OEM certified and feature brand specific details, custom graphics and detachable trailers. These little trucks make a big impression and are perfect for HO train layouts!

Late January - February Arrival
UPS - Mack Day Cab with Double Drop Deck Vans  
Item #SP159 - 1/87 Scale - Price = $17.95
UPS - Mack Day Cab with 53' Dry Van Trailer
Item #SP160 - 1/87 Scale - Price = $17.95   

UPS - Freightliner Cascadia Day Cab with double drop deck vans
Item #SP161 - 1/87 Scale - Price = $17.95

UPS - Freightliner Cascadia Day Cab with 53' Container and Chassis 
Item #SP162 - 1/87 Scale - Price = $17.95

UPS Freight - Volvo Day Cab with 28' Doubles  
Item #SP163 - 1/87 Scale - Price = $17.95
UPS Freight - International Prostar Day Cab with 28' Doubles
Item #SP164 - 1/87 Scale - Price = $17.95
UPS Freight - International Prostar Day Cab with 53' Dry Van Trailer 
Item #SP165 - 1/87 Scale - Price = $17.95

We've also got a bunch of other tōn Trucks in - check them out by clicking here!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Norscot Scale Model Availability Update

On Wednesday, January 18, 2012, we received the following statement from Norscot:

We are sorry to report that the issues affecting availability of Norscot Scale Models, which began in 2011, have continued into 2012.

In an attempt to compel shipments of these models by our contract die-cast factory in China, Norscot initiated action in Hong Kong High Court against the factory. One hearing was held, on January 13. A further hearing is scheduled for January 31.

We remain optimistic about a successful outcome and the subsequent resumption of scale model availability, though obviously we cannot at this time provide a timetable for those models now held at the factory, pending the results of our legal efforts.

At the same time, we have established a working relationship with another die-cast factory for new models going forward. We will be announcing these new models as they come into production.

We will keep you informed as additional information becomes available.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On the Prowl with Bobcat

The same qualities that make a bobcat a fearsome predator are what make Bobcat machines so appealing: compact strength and versatility. Those qualities are on full display in our batch of recently-arrived Bobcat models. With size and detail to spare, Bobcat's 1/25 scale models fit in nicely to any construction collection and could easily find their way into a farm collection as well. My personal favorite is the compact excavator. Which new Bobcat catches your eye?

BOBCAT - 6988104 - 1/25 Price = $40.95
Bobcat CT325 Compact Tractor with Front Loader

BOBCAT - 6988775 - 1/25 Price = $40.95
Bobcat E35 Compact Excavator

BOBCAT - 6988776 - 1/25 Price = $33.95
Bobcat T770 Tracked Skidsteer

BOBCAT - 6988919 - 1/25 Price = $33.95
Bobcat T770 Skidsteer

Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 16, 2012

We Love Making Our Customers Happy :)

I try to not brag about what I accomplish, but I had nothing to do with this!  I'm gonna brag on 3000toys' service real quick... :)

Last week, we got an email from a customer who had just received his 2011 Texaco truck.  For those who don't know, the Texaco trucks were delayed, the special edition trucks even more so than the regular edition trucks.

This is what aforementioned customer Terry said:

Texaco Truck #28 (2011) Special Edition
"First I want to thank you for sending my Texaco truck. It's great but not as great as the service you provide. 

"I am so glad you received your order and were able to get them out to your customers and not raise the prices, as many dealers did, taking advantage of so many people. The dealers I USED to buy from did just that! 

"I can assure you that I am now a 3000toys fan. Thanks again for the great shipping, service, and spiritual goodies. You made one old duffer very happy!"

Thanks for your feedback, Terry - we really appreciate it!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Come See Us This Weekend! World's Greatest Hobby on Tour

Looking for something to do this weekend?  In the Chicago area?
We will be at the World's Greatest Hobby on Tour model railroading show in Schaumburg, IL, (right outside Chicago) this weekend. 
Andrea and Danna are there right now setting up the 3000toys booth! 

You can read more about the show here: www.wghshow.com 

Make sure to stop by and see them if you have the chance!

The booth will look a lot like this!
This was our booth at the Indianapolis show.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Becoming a Model Citizen with Eligor

Registering to vote, not littering, and always being willing to let another driver merge into your lane are all acts of a model citizen. Soon to be added to that list: collecting Eligor models. Eligor makes high-quality, 1/43 scale models that feature unique subject matter: how many ecologically friendly trucking companies are driving around your collection? None? What about Parisian advertising vehicles? Then it's time to make room for Eligor. I'm predicting that owning one of these newly released models (scheduled to arrive at 3000toys.com in February - March) will soon be a key to being a well-rounded and fun individual.

ELIGOR - 101423 - 1/43 Price = $39.95
The Living Images - CITROËN 2CV AZU Special
This wonderful model displays the attention grabbing advertising vehicles that were commonly seen driving around or parked in high traffic areas. These were equipped with neon-lit windows that were controlled by a timer; each time the timer went off pictures were on display for the crowds to see.

ELIGOR - 101389 - 1/43 Price = $48.95
SINPAR Castor Firetruck
This model depicts a vehicle used by the Marine Firemen to fight against maritime pollution with anti pollution prevention equipment with which the Firemen used to safeguard the quality of the fauna and flora of the coast. This vehicle makes it possible to access places where no other vehicle could and, as a result, be as responsive as possible to face pollution threatening the beaches.

ELIGOR - 114442 - 1/43 Price = $66.95
Iveco Stralis - 2007 Ecostralis Cab Only
For Iveco, sustainable development is more than a goal, it is a business plan, a mentality on which to base everyday decisions. The Ecostralis is the realization of that commitment to ensure maximum productivity and low operating costs, all while minimizing the impact on the environment. This model shows the impressive design components on the Ecostralis and will make an impressive addition to any collection.

ELIGOR - 114500 - 1/43 Price = $123.95
Callejo Transportation - Man TGX XXL
Spurred on by ecological awareness, Callejo Transportation continuously seeks to minimize its carbon footprint. This approach is based on a fleet of newer vehicles meeting the latest European emissions standards, training drivers to be enviromentally responsible, and utilizing advanced logistics and planning to be on-time without stress or overuse of the trucks. This wonderful model is a prime example of a stylish vehicle from their fleet.

ELIGOR - 114515 - 1/43 Price = $123.95
Transport UTE - DAF XF105 Space Cab
Founded in 1991 with two vehicles, Transport UTE specializes in urgent deliveries in Europe. This model is a beautiful exampe of a vehicle from their fleet.

ELIGOR - 114404 - 1/43 Price = $129.95
Iveco Glider - Cab only
The super-aerodynamic Iveco Glider was developed in conjunction with Centro Ricerche Fiat. It has all sorts of clever fuel-saving features including an energy-recovery system built into the exhaust, photo-voltaic cells on the roof, and an extra-sleek exterior. This beautiful model is made all the more impressive with working front and rear lights!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year Sale still saving you $$


Happy new year!  If you haven't checked out our beginning of the year sale yet, click the link above and happy collecting!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ringing in the New Year with Spec-Cast!

With a new year comes the excitement of brand new models from your friends at 3000toys.com!  There will be many new items that will be added over the course of this year, but one line in particular, Spec-Cast, has really started this year off with a bang!

Below you will find 4 of our newest models from Spec-Cast, but believe me, this I just the beginning.  You can check out pricing and pictures below.

Jan - Feb Arrival
Price $33.90
1/64 scale
Massey Ferguson Kenworth T660

Jan - Feb Arrival
Price $33.90
1/64 scale
Challenger MT600C Series Kenworth T660

*Final image to be released soon
Jan - Feb Arrival
 Price $25.90
1/25 scale
John Deere 1940 Ford Pickup Truck

Jan - Feb Arrival
Price $58.90
1/16 scale
Oliver 3-Bottom Plowmaster on Rubber Wheels

Customer service is open Monday thru Friday, 8:30 to 5:00 (central), but you can shop 24/7 online at 3000toys.com!