Friday, April 30, 2010

New Norscot Just Arrived

Our selection of Norscot items continues to grow... We are excited to let you know that just yesterday three new items from them arrived. These items are MINIS, in 1/87 scale. Perfect for your Norscot, contruction, or general die-cast collection. They also accompany HO train layouts perfectly. Each is sold as a set of two pieces.

The first includes the Caterpillar D5G XL Track-Type Tractor and 420E Backhoe Loader (Item #55386).

Here's the Caterpillar 906 Wheel Loader and 315C L Hydraulic Excavator (Item #55387).

Lastly, here's the Caterpillar 272C Skid Steer Loader and 793D Mining Truck (Item #55388).

We also sell all of these items together as one 6-piece set that includes two of each of the mini-sets shown above. You can view that on our website here.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pictures from the FDIC Show in Indianapolis

The FDIC (Fire Department Instructors Conference) Show was in Indy last weekend. We thought you would enjoy some photos of this show displaying the real-life trucks.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spec-Cast - Just announced

 Spec-Cast has just announced limited availability of this "Mark Twain" Oliver 880 LP Gas Tractor with Oliver Cart Sprayer. These are due to arrive within the next couple weeks. This steerable tractor will include a 2010 Mark Twain Toy Show insert and collector's box. Other features include:

  • True to detail right down to the two 55 gallon drums 
  • Authentic Oliver graphics 
  • Diecast rims
  •  First Oliver sprayer cart replica

Thursday, April 22, 2010

TWH Collectibles Launches DFW Airport Pierce PUC

The press releases are being sent, and attendees at the FDIC show are going to be viewing the metal samples any moment now.

TWH Collectibles is producing a Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Velocity Pierce Ultimate Configuration (PUC)!

Although they will not reach the market until late this year, with just a 525-piece Limited Production run, these will sell out quickly.

The features and details are incredible (as we've come to expect from TWH). Here are just a few:
Opening Cab Revealing a Detailed Engine and Transmission
Steerable and Rotating Front Wheels
Replicated TAK 4 Suspension
Photoetched Grill and Diamond-Plate Decking
Front and Rear Tow Hooks
Rotating Hose Reels
Air Conditioning Unit
Accurate Front Bumper Configuration

This image is of the FIRST METAL SAMPLE. So, expect a few slight changes.

Be sure to get in your pre-order: TWH fire pre-order items.

If it isn't coming up on the site yet, it will soon - check back at in a bit or call us at 417-659-TOYS.

Here are a few images from the station:

Do you know your Fire Trucks - Hint 3

Here's the final hint before the truck is unveiled at noon Central time today!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do you know your Fire Trucks - Hint 2

The new TWH fire truck will be announced tomorrow at noon, April 22nd.

In the meantime, here's your next clue...this is its home.

Any ideas?? Leave your guess in the comments section.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do you know your Fire Trucks?

TWH is coming out with a new fire truck at the end of the year which will be announced later this week. Here's your first clue below.
Post your comment telling us which truck you think this is, and we'll have another clue for you on Wednesday.
Have fun!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Customize your Kenworth! has just received several of Tonkin's latest releases, with an added feature! These Kenworth W900L 86" Studio Sleepers each come with interchangeable roofs. Now you can take the roof off to point out the fine interior to your friends or colleagues, and then put a totally different roof back on.

These are part of Tonkin's Precision Series, using four to five times the industry standard for parts used. Each Precision Series model is certifies by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer, like Kenworth). Features of these models include, but are not limited to:

  • Opening Doors
  • Opening Hood
  • Accessible, detailed interior
  • Working Suspension
  • Steering Front Axle
  • Opening Toolbox
Measurements are 6.75" x 2" x 2"

Available in several different colors. See all of the options, along with other recent arrivals, here on

Friday, April 16, 2010

The year of the Dragon

I know, it's not really the year of the Dragon. That's 2012. But putting all that aside, I believe it will be the year of the Dragon here at Let me explain. 

We will have several items by TWH Collectibles coming in the month of May that feature Drake Trailers. If you are not familiar with this Australian trailer manufacturer, here is some information from their website:

Companies such as James Contract Supplies, Lampson Australia, Theiss Contractors, Doolan's Heavy Haulage, Peter Tippet Heavy Haulage, Kingston Industries, McAleese Transport, Hi-Haul, BHP Bilitton, Nt Queensland Heavy Haulage, Australia Army and Rei Tinto use Drake Trailers; most still operating after 25 years or more.
The Drake Telescopic Steerable trailers feature automatic steering on all axles with a powered steering system to allow manual override when required. The multiple beam telescopic chassis is camber adjustable, operates extremely smoothly and includes air operated lock pins and automatic cable extension.
Continued research and development of our trailer range over the years is part of Drake Trailers commitment to customer requirements.
Drake Trailers is the specialist trailer manufacturer in Australia and has produced many 'firsts' which have revolutionized the transport industry.
In 1969 the Drake 'Swingwing' 100t capacity highway trailer revolutionized heavy haulage in Australia, and even today design refinements place the 'Swingwing' at the top of the tree.

We were privileged recently to have met with some of our friends at TWH Collectibles and learn more about Drake and what they stand for, and I was inspired to do a little research of my own. The word Drake comes from Middle English, but finds roots in even the most ancient cultures. Originally a reference to the snake, the word has since evolved to represent a fantastical creature both feared and revered for its majesty, the dragon. 

Drake Trailers has appropriately chosen the Gila Monster (very dragon-like indeed) to represent the brand. The Gila has been described as "strong and proud," not to mention their powerful bite. These critters are certainly rugged, and the trailers are equally tough. 

These quality models in 1/50 scale will be available in limited quantity, but be on the lookout for more from Drake in the future. Check out your current options here on 3000toys.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 is pleased to announce that TWH Collectibles, in partnership with Seagrave Manufacturing located in Clintonville, WI, has released a 1:50 scale diecast model of the Redwood City Seagrave Tractor-Drawn Aerial (TDA) with Marauder II Chassis. The Truck #9 model features high detail, precision and quality, and is built to replicate the exact configuration of Redwood City Fire Department's TDA located in California, USA.

Functions and features of the Redwood City TDA include a pivoting and opening cab that reveals a detailed diesel engine and transmission, extendable 4 section diecast ladder with extending waterway, steerable front tractor and trailer axles, functional outriggers with removable pads and functioning suspension. Additional features include detailed tiller cab, accurate decal package, accurately replicated hoses and wires, roof mounted air handling unit, replicated diamond plated decking, work and safety lighting and photo etch steps.

Redwood City Truck #9 is now available at for preorder with an availability date of May-June. Production run for this replica is limited to 500 pieces, and it retails for $289.95.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Great feedback!

We received this wonderful testimony last week from a customer, and with her permission, we'd like to share it with you.

"Upon receiving my shipment yesterday, I felt a need to explain my purchase as well as to say thank you.  It was very important to me to receive my order before Friday this week and I appreciate the fact that everything worked out perfectly.  This is why....

I needed a pink Steiger tractor and a Steiger Tiger tractor.  I had been to our local Fleet store and ordered what I needed about 3 weeks ago.  The end result of that was that I discovered on Saturday that the product never got ordered.  I needed to find the tractors by Friday and they needed to be these tractors.  Low and behold I found your website online and decided to take the chance. 

A good friend of ours has breast cancer.  There is a benefit for her this Saturday.  Her husband works for Steiger Manufacturing (where the original Steiger tractors were made).  I had first seen the pink tractor around Christmas time.  The owners daughter received one for Christmas - they had never seen the pink "Panther" Steiger tractor.  At any rate, they are having an auction at the benefit and we are putting together a basket of Steiger tractors - the pink one was perfect to represent breast cancer.  You provided the missing pieces to complete the set and they made it here in plenty of time.  It doesn't sound like much, but to me, it made my day and for that I thank you.

Lastly, when I opened your package, I discovered your nice additions - the mint and the postcard.  Based on what my experience was about and my panic over not being able to fulfill my promise, I found that to be a very nice touch - as well as very appropriate for the situation.  I stopped in at the Steiger Mfg. last night and showed them how you delivered my package.  They have 3 grandsons in which I had originally ordered them the Tigers in town as well.  I will definitely be coming back to you to get those shortly. 

Gods peace to you all for your customer service.  It's the little things, but it meant alot that you did what you said you would do in your website.  Thank you!

Shannon M."

Friday, April 9, 2010

70 NEW Items from Maisto

We are excited to let you know that SEVENTY new items from Maisto have been added to our site within the past week. These new products range from cars to trucks to SUVs, from vintage to modern, from Mercedes to Ford to Chevy to HUMMER. They are all in 1/18 scale, and they are due to arrive this month or next. Here's a look at a few of them, and you can check them all out on our website.
Pro-Rodz 1965 Pontiac GTO in Green in 1/18 scale.

2005 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible in Orange in 1/18 scale.

All Stars 1952 Citro├źn 15CV 6 Cylinder in Blue in 1/18 scale.

Dirt Rider HUMMER H2 SUT Concept in Red in 1/18 scale.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Introducing Eligor’s Spring Releases is excited to introduce a myriad of new items from Eligor hitting our site this month. These France-based, die-cast models are 1:43 scale and finely detailed.

Also known as the “Berlinette”, the A110 was a sports car produced by the French manufacturer Alpine from 1961 to 1977. After becoming famous for its victories as a rally car, they introduced the A110 1600S with an aluminum block engine which could reach speeds of 210 km/h (130 mph). The 1973 model was famous for becoming the first World Rally Champion.

The Renault Trucks adventure began on the 1st of March in Northern Cape and ended on July 8th, 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa, covering 21 countries. During this journey this Kerax truck demonstrated its robustness and reliability under the most extreme conditions. This product is very accurate with excellent detailing.

The Renault Magnum is the flagship model of Renault Trucks, which is available in semi and rigid configurations. Both configurations can be bought with a 6×2 or 4×2 drive train. First launched in 1990, the Magnum was awarded the "International Truck of the Year" in 1991. Featuring the “ING” Logo on the trailer, this model is high quality and very detailed.

Highlighted are just a few of the new releases, please visit to check out the rest of the spring release.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back By Popular Demand

Corgi has again made available some high demand items and is pleased to bring them back. These are planned to be made available later this month and in May. These items range from military models to small scale cars to heavy haulers.

The Fokker Dr.1 was a German Triplane whose look was made famous by the Red Baron. This model replicates the highly decorated flying ace Josef Jacobs who used the distinctive black color scheme. The Fokker Dr 1 had an open cockpit as well as two machine guns with an intercepting gear that was designed to fire bullets through the propeller arc without hitting the blades. Only 320 of these planes were manufactured during World War I, so there aren’t any of these around today, only replicas.

Next we have the James Bond 007 “Little Nellie”, an ingenious gyrocopter which packed into four suitcases and positively bristles with weaponry, as Blofeld was to discover! This 1:36 scale model is highly detailed, down to the high-tech gadgetry that makes it so famous, making it easy to re-live those unforgettable moments from the James Bond film series that everyone remembers so fondly.

Heavy Haulers continues to be one of the most popular collector ranges, and we are pleased to offer this double-duty, double-heavy, double-die-cast Kenworth W925 truck hauling an abandoned die-cast St. Louis Company PCC streetcar. It replicates a Tyler and Sons Trucking big rig with a 5 axle lowboy trailer, the likes of which is possible to be seen on the highway today.

These and many other exciting offerings from Corgi will be available in April and May, so please visit us at for details and get your pre-orders in.

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Releases from ERTL!

As we enter into the second quarter of the year already, we have more than a dozen new items from ERTL to show you. These will especially appeal to our John Deere collectors out there. Make sure to get your preorders for these in soon, and they'll be coming in within the next several weeks. Here are a few in particular that I want to show you all.

Here's a really nice piece, the John Deere 9330 Prestige Tractor. It's in 1/16 scale and made especially for the adult collector.

This is our John Deere 4930 with dry box load, in 1/64 scale.

Lastly, the John Deere 348 Square Baler, in 1/16 scale as well.

This is just a peak at our new additions of ERTL, so make sure to check out our website to see all our new ERTL products.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Hobby Master arriving soon!

Historical collectors are sure to be excited about the new offerings will be unveiling in the next couple of months. Hobby Master is releasing some extraordinary World War II era models that are a must have for any military collection. I’d like to introduce you to a few of them.

First up is the F6F-5P Hellcat in 1:72 scale. This model replicates the photo-reconnaissance version of the F6F piloted by the VF-84 “Wolf Gang” stationed on the USS Bunker Hill.

Next is the P-39Q Airacobra in 1:72 scale. This is a replica of Snooks 2nd, the plane flown by ace Lt. Col. William Shomo, who received the Medal of Honor for shooting down seven Japanese aircraft during a single mission on January 11, 1945.

And, not to forget the ground units, we have the Marder III Tank Destroyer in 1:72 scale. The German Marder III was the result of pairing up a cache of Soviet 76.2 mm field guns, captured during Operation Barbarossa, with the Panzer 38(t) chassis.

Like I mentioned before, these are but a few of the exciting new items coming from Hobby Master. The other releases include some modern military aircraft as well as a couple in the commercial division. Please be sure to visit for details. Get your pre-orders in now because these quality models are sure to fly off our shelves.