Sunday, July 31, 2016

Last Day to SAVE during Christmas in July!

Today is the LAST DAY of Christmas in July! Save up to 75% through this evening on hundreds of items!

Here are just a handful of the incredible deals going on:


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Friday, July 29, 2016

Let the Good Times Roll with NEW Club V-Dub Series 3 1/64 Scale Replicas from Volkswagen and Greenlight!

Few auto manufacturers have infiltrated pop culture as successfully as Volkswagen, and GreenLight celebrates that legacy with Series 3 of their popular Club V-Dub collection coming really soon!
#29840-CASE - 1/64 Scale
August Arrival
1948 Type 1 Beetle in Primer Grey with Roof Rack 
Taking some of the most popular Volkswagens ever from almost four decades, GreenLight has recreated them in 1/64 scale. 
#29840-CASE - 1/64 Scale
August Arrival
1949 Type 1 Beetle in Black with Flames
Features of these great new models include:
·         Diecast metal construction
·         Custom V-Dub themed packaging
·         Free-rolling wheels
·         Exceptional detail in 1/64 scale
#29840-CASE - 1/64 Scale
August Arrival
1951 Split Window Beetle in Azure Blue with Sunroof
If you’re new to collecting GreenLight replicas, you’ll be excited to hear about their “Green Machines.” These special ‘chase’ cars make up only 2% of the 1/64 scale production run and are set apart from the regular items by a special chromed ‘green’ accent such as green wheels or a green chassis – or both. We're offering V-Dub Series 3 in complete 6-piece sets in factory-sealed cases!  Have fun with the chase!  
#29840-CASE - 1/64 Scale
August Arrival
1974 Type II Campmobile in Yosemite Yellow
So, whether you're a Beetle fan or you're more into Volkswagen's larger vehicles, like this 1974 Campmobile...
#29840-CASE - 1/64 Scale
August Arrival
1975 Type II Ambulance with Siren
...this great Type II Ambulance with siren...
#29840-CASE - 1/64 Scale
August Arrival
1977 Type II Bus in Sumatra Green with Roof Rack

...or this '77 Type II Bus with a roof rack, indulge your inner flower child with these awesome new 1/64 scale models. Be sure to check out for more GreenLight replicas as well!

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

HALF PRICE items during Christmas in July!

Christmas in July is in full swing, and there are A LOT of great items on sale right now!

Here's a look at just a few of the amazing 1/2 price deals available:

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

1/87 Scale Bobcat Mural Trucks from Norscot? Yes, Please!!!

Bobcat, Peterbilt, and Norscot have come together to create some awesome 1/87 scale mural trucks. They feature operable rear trailer doors, functional fifth wheels that allow the trailers to be removed, and accurate trailer interiors. Take a closer look!
#25102 - 1/87 Scale
Bobcat - Peterbilt 379 with Sleeper in Black and 53' Trailer with Custom Mural 
This model has the Peterbilt 379 sleeper sporting a classy chrome-on-black color scheme. The custom dry van mural trailer has a great action shot of a Bobcat E55 Compact Excavator doing its thing.
#25103 - 1/87 Scale
Bobcat - Peterbilt 379 with Sleeper in White and 53' Trailer with Custom Mural
The chrome-on-white version includes a trailer showing off the Bobcat T300 Track Loader hard at work.

If you're a Bobcat collector, these trucks are a no-brainer! They're in-stock and ready to roll, so head over to and order yours today!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Check Out an Amazing 1/18 Scale Trailer from Motor City Classics: The Bowlus Teller Classic Aluminum Travel Trailer!

Need something special in 1/18 scale? Take a closer look at this replica of the Bowlus Teller Classic Aluminum Travel Trailer from Motor City Classics!
#88101 - 1/18 Scale
Bowlus Teller Classic Aluminum Travel Trailer
This model is made of sturdy diecast metal with rubber tires.

These travel trailers have opening outer doors and screen doors, as well as a removable top which allows you to view the detailed interior.

You can also see the travel-ready appliances and furniture through the clear windows. There are even propane tanks attached to the tongue of this amazing trailer.

Visit us at to place your orders for this Bowlus Teller Classic Aluminum Travel Trailer from Motor City Classics today! While you are there, don't forget to pick out a 1/18 scale pickup to go with your trailer!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Christmas in July: Save Up to 75%

Celebrate Christmas in July with savings up to 75% now through Sunday, July 31st!

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Friday, July 22, 2016

New International Harvester Pickups Are Coming This Fall from First Gear!

International Harvester is a brand that's nostalgic for many people. Most of us who grew up in farm country instantly recognize that distinctive IH red. Now you can bring those memories home with two new 1/25 scale replicas from First Gear!

#40-0383 - 1/25 Scale
Fall Arrival
1979 International Harvester Scout Terra Pickup in Red

Constructed of high quality diecast metal, these 1979 Scout Terra Pickups are packed with the following great features:

·         opening doors and tailgates
·         highly detailed interiors
·         a spare tire mounted in the bed
·         authentic OEM paint and markings
·         a realistically modeled undercarriage
·         polished chrome accents
#40-0391 - 1/25 Scale
Fall Arrival
1979 International Harvester Scout Terra Pickup in Green

Whether you choose the "International red" service truck or the emerald green farm truck, you're sure to be thrilled with the quality. Head on over to, and browse our large selection of First Gear models.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Did You Know that This Year is the 50th Anniversary of the Charger? American Muscle is Celebrating!

The team at American Muscle never forgets a birthday or anniversary (something I wish I could say about myself), and they are going all out for the 50th anniversary of the mighty Charger! 
#1086 - 1/18 Scale
October / November Arrival
1971 Dodge Charger R/T in GY8 Metallic Gold - 50th Anniversary of the Dodge Charger
This 1/18 scale special anniversary edition 1971 Dodge Charger comes in a distinctive black-on-gold color scheme and features hidden headlights.

The beastly 440 Six-Pack motor is easily admired with a quick lift of the hood.

The doors open to reveal the beautifully detailed interior.

Of course the trunk opens to expose the spare tire.
You should put in your pre-order at today! If this third generation Charger doesn't pique your interest, we have scads of other Chargers available. Check out the Chargers from American Muscle, GreenLight, Maisto, Auto World, and Jada Toys!

Monday, July 18, 2016

New 1/18 Scale 1967 Ford Mustangs from GreenLight!

GreenLight has just announced two NEW 1967 Ford Mustangs in 1/18 scale. These models are both highly-detailed and come with unique accessories for each replica. Both items are expected to arrive early this Fall, and we can't wait!
#12965 - 1/18 Scale
September / October Arrival
Ski Country Special - 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe in Vail Blue with Ski Rack
Features include:
Removable skis and ski poles 
Perfect size for large scale dioramas and vintage car scenes 
Customized, era-themed packaging 
Accurate vintage livery 
Opening hood reveals decorated engine 
Opening trunk lid allows use of decorated trunk area 
Front wheels linked to steering 
Chrome accents 
True-to-scale detail 
Limited edition
#12966 - 1/18 Scale
September / October Arrival
1967 Ford Mustang Coupe in Playboy Pink with Luggage Rack
Features include:
Removable luggage - 2 pieces 
Perfect size for large scale dioramas and vintage car scenes 
Customized, era-themed packaging 
Accurate vintage livery 
Opening hood reveals decorated engine 
Opening trunk lid allows use of decorated truck area 
Front wheels linked to steering 
Chrome accents 
True-to-scale detail 
Limited edition

Visit us at to place your pre-orders for these and other replicas from GreenLight today!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Set Phasers to FUN! Eaglemoss Star Trek Ships are Available NOW!

Star Trek fans, rejoice! There's always something to discover at 3000toys, and today, that means Star Trek replicas!

Here are some of my favorite starship models from Eaglemoss:
July Arrival
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701
First, the ship that started it all, the NCC-1701. It's beloved by millions, and now the replica of the classic Enterprise can be yours! Featuring diecast metal construction, this model packs impressive detail and includes a display stand. 

Borg Sphere
Face the terrifying Borg with this diecast Borg Sphere, as seen in Star Trek: First Contact. Resistance is futile!

USS Defiant, NX-74205
Star Fleet's first true warship, the Defiant Class, was developed in response to the unparalleled threat of a Borg invasion. Own a piece of its historic legacy with this highly detailed model.

Discover over 60 more Star Trek models from Eaglemoss by boldly going to!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Auto World is Bringing Home Buddy's Camaro from Christine!!!

Auto World has announced another model from the 1983 movie Christine. We have already seen the star of the show, Christine herself - the 1958 Plymouth Fury. We also have the 1968 Dodge Charger that Dennis drove. Now we're adding the beautiful 1967 Chevy Camaro driven by Buddy Repperton. So whether you're out to recreate the whole automotive cast from the movie, or you just like Camaros, read on!
#AWSS114 - 1/18 Scale
September / October Arrival
1967 Chevrolet Camaro in Light Blue - Christine (1983)
The hood opens to reveal the legendary small-block 350 Turbo-Fire engine.
The doors open to give us a better look at the detailed interior.
Of course the trunk opens, too! It includes a spare tire, just in case Christine gives you a flat.
Realistic headlights and steerable wheels bring this replica across the finish line.

Head over to and check out the whole collection of 1/18 scale Auto World cars from the movie! 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Corgi Just Announced a 1/72 Scale Avro Vulcan B2, XM607!

We are excited to announce this new 1/72 scale version of the Avro Vulcan B2, XM607 which is coming from Corgi later this Fall! 
#AA27203 - 1/72 Scale
October / November Arrival
Avro Vulcan B.2, XM607, RAF No.44 Sqn, ‘Operation Black Buck’, Falklands, 1982
This highly-detailed model comes with a couple of display options. First, you can display it with the landing gear down.
Or you can display it on its stand so that you can see the bomb bay doors that open to reveal replicas of the bomb load from 'Operation Black Buck' in the Falkland Islands.

To get your very own 1/72 scale Avro Vulcan B2, XM607, visit us at to place your pre-orders. While you are there, you should also check out more of the historical planes, helicopters, and other models from Corgi!