Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Over 50 new ERTL items!

I've just finished adding ERTL's new releases to, and I think several of them will peak your interest. Let's start with something for the little farmers out there.

ERTL's Big Farm series has been a hit, but of course it's not surprised. Durability and play value are clearly priorities with this line of products, and we have 8 new releases for you this year.

The first release, a New Holland Ripper, is due to arrive in the next 2-4 weeks, and all are available for pre-order now. The blue ripper is compatible with most 1/16 ERTL (and Bruder) farm replicas, the discs are free-rolling, and it's positionable. This could surely be a unique item in the sandbox this summer!

Other upcoming New Holland Big Farm releases include the following:

New Holland Flatbed Trailer (to be released in June/July)
New Holland BB9060 Square Baler (to be released in Nov/Dec)

And for the big farm boys out there, don't think that we've forgotten you. ERTL will also have 9 New Holland releases this year for the collector, including die-cast models as well as this 1/16 scale R/C New Holland T6000 tractor. Watch here for more new releases, or go to to see our full variety of products.

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