Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bruder is Going Green and Gold!

John Deere is an iconic brand that carries with it the memory of generations of hard work on farms across the globe. Bruder recently added that familiar green and gold to its family of 1/16 scale sandbox toys. Let's take a look at a few of these new models that just came in!

#09801 - 1/16 Scale
John Deere 6920 Tractor
Talk about iconic! John Deere is known for a lot of different implements and vehicles, but none stand apart as much as the classic tractor. This 6920 tractor is perfect for adventures inside and outdoors, and because Bruder toys are made of high impact ABS plastic, you know that this tractor is in for the long haul!

#09804 - 1/16 Scale
John Deere T670i Combine Harvester

Combines are a mainstay of the farming industry, and John Deere has been there for decades to provide some of the best equipment around. Bruder, in the same way, is providing some of the best toys on the market - durable, fun plastic toys that spur on the imagination.

Who is going to drive these machines? Bruder has the answer! Bruder has produced four different figures (two men and two women) that work with these models and the rest of the Bruder product line.

#60005 - 1/16 Scale
Male Driver/Construction Worker
#60406 - 1/16 Scale
Woman Driver/Construction Worker

This entire line of John Deere toys for your little ones is at your fingertips. Visit us at 3000toys.com today, and check out other John Deere replicas from brands like ERTL and Spec-Cast for the collector in your life!

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