Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Batmobile Just Roared in from Jada Toys!

Few cinematic vehicles are as recognized as those from the Batman franchise, and for good reason! Each new iteration of the Batmobile beats the last in aggressive styling and sheer awesomeness. The newest Batmobile is no exception. Take a look at the one that just arrived from Jada Toys!

Making its debut in the 2016 movie Batman vs. Superman, the latest Batmobile got a few upgrades for the 2017 release of Justice League. The Justice League Batmoble is the main attraction today.
Batmobile - Justice League (2017)
The Batmobile comes packed with enough armaments on board to take down anyone foolish enough to stand against it.

A fan favorite of this new Batmobile is the dual rear spoiler that keep the Caped Crusader's wheels firmly on the ground.

This replica just arrived from Jada Toys and is ready to ship today! So, visit us at today and order one for the Batman fan in your life!

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