Wednesday, May 30, 2018

NEW Bruder Toys Bring the Excitement of Wave Riding Home!

For many people time at the beach means laying on the sand and relaxing. For others it means racing around on ski-doos or boats. We're excited to share some new beach toys arriving soon from Bruder that will get your Bruder beach goers off the sand and into the water!

This 1/16 scale SeaMaxx Water Craft features a swimming hull which renders it unsinkable. The double seat can accommodate up to two Bruder figures.
#63150 - 1/16
June Arrival
SeaMaxx Personal Water Craft with Driver
This SeaMaxx Water Craft is also available in a package with a RAM 2500 Power Wagon pickup truck and a trailer so that you can transport your water craft while on land.
#02503 - 1/16 Scale
June Arrival
RAM 2500 Power Wagon Pickup Truck pulling a Trailer with Personal Water Craft and Rider Figure
Both of these options include a Bruder figure equipped with a life jacket to keep him safe on the waves. These toys are arriving soon, so visit us at and place your pre-order today!

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