Monday, June 3, 2019

Get Ready for the Ride of a Lifetime with Bigfoot Pre-Orders from Greenlight!

Anticipation for this legendary monster truck continues to build as release dates draw closer! Here are several of the upcoming releases available in a variety of sizes for pre-order today.

Coming in August/September, Bigfoot's largest diecast replica to date will make its debut. In 1/18 scale, the authentic details, working doors and hood, and custom packaging make this Bigfoot a collector's dream. 
#13537 - 1/18 Scale - August / September Arrival
 Bigfoot #1 - 1974 Ford F-250 Monster Truck with 48" Tires

  The newest Kings of Crunch pre-order, Series 4, contains not one, but two Bigfoot models. Bigfoot #1 is the original 1974 Ford F-250 Monster Truck with 66-inch tires, while Bigfoot #5, a later reincarnation of the popular monster truck, was a 1996 Ford F-250 designed to draw in a crowd by its immense size.
#49040-CASE - 1/64 Scale - August / September Arrival
Kings of Crunch Series 4 - 6 Piece Assortment
Fans of 1/64 scale will also want to check out the original Bigfoot release currently available (#29934), as well as the upcoming Bigfoot #1 on Gooseneck Trailer with Regular and Replacement 66" Tires (#30054) expected in June - July.

Is 1/18 scale too big, but 1/64 scale too small? This last Bigfoot model will meet you in the middle. The classic Bigfoot in 1/43 scale is a great option for 'O' model collectors. 
#88011 - 1/43 Scale - September / October Arrival
Bigfoot #1 The Original Monster Truck - 1974 Ford F-250 with 66-Inch Tires

With these popular Bigfoot releases, make sure you keep an eye out for rare Green Machines! Pre-order your favorite Bigfoot from today!

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