Monday, August 5, 2019

Round 2’s Newest Texaco Tanker Arrives in Style!

Today’s tanker trucks are amazing marvels of engineering, transporting thousands of gallons of fuel at once, safely and efficiently. The modern Texaco tanker truck is a highly specialized vehicle, with multiple internal tank compartments, designed to carry several different grades of gasoline at once while preventing leaks and contamination.

  Just like the Texaco fleet of transport trucks that are used to deliver gasoline from Texaco refineries to your local Texaco service stations, this 1/43 scale replica delivers all the “real life” details with the accuracy expected from Round 2's on-going line of fine Texaco replica products.

Some features include authentic Texaco graphics and a highly detailed body, chassis, and fuel delivery apparatus with hoses.
#CP7595 - 1/43 Scale
Gasoline Tanker Truck in Black with Silver and Red Texaco Graphics
 We have an extensive collection of Texaco models ranging from classic ERTL models and new releases from Round 2 to many more! This modern Texaco Tanker is in stock but won't last long, so visit us at and order today!

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